Beginning Year Ten

Just noticed this achievement in my dashboard. Nine years ago today I registered with WordPress and launched myself into the scary world of Blogging. I keep saying this – but I love it!

Tomorrow, I begin Year Ten. Today, I celebrate completing Nine Years. I must have been very young when I started!

Well Earned

Earth falls in shadow
As the daylight takes a break
Time to replenish

Well, we all need to keep our energies up, even daylight it now seems!

Well, that was another week! May 3rd 2019


Well, obviously, that’s a well known fact – the weekends here begin on Thursday, so it’s already in full swing. And this weekend is another bumper one, with Bank Holiday Monday following it, making it just a little more special!

I’ve been having issues with my new computer again this week, hopefully they’re all sorted now. The pesky Windows 10 updates throw some kind of spanner in the works and stop the bloomin’ thing booting when I turn it on. However, I created a new Windows installation disc from the computer perched at the end of the desk, and managed to reinstall Windows that way. I’ve only had the computer since October and this is the third time I’ve had to do that, but as I only bought that computer for my 3d art software, I have now disconnected it completely from the internet, so (fingers crossed!) no more update issues there.

This computer’s keyboard and mouse are now working wonderfully, so in all it’s been quite a fun time computer-wise. Still, it passes the time – although that time could have been spent on better things.

I’ve been a sporadic blog visitor this week, and have called by a few posts, liked a few and commented on even fewer… although I have enjoyed every post I’ve read. At present, I call by via the reader, and usually on my mobile phone’s app, so read away, like when I think on, and comment when I have a few seconds to create words on those tiny keyboard letters with my fat fingers.

Not that they are that fat, I hasten to add, but compared to the keypad on the phone my fingers look like Siskonmakkara. Not that I’ve had Siskonmakkara, I hasten to add again, but I was looking on line for a suitable sausage to describe my fingers as, and this name leapt out at me. It’s a mild Finnish sausage, if you’re wondering.

I discovered something new this week. Totally out of the blue, and completely unexpected. I wonder how many other people know this? I asked myself after I found out, and have been desperate to include it in this post since Monday: Woodlice have fourteen legs. There! I’ve posted it. Not the kind of information you would need in general everyday conversation, but the kind you will need at the right time. Obviously, I had to share.

Now, in this post, I like to link to a few artist bloggers I follow to highlight something they have created during the week, but I’m postponing this feature this week until next. The main reason being the one I’ve already mentioned. No, not the Siskonmakkara, but the sporadic blog visits.

I have plenty to grumble about, but I shan’t.

I haven’t caught any Brexit news this week, but I have a sneaky feeling that’s been postponed so we have to vote in the EU elections at the end of the month. It shall be interesting to see what happens there. The sooner this fiasco is all over, the better.

Sorry. I had a little grumble there.

Silly joke time: I bought my friend an elephant for his room during the week. “Thank you,” he said. “Don’t mention it!” I replied, and left it with him.

Speaking of jokes, I don’t think anyone noticed my deliberate typo in last week’s post. Phew! I’d have gotten away with it too, if I hadn’t mentioned it this week. During last week’s post, I’d written “…The story begins tomorrow (Saturday 27th February)…” obviously, ‘February’ should have said ‘April’. That just shows you how fast time is flying by. Some mornings I wake up and I’m sure I’m still living in the early 1600s… but I’ll not go there…

Hope that’s given you a little chuckle for the weekend. Yes THE WEEKEND!

I like weekends, don’t you know?

Have a great one, whatever you find yourself doing.

(Image from Pixabay)

Well, that was another week! April 26th 2019

Another week comes to a close, and another weekend is here! Always cause for celebration.

I’ve been off this week, and it has been absolutely fabulous! Pure bliss at times, I don’t mind saying. At certain times, I’d even say I’ve managed to master time itself, so slowly did it pass – and I mean that in a really good way (not in the way, how, at times, time just draaaaags by without an end in sight!) However, there were also times when time passed by at double, and quite possibly treble, normal speed. Time has to keep its own pace, no matter what we do to try to affect the flow of it.

It’s been Easter Week around these parts. Around other parts too, I’d be right in guessing. The week started with the scorching temperatures that we last saw in February. February. You couldn’t make it up. At this end of the week, it’s a little cooler, a lot wetter, and slightly more thundery. I don’t mind the weather really. It can do as it pleases, even when I’m off work. We can’t do anything about it.

Another thing we seemingly can’t do anything about is Brexit, which is back up in the air this week. Well, one can’t say it’s on the table as its everywhere but. I’m actually becoming bored of laughing at the nonsense now, and this is one thing I’d just wish that time could grab a hold of in one of its treble-speed spurts. “They’ve” ummed and ahhed about it for so long, “we” (most probably) “must” vote in the EU elections this year, which we wouldn’t have needed to had we left at the right time, instead of all the umming and ahhing. However, I’m not political. I’m British and I don’t care.

I read a headline in the news the other day. How it could be classed as ‘news’ is beyond me, more like more fearmongering, this time directed at the older generation. Apparently, some group somewhere or other thinks that all of the benefits that our pensioners receive should be scrapped, and the money instead given to the younger generation. Well, not that my voice matters, I say to the younger generation get out there and earn your money, and earn your benefits for when you are a pensioner yourself. I must admit that I didn’t read the story, the headline was enough, but it got me thinking about how the ‘media’ call ‘social media’ for being inappropriate, when they very often do the same thing. Mind you, they are trusted and unbiased, apparently.

On a more serious note, the bluebells are now all in full bloom around here. With the cloud cover causing the light to have a golden tinge to it, the bluebells are the most glorious lavender colour at present. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any photos of them, as there are plenty of other bluebell photos dotted about the blog.

My keyboard went kaput yesterday. I was typing away at one of the parts to my latest Superhero Diaries storyline (Oh yes, they’re back. The story begins tomorrow (Saturday 27th February) – I used to love a good superhero show on a Saturday night on TV when I was younger, so must have some kind of superhero presence on the blog each year, and this year it’s going to be on a Saturday! For those of you who read last year’s Hallowe’en posts, this run is in the same format as that – I may return to the ‘snippets from the files’ format at a later date. Oops – I digress) and I got halfway through a word when nothing. I thought at first the battery had gone, but no… it was the keyboard. So now, I have a brand new keyboard, and with it a brand new hyper-sensitive mouse which sends the curser anywhere on screen – apart from where I need it to be. Trying to highlight something is a fun challenge in itself. But I do like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I mentioned last week that I am no longer participating in any blogging challenges and I will also no longer set any challenges myself. There are a few reasons that helped me to come to the decision, but who knows what may happen in the future? I may be back in the world of blogging challenges before we know it. In the meantime, I’d like to thank those who have set the challenges over the past few months and years that I’ve participated in.

So, thank you:







Subject to the mouse working correctly, the above should link to the respective blogs. If I have missed anyone from the list, please let me know and I can rectify the omission in a later post.

And finally, in the arts, I’d like you to have a look at the blogs of a few artist folk I follow, their creations are such a joy, and brought a smile to my face this week.

Susan Feniak, and ‘Henry’

Jill Kuhn’s Topiary Tales

Jodi’s Watercolor Blues

I will share more links to artists everywhere next week.

Have a fabulous weekend!