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To me, using a mobile phone to take photographs allows me to experiment with totally different objects from a variety of different angles. I like getting in close, and trying to take an image through the object if possible. It isn’t the subject on the other side of the object that’s important, but how it appears through the object. Debbie’s One-Word photo challenge for this week is ‘Abstract’ (which I’m pleased to be re-joining after a couple of weeks away), and the following photos are all of the Living Room here in the Mansion, taken through a blue paperweight. I feel like I’m underwater when I look at them, surrounded by currents and bubbles, and yes, Whalesong… and being Piscean that feels very comfortable indeed (apart from the fact that in real life I don’t like being submerged in water – most abstract!)

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Expanding Order

Once we have the nuns we can decide

The Plutonian Council shifted and shuffled nervously. It was the first time the council had met with the High Reverence herself, Amnarnun of Makemake, and her Sisters of the Dissolved Order.

The Order, clouded in mystery, as much if not more so than as anything else on the small crimson world, had decided decades ago to branch out more, and create greater ties with the other communities of the thousands of worlds that exist within the ‘Barrierlands’  (or Kuiper belt as it is known on Earth) and eventually try to reach out to the residents of Earth.

Pluto’s great Council had met delegates before from Makemake, but none as high profile and awesomely revered as the Frocked One.

She stood at the central lectern, hands gently clasped in front and head slightly bowed. plutoCen Kr’Dorir, dwarfed beside her, wasn’t sure if she was looking toward him, down upon him, or in prayer.

“Nun Child” she said, with all the grace one would imagine one with her stature to have.

“Ah, my humblest of apologies, Oh heavenly mistress…” grovelled plutoCen Kr’Dorir, “I’d forgotten about your ability of telepatheticness.”

The Plutonian Council coughed nervously, one member at the back audibly groaning.

“Eh?” The Frocked One looked momentarily confused, then blended effortlessly back into her calm demeanour. “No, plutoCen, I was asking for Nun Child to approach. Here she is now.”

Nun Child, Amnarnun’s niece, was in every way as serene as her aunt. She wore the Makemakean blue frock of life, which contrasted to Amnarnun’s black frock for everything. They both gently rustled as they moved, but apart from this gentle sound they moved otherwise silently and with ease, almost as if they were gliding across the floor.

plutoCen Kr’Dorir shook Nun Child’s hand, and said, as pleasantly as he could manage “A pleasure to meet you, as well as your mother.”

The Council breathed in audibly, with some physically cringing. plutoCen Kr’Dorir noticed and quickly attempted to correct his latest gaffe “and our mother, and everyone’s mother of the Barrierlands, the High Reverence herself.” He thought he’d pulled it off, and realised he still had a hold of Nun Child’s hand. Firmly. With a smile, he swiftly let go, and let out an extremely loud ‘harrrumph’ as he pretended to clear his throat. Nun Child looked at him with crystal clear blue eyes, and gently spoke.

“We today bring you gifts, friends and allies of Pluto. Gifts made from the imagined tears from the blessed angels; the ethereal strings from the harmonic harps; and the dreams and hopes of our people that we would like to share with you.

“We also come with an invitation for you to join our Serene Order, dissolved as it is, yet expanding into the vast Solar System.

“We bring a calming influence to fill your void of chaos and hypertension, and hope you will accept our heartfelt offer.”

“One moment please, your ladyness…” plutoCen Kr’Dorir marched over to the plutoCen Deputy panel, where the three High Leaders sat in whispered conference.

The Council looked on uneasily.

Amnarnun and Nun Child looked towards each other, waiting patiently for the reply.

They didn’t need to wait too long. plutoCen Kr’Dorir returned to the lectern, and said “It’s like this, your references. We aren’t really a serene race. We’re more of a rough sort, not quite barbaric but not very politically correct. Rough around the edges if you like. We don’t have many ‘orders’ or anything like that here on Pluto, but we are always open to change. All we can say now is once we have the nuns we can decide whether to join your order. We’ll be in touch. Keep your pathetic lines open. Telepathetic lines. Keep them open. And we’ll let you know.”

Amnarnun and Nun Child both graciously accepted plutoCen Kr’Dorir’s hand once more, graciously bowed, and graciously made their effortless way out of the Council Chamber.

