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Who Is This?


I had to do it.

Another of my c’est magnifique portraits that look nothing like the person they are meant to. This one joins the ranks with Lynda Carter who was last year’s victim celebrity chosen to be my subject for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

I shall ask the question now, and then leave you guessing until I reveal who it is in a few day’s time. As with Lynda last year, I may paint a few clues along the way, if guesses are particularly miles off. I say guesses, stabs in the dark may be closer. You first have to first decide whether it is male or female, and take it from there.


Without further ado. Drumroll please, for dramatic effect…




As with previous posts such as this, please feel free to throw your wild guesses into the mix… well, into the comments below. I will not be offended by whoever you say, it is all in fun, and I haven’t got two ha’pennies to rub together for a prize; so it’s just as well.

And no offence is intended to the celebrity (whoever he or she may be!) should you happen by this post. I’m terrible at portraits, and have only recently (last year) started back using watercolour, so need all the practice I can get. You were fun to paint, however. If that helps.

Visit the link below (click the box) for more details on WorldWatercolorMonth.


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The Box

I’d like to share a post I originally wrote in 2010, a couple of months after I started this little blogging adventure.

Hold out your hands.

Imagine a box, a box small enough to fit in your hands.

Imagine this box in your hands.

What shape is it? What colour is it? Is it heavy?

Open the box slowly, and look inside.

Inside the box, there is a door. An open door inside the now open box. The doorway leads to a staircase. Can you see the staircase yet? You can go through the door to look for it, if you like. The staircase is just through the door. You may have to look to the left or to the right, or it may be in front of you. It is there somewhere. Can you see it yet? It’s a spiral staircase, that climbs up into… what does it climb into? Is it a loft? Another room? Another floor? You’ll have to climb the spiral staircase to see.

Don’t worry – it’s all perfectly safe – remember, you’re holding the box in your hands, so you know it’s safe. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable, just go back through the door and out of the box.

You are at the top of the staircase now. Thinking outside of the box has enabled you to rise to the top without even trying! At the top of these stairs is a garden. A lush green, with many different types of plants and flowers around the edges, and beyond them are the tallest trees. There’s a couple of other ‘flowers’ too… a stream and a water feature. Can you hear the water trickling yet? You may need to go closer to one of them to hear it. Is the stream a gentle flowing one, or a babbling brook? Is the water feature a fountain, or a statue pouring water? Is the water clear? It is… the water is crystal clear. The clearest ‘clear’ you have ever seen, and then some.

Up above your head is a butterfly. Can you see the many colours on its wings? Can you hear the gentle fluttering of its wings? Apart from the sound of the water, this is the only other sound you can hear. The butterfly is beckoning you to follow it. It wants to show you something. Follow the butterfly to an archway which is on one of the sides of the garden. The archway leads to a room. An empty room. A completely white empty room. The butterfly flies to a corner, just inside the room. Follow it in to the room, and you’ll find a harp. Play the harp. You know how to. You can play the most wondrous music from this harp. Try it and see. Listen to the creative sounds you are producing from this magical instrument. Remember the tune you are playing. This music will relax and invigorate you at the same time. This is the music of how you are feeling right now. Not the right now in the real world, but the right now in this imagined world. You’ve enjoyed playing the harp. You can always come back again at a later time for another go. Or perhaps, you may be led into another room, by another butterfly, and find a different instrument. Or find something completely different. Something else that you have always wanted to try.

When you walk out of the room, you will be once again outside of your box. Back to the real world. Only now, you have a little more creativity within you. A little more music. A little more magic.

Does it feel good?


About the image:

Taken in May 2016 out in the Grinds, using a Galaxy mobile phone. Harp hastily added later.

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Through the mists, the storms, the turbulence of time
They have stood
Mysterious relics of a bygone age
Backbone, support and strength
For themselves and others
Created by ancient hands
As a message perhaps
For hope
Solitude and Solace
Celebration of Solstice
And an offering of the land
From the land
To the land
Hands and minds long gone
Stories long forgotten
Legends created and rewritten
But the megaliths still stand
And with them
Their message of hope
For a future
Long forgotten to them
And their creators

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Where I’m Headed

I’m heading in one direction.
Sometimes forwards, sometimes sideways, and sometimes backwards – but no matter which way I go I always head one way.

Toward my destination. My destiny.

