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Day Three of my random Love Referendum brings a familiar figure back into the fold. I say familiar, as today’s participant is Eros, the Greek counterpart to the Roman Cupid who provided the first vote all those many days ago.

He hid his wings as his photo was taken in ancient Greece, did Eros, and coyly looked away from the camera, but as he is a God of Mischief, every time he posed he’d conjure a dove or other white bird out of thin air.

“Doves represent Love”, Eros whispered, with a smirk and a wink.

Zephyrs swirl aloft
Carrying scents from afar
Messages from home

Eros votes: YES

Eros says: “You can’t not have love. You can’t say love is a bad thing. You can’t say the place would be better without love. And without love how could I share it further? We all need to share the love – maybe not in the way I go about doing it, but there’s plenty of love to share in everyone’s own unique way. A smile shows love. Show love.”

Yikes. I’m still not doing Valentine’s.

Currently the Love Referendum results stand at:

… not counting today’s vote which will be included in tomorrow’s tally.

The Love Referendum


It’s that time of the year once again where most of us are overcome by a whirlwind of love and find ourselves swooning without a moment’s notice. Not me, obviously, as I’m immune to such things. So much so, for this year, I have decided to extend my Valentine’s celebrations somewhat.

Oops. Somebody fainted then. Oh no, my mistake… they merely swooned.

Long time visitors will be aware that I don’t do Valentine’s. I turn it into a mini Hallowe’en. I like Hallowe’en so it helps me through the lovey dovey season.

For this year’s extravaganza, I have trawled through the ages to find characters to help me with a little referendum. To decide once and for all whether they think love is a good thing or not.

Sorry. Somebody swooned again then.

As I was saying, these specially selected characters will provide a haiku, and will then publicly cast their vote to say either ‘yes’, yes, love is a good thing, or ‘no’, no, it isn’t. They also have the option to give a reason for their decision, but only if they so desire. Well, it is Valentine’s.

And kicking things off we have Cupid.

Love is like the Spring
Sometimes fresh or very hot
Most times elusive

Cupid’s vote: NO

Cupid says: “It’s too much hard work. For me, I mean. I have to keep flying around, firing arrows through people who have absolutely no idea that I’ve done it. I’ve been doing it for Millennia and all I have is a mention here and a painting there. AND I have to be careful not to impale myself whilst doing my treacherous and unpaid job otherwise I end up falling in love with myself when I see my reflection, and it is so embarrassing when that happens. It takes an age to sort out. It was alright to start off with, but for me, for now, it’s a resounding NO”

Oh dear. We aren’t off to a good start, are we?

More tomorrow!