Amnarnun gently tapped Nun Child’s arm as they reached the door. Sometimes you can not reason with barbarians, she thought. But we’ve planted the seed.

Agreed, Aunt. Nun Child replied.

A slight smile crept across both of their faces as the cold iron doors slammed shut behind them.

This post has been written in response to a flash fiction challenge by Diane Henders.

Some of the characters in this otherworldly tale first appeared in this post.

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Sevens to Murgatroyd!

Over the weekend, this blog turned seven years old. Since 2010 I’ve been (mostly) posting daily doses of waffle and wonderment (and at times I do wonder what I was thinking!) but on the whole I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed (nearly) every moment of it. I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely fabulous folk through Blogland, with varied interests and thoughts, some of whom (thank you very much!) have even inspired me to take up new hobbies / interests / challenges / ways of looking and seeing things. Blogging is a different way of looking at the world, I find, and in a positive way.

I like it.

And considering my blog started out as an experiment that I was expecting to last three months I feel I haven’t done too badly. And I like that as well.

I have a cast list of characters now longer than my arm, a nice selection of blogs that I follow, and a fabulous supporting team of followers to this blog who help to gee me up when my energies are somewhat down. All, please, give yourselves a pat on the back!

I haven’t been the best follower / commenter / replier of late, but I think I am getting there – even if somewhat sporadically.

Keep on keeping on, and all that!

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Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Dear Lake,
Walking around you at lunchtime was as pleasant as it always is. And the addition of those little black chicks I spotted by the water’s edge made the walk all the more special today.

Dear Sunshine,
Thank you for helping to brighten the walk around the Lake and warming the breeze, which, if I’m honest, did pick up just a tad at times.

Dear Red Car Driver,
Having a red car should really remind you that a red traffic light means stop. You should know that when a traffic light has changed to red, speeding through it will not make it change colour again until it is time.

Dear Woman Driving the Battered Old Brown Car,
You must learn to use your mirrors when driving, especially when you choose to cut up into a line of traffic as you are in the wrong lane. Driving like yours in those conditions can lead to multiple pile-ups, which I’m sure is something you wouldn’t want on your conscience for the rest of your life.

Dear Seedlings,
I’m pleased to see more of you now, although you are all still very tiny. I look forward to the next few weeks to see you grow big and strong.

Dear Knees and Ankles,
Thank you for creating such a wonderful rhythm as you click alternatively when I walk up or down stairs, although if you insist on doing so, could I ask that you do it a little quieter, especially when there are other people around?

Dear Things To Do List,
I’m grateful for the fact that I have you, but could you try to be a little shorter when time is of the essence? When time is in abundance, you can be as long as you like (within reason, of course!)

Dear Blogland,
Another week has gone by without hardly any visits or comments from me. I must stop saying I will get around to it, when I obviously don’t. I’ve written a letter to my to-do-list, which I hope will improve the situation immensely, and I can get back into the blogging groove fully.

Dear Spicy Chicken, Hash Brown, Cheese and Mayonnaise Wrap,
You were delicious earlier this afternoon, and filled a space nicely. Thank you.

Dear Elaine,
I hope you don’t mind me ‘borrowing’ your Friday Letters format. I enjoyed writing these short letters to the Universe, and I hope that some (if not all!) reach their intended addressees.

And to finish… Dear All,
Try to spread light, smiles and laughter, no matter how your mood may be making you feel. It costs nothing, and you do get something back from it yourself. What a bargain!

Thank you for reading,

Here’s a photo of a penguin to finish. Just because:

A PEACOCK. I mean a peacock! Just to be sure.

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Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is ‘Success’. In order to be successful at something, we need to have succeeded in something. Now, let me put it on record that I’m not very green-fingered, but recently I’ve been getting the urge to create a little flower patch. I have absolutely no idea where these urges and ideas come from, but I went with it. I created a smallish patch and planted a few bulbs and scattered a few seeds. A couple of weeks later, I was astounded to see seedlings appear… several of them dotted over the patch. One of them caught my eye in particular, for it looked to me like an arm stretching from beneath the soil, and it was giving a thumbs-up sign. And if that isn’t a sign of success, I don’t know what is! Perhaps I’m slightly more green-fingered than I initially thought.

About the image:

Close-up photo of an emerging seedling taken using Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone, April 2017.