It’s over that hill there… through the mist… round the bend… down the stairs… through  the stream… over the pond… by the forest…

Or maybe it’s through the forest first… then over the hill… then up the…

Ah. It’s over there, my destination. Somewhere. I’ll get there one day, no matter which route I take.

I wonder though… will I know when I’ve made it; when I arrive at wherever?

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Monsters in the Closet

***Please be advised that this slightly longer than normal blog post may contain spiders, if they’re still there.***

A short time ago, Diane mentioned her imaginary closet, and what it contained, and she asked her visitors what would or wouldn’t be in their imaginary closet.


This Mansion of mine has such a huge closet in one of the Faraway Wings I simply had to investigate. It took me a while to find it, but when I did I was somewhat surprised.

It was over in the East Wing, in one of the rooms that were on two levels. What I mean by that, is after entering the room through the door, a few steps over to the right there are three steps which go down to the lower level of the room. I needed to stay on this upper level, however, as the closet I was looking for was over to the left.

Huge double doors, made of some ancient kind of dark wood, stood out like sore thumbs in the middle of an otherwise plain wall. I say plain, but the faded floral wallpaper would once have been somewhat more vibrant. This room itself has been used as a storage room for the last few years, most probably because the space behind the old dark wooden doors had been strangely forgotten about.

I was here to investigate the closet, so, and with a slight trepidation, I turned the creaky wooden handle on the left door, and gently at first, and then firmly as it wouldn’t budge, pulled the door open. The right door then opened with it, as they were both locked together. I watched the broken lock innards fall to the floor, and realised why the closet hadn’t been used for storage for some time.

I moved the broken lock pieces to one side, making a mental note to try and fix it later, and walked inside the vast cavern before me. Just inside the door there was a pull string, used for switching on the lights, which I pulled, and was then dazzled as rows of lights came on in steps moving away from me. I imagined that thudding noise you hear when they do this in the movies; these lights, though, were silent.

The space was huge.

Huge and empty, that is, apart from a small cupboard over on the far side of the closet.

I walked over, each footstep echoing around the vast emptiness. I coughed to clear my throat, and that too reverberated into the enclosed distance rhythmically. The sound, that is, not the – ah, never mind.

This cupboard within the closet was covered in cobwebs. I kid you not. A cobweb-covered-closet-cupboard. I had to tear away some of the cobweb to find the handle, which disintegrated to dust. The cobweb, I mean, not the handle. Before I could even hold the handle, well, you can imagine what happened next, I’m sure. Broken cobwebs need repairing, so the sturdy critter that lived there came out all huffy and set to work weaving her web again. She was the size of an egg – and by that I mean an ostrich egg, certainly not a quail, although a spider the size of a quail’s egg would be quite formidable all the same.

Ostrich spider had muscles upon muscles which I could see straining as she pulled and threaded her almost invisible silken web, and I’m pretty sure she was rolling her eyes at me as I stood and watched. I felt like saying to her that I’d be willing to help, but I’m not as dainty at web-weaving as she, when I realised that she was about to cover over the whole door to the cupboard again.

Swiftly, with a quick apology, I gently knocked the spider over to one side, away from the cupboard. Her landing echoing around me. I could hear her legs scuttle across the floor when she’d righted herself, so I had to act quickly. I opened the cupboard door, which caused more of the remaining web to come away, and I quickly darted inside, pulling the door shut behind me. That spider was now going to be furious.

Inside this cupboard, I realised my error.

I was now trapped inside a cupboard, with a mad, monstrous, web-weaving arachnid just outside, inside the large Mansion closet, with the doors there broken and wide open. I could hear the spider clambering up the outside of the cupboard, and through the really dull light, her legs were casting shadows in all kinds of strange angles around me.

I looked at the back of the cupboard, and could make out what looked like a loft flap in the ground. I lifted it up, and beneath it there was a set of steps going down or coming up, depending upon your perspective. To me, they were going down, so I decided to as well. Thick green curtains hung on each side of the steps, and when I reached the bottom I had a whale of a time trying to find the break between the curtains. Eventually, just by the back of the steps I found it, so stepped through.

It was another of the Mansion’s Nooks and Crannies, which led to and from the Entrance Hall, by the Vestibule. The Stairs were ahead of me, and I was pleased to see the Landing at the top.

At least I now have a shortcut to get over to the East Wing, should I need to go there again. But with spiders of that size residing there I may give that a miss.

Oops. Once again, I’ve remembered the closet door’s still open. That spider could be anywhere now.

And with this Mansion of mine, nothing is more true…