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Still Night

Shadows shifted as clouds moved in to cover the bright Moon above. Figures danced between the trees below the glow, hidden from the naked eye through the blinding light which tore through the night’s darkness, bringing tears to to the eyes of anyone who should look.

The night was silent.



Echoes carried upon the water faded quickly, as did the occasional ripple upon the water’s surface.

Even the blood-curdling scream bore no effect upon the stillness of the night, although the figures danced within the shadows a little quicker, and the night itself became a little more dark.

Good Moaning

The brilliance of the Moon shone through the open window. The air cooling considerably to match the more chilled air outside.

The old wooden beams and floorboards began to settle themselves for the cold night ahead, creaking and moaning as they did. The wood expanded and contracted to fit in with their surroundings, sometimes causing their neighbours to moan in disagreement as they are forced to move from their already settled positions.

Planks creak and scrape together as they regain their desired positions. Doors slam shut as they swing freely with the movement, almost as if helped by unseen hands.

The Clock

Dusty, it loomed in the corner.

Ticking with a whispered thump it was the only object within the room to create a sound. The cracked face, off-white with age, showed the time as one minute to twelve whatever the time. The pendulum weights locked into place, apparently, by hundreds of long-abandoned cobwebs, they too thick with dust.

Brass rims edge both the casing and clock face,  up close revealing a dark reflection of the surrounding room and tiny figures within tapping in a desperate attempt to be free from their mirrored prison.

Well, how else can a stopped clock tick?


White Rabbits for October.

OCTOBER!!! Already.

The month of Hallowe’en is upon us once again, and once again I hand over to those Halloween Forces here at Beyond the Sphere.

Well, I have to do something to get a blog post or two out, haven’t I?

Happy October! Mwahahaha!

It’s the First of the ‘Bers!

Pink White Rabbits! (Well, almost!)

Pink Flowers! (Well, one-ish!)

Red Pink Faces! (Well mine, for not blogging as often as I should!)

There. Another post posted. For Six Word Saturday and Becky’s #InThePink September Squares challenge. (Links are below)

But really though? It’s September? Already??? <- Six Words! But I’m still in July… close enough/

pink squares