Beyond the Sphere

Tilly’s Musical Interlude

Do your spirits need raising? Do you need a burst of that fabulous Feel Good stuff? Are you feeling a little under the weather, with dark clouds hovering around your person? Well pop on over to Tilly Bud’s… Read More

Well, that was another week! April 26th 2019

Another week comes to a close, and another weekend is here! Always cause for celebration. I’ve been off this week, and it has been absolutely fabulous! Pure bliss at times, I don’t mind saying. At certain times, I’d… Read More

The Art of Synchronistic Blogging

Synchronicity Strikes!!! The above grainy images are actually one image. And truth be told, they are only grainy in the above image, not in their original formats. I’ve included links later in the post so you can check… Read More

Please Allow Me to Introduce Piclets!

Yes, I’m launching yet another blog. < – Six words! This is another outlet for my creativity, this time for the digital doodles that I create that don’t seem to fit here or on Splodge and Splatter, but… Read More

Wordle: Do(ugh)nuts

It’s a stormy debate That doesn’t mar the taste And the silence of a few letters doesn’t help You still fry the batter Which way – doesn’t matter Whole or with a hole, please yourself The star of… Read More