Through the mists, the storms, the turbulence of time They have stood Mysterious relics of a bygone age Backbone, support and strength For themselves and others Created by ancient hands As a message perhaps For hope Togetherness Connectedness Solitude and Solace Celebration of Solstice And an offering of the land From the land To the land Hands and minds long gone Stories long forgotten Legends … Continue reading Megalith

Where I’m Headed

I’m heading in one direction. Sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways, and sometimes backwards – but no matter which way I go I always head one way. Toward my destination. My destiny. It’s over that hill there… through the mist… round the bend… down the stairs… through  the stream… over the pond… by the forest… Or maybe it’s through the forest first… then over the hill… then … Continue reading Where I’m Headed

Monsters in the Closet

***Please be advised that this slightly longer than normal blog post may contain spiders, if they’re still there.*** A short time ago, Diane mentioned her imaginary closet, and what it contained, and she asked her visitors what would or wouldn’t be in their imaginary closet. Well. This Mansion of mine has such a huge closet in one of the Faraway Wings I simply had to … Continue reading Monsters in the Closet

Wordle: The Place

Part-way along the bluebell path There comes a point – a moment – Where the light causes the skin to tingle And the wind starts to burn like fire Here, a great yearning to run will be felt Together with a sensation of boundless energy As each cell in the body receives power From this mystical source Dimensions join in this place Silken threads hold … Continue reading Wordle: The Place

Wordle: Astral Journey

First, sit back and rest a while, Forget your worries, just be, and smile Allow old memories to come and go Breathe deeply, nice and slow Next, see yourself as an empty shell With mind’s eye’s sight – but do not dwell Gently stretch and still breathing deep Bring yourself to the edge of sleep Now, imagine floating on a bed of feathers See all … Continue reading Wordle: Astral Journey

Whoops! I’ve cracked the sky

I’ve really gone and done it this time. I noticed a crack on one of the tiles in the Bathroom yesterday, so decided to fill it before it got any worse – or worse still a spider decided to move in. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like spiders, I just don’t fancy one living in the Bathroom, that’s all. At first, I thought … Continue reading Whoops! I’ve cracked the sky

Red Sky at Night

The Mansion. 2AM. Strange lights in the skies again. Glowing embers dissolve away But not the remnants of another day… The Sun – it set hours ago – The Moon’s about, but its light’s low. And the Moonlight’s white, not this eerie red that awoke me as I lay in bed.An eerie silence crept aroundThe gentle breeze causing the only soundAs branches sway as they … Continue reading Red Sky at Night

Down at the Dark End of the Lake

Time is a little on the short side at present. Not as short as with last night’s post, which owing to a computer malfunction resulted in the Magical Mystical Moonset rhyme being dramatically cut short to the well used phrase ‘Just Because’. I thought I’d share with you another view of the Lake, this time, the ‘Dark End’. This is the place where the creatures … Continue reading Down at the Dark End of the Lake

Now then, do I… ah…

Always at the forefrint of cutting edge technology is where you’ll find me, and that is where I am now. At the forefrint. I’m not very technologically minded, mind, so being at the forefront, or being a pioneer, with any kind of new-fangled whatzits doesn’t come without its challenges. Challenges are good though, otherwise they aren’t challenges, and they are just. And so, I am … Continue reading Now then, do I… ah…

Night of the Gathering

Out into the Grinds the Inners wentTo join the annual gathermentOf creatures featured in stories toldBoth modern and from times of old They joined the likes of Warlock SeersMagicians, Wraiths and other fear-Some creatures for one party nightFilled with fun and lots of frights Spooky music whispers bySirens wail from way up highWitches cackle and cast their spellsWith high jinx provided by lots of elves … Continue reading Night of the Gathering

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 9: Transfixed

There was something about the eyesWhich seemed to take me by surpriseI stood there transfixedAs the witch did her trickAnd left me hypnotised There’s always one, isn’t there? A face in the crowd that seems to stand out over all of the others who are gathered around. Could the reason be due to that particular person having a unique hypnotic ability and they unknowingly mesmerise … Continue reading Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 9: Transfixed

A World of Wonder

Now that life has been discovered on Mars, the new question on many people’s lips is “What’s next?” Already plans are afoot to send a team of scientists to the red planet to meet our new neighbours in the Solar System, and commence dialogue. And stake claim to the planet should that dialogue fail. Scaremongerers everywhere are warning of imminent invasion, end of the world … Continue reading A World of Wonder