Sevens to Murgatroyd! Over the weekend, this blog turned seven years old. Since 2010 I’ve been (mostly) posting daily doses of waffle and wonderment (and at times I do wonder what I was thinking!) but on the whole I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed (nearly) every moment of it. I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely fabulous folk through Blogland, with varied interests and thoughts, some of … Continue reading Seven

Wordle: Past Magic

The mists of time swirl and clear And we find ourselves in a long-gone year At a point in time where stories began Origins of legends that have for centuries ran As rain lashes and chilled winds howl Wild animals circle that were born to prowl Kept from the cave by thin rings of fire Their tenacity to wait something to admire Within the safety … Continue reading Wordle: Past Magic

Smiles to all! Weekend once more!

Up early. Out early. Supplies bought. Art supplies, that is. And I have no idea what I’m going to do with them… just went on a pick and mix rampage and bought anything that jumped out at me! I have two tiny tiny segmented containers, two sparkly glass candle holders, a two-handled vase, some feathers, a glue gun with glue sticks, a sharp knife, some … Continue reading Smiles to all! Weekend once more!

Strange things can happen at any time…

Another blast from the past, this one, and fortunately a blast not caused by 2012 BX34. 2012 BX34? What’s 2012 BX34? You may well ask. Read on, and you may stumble across the answer… Oh, and by the way… wording in italics have been added since the post was written back in 2012. It would appear very dated without the additions. Who would’ve thought something … Continue reading Strange things can happen at any time…

The Bluebell Selfie

I wanted to take an unusual photo of the bluebells this past weekend, so twisted myself into all sorts of peculiar angles to get ‘the’ shot. I’m a bit achy today, but never mind about that. The photo above is the one, I feel. Whilst taking the photos, I accidentally took a Selfie of myself, of my usual standard, I must add: And just by … Continue reading The Bluebell Selfie

Wordle: Knights and Dragons

  Row after row of hollow armour Split in places and locked behind glass and key in others Knights no longer in court to hear the constant thrum from the fight No longer decked in their finery Lethal battles with dragons long finished Bodies stripped, survivors given a stay of execution at the time If they were lucky But all now ghosts Echoes from time … Continue reading Wordle: Knights and Dragons


Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is ‘Success’. In order to be successful at something, we need to have succeeded in something. Now, let me put it on record that I’m not very green-fingered, but recently I’ve been getting the urge to create a little flower patch. I have absolutely no idea where these urges and ideas come from, but I went with it. … Continue reading Success

The Pinocchio Effect

Decades ago when I was just a wee boy, knee high to a grasshopper, and in total awe of everything that was around me, I made a monumental decision. OK, I wasn’t exactly knee high, getting on for eight, nine or possibly ten years old, and the awesomeness of some things had started to shine a little less brightly thanks to a few ‘others’ who … Continue reading The Pinocchio Effect


Through the mists, the storms, the turbulence of time They have stood Mysterious relics of a bygone age Backbone, support and strength For themselves and others Created by ancient hands As a message perhaps For hope Togetherness Connectedness Solitude and Solace Celebration of Solstice And an offering of the land From the land To the land Hands and minds long gone Stories long forgotten Legends … Continue reading Megalith

Fanfare Sounds as Six Words Return!

Yes! Six Word Saturday is back! Debbie, the hostess of the Sunday one word photo prompt challenge, is now also hosting Six Word Saturday, and I’m pleased to participate in this again. 🌞🌜🌞 So much easier than six syllables. I took myself away from Six Word Saturday a few months ago, and replaced it with my own, slightly more challenging Six Syllable Sat’day, and that … Continue reading Fanfare Sounds as Six Words Return!

The Sparrow Sings

A gentle breeze And rustling Spring leaves Chirps from within As the Sparrow sings Storm clouds gather And raindrops patter And with a flutter of wings The Sparrow still sings Turbulence and angst Rockets and tanks Yet through all the din The Sparrow STILL sings Differences resolved And as peace now echoes Carried upon the wind Is the song the Sparrow sings (Images from Pixabay) Continue reading The Sparrow Sings