Agents of Darkness IV

Mrs Sinster stretched and spread her hands across her luxurious duvet.

She opened her eyes and saw it was still dark. She’d had a lovely sleep on her first night in her new bed in her new home. She felt replenished after the hectic day before.

A loud clattering downstairs made her sit up. She looked at the clock on her bedside table, and saw it was 12:30.

“Twelve Thirty?!” she exclaimed, a little too loudly for the time of night. “I’ve been asleep for thirty minutes. Half an hour! That’s all?! I don’t believe that. I feel like I’ve slept for eight hours solid.” She slid back under the duvet with a sigh.

Another loud clattering caused her to sit bolt upright again. “What is that?” she asked as she reached for her night gown. She’d decided to investigate.

She walked down the spiral staircase and out onto the corridor. She heard loud snoring coming from Mr Sinster’s room, “So it isn’t him…” she thought, as another clattering from down below made her jump. “I hope it isn’t burglars.”

She walked down the staircase slowly. The ground floor was in darkness, apart from the bright moonlight which shone in through all of the windows. She couldn’t see anything from where she stood in the kitchen, although everything seemed in order there. She stepped forward into the living area, and on the floor between the sofa and two armchairs lay what looked like a broken chair. As she approached closer, the chair moved, and darted behind the sofa.

“Goodness!” Mrs Sinster said, as she knelt on the sofa to look behind. The chair had gone, but now there was a small harp, which definitely wasn’t there when she walked passed a few seconds earlier. “OK. What’s going on? Gabriel? Is this you?” No answer. “Soul? Are you doing this?” Again, no answer.

Mrs Sinster watched as the harp started to shimmer and shake, and shrink down in size. It stretched out to her left and right and became quite long. The shimmering stopped, and now on the floor slithered a snake. It wriggled as it tried to get under the sofa, which it couldn’t do. The snake shook and shimmered again. First it became a lamp, and then a book, and then a white cat. The cat looked up at Mrs Sinster and mewed.

“Hello there, gorgeous!” Mrs Sinster loved cats, and the cat recognised this. It jumped onto the back of the sofa and nuzzled Mrs Sinster’s cheek, “How did you get in then?” she asked as she tickled her new friend. Mrs Sinster realised the ‘cat’ must have always been in the house. “Goodness!” she said again. “You must be very hungry. Let’s see what food we have for you. I hope we have food…”. She walked back into the kitchen, the cat walking excitedly beside her. She opened the food cupboard which was full to overflowing. “Thanks, Gabriel!” she said to the room, as she removed a can of tuna. “I hope you like tuna. And I’ll get you some water as well.”

She watched as the cat lapped up the tuna and had a couple of licks of water. The cat looked at her with grateful eyes and started to shake and shimmer.

“Oh, dear!” Mrs Sinster stood alarmed. The cat had become a tiger, and padded over to her, nuzzling her once again, but this time knocking her off her feet. Even more frightened, Mrs Sinster looked the tiger in the eyes, as it stood nose to nose over her. “You’re not going to eat me, as well! No matter how cute you were!” She struggled to escape but the tiger was too heavy. Mrs Sinster sighed. The tiger slobbered as it licked her face, drenching her in seconds. “Ewww! Stop that at once!” Mrs Sinster demanded. The tiger shimmered and changed back to the cat. “Are you claiming me?” Mrs Sinster tickled the cat once again, who pawed her hand gently. “OK then, I’ll let you. You can stay. But we need to come up with a name for you.”

Once again the cat shimmered and shook, and changed into a harp once again.

“A harp? Harp! That’s your name, isn’t it!?” The harp became the cat again and padded off somewhere into the shadows of the room. “Well, that was different!” Mrs Sinster got to her feet and looked around the room once more. There was no sign of Harp anywhere.

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Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.6)

The Rendezvous. Mid’s premier music entertainment venue in the 1960s.

Now, a car park for a large shopping complex adjacent to Mid Marina. The shopping complex also closed two years ago, so stands empty, alongside several other empty warehouses that are scattered around the marina area. Being outside of town in an unused area, the car park is an ideal meeting place away from prying eyes.

Parked in the centre of the carpark is a black stretched limousine. Next to it a black four by four. The door to the limo opened and a hand appeared, the index finger beckoning the passenger of the four by four to approach. The passenger was Finger Bones.

“Hello, Mr Williams!” Finger said cheerily, handing over the file to the hand. A muffled voice was the reply. “Oh yes, this is the file.” More muffled speaking from inside the car. “Oh no, it’s fine. He should be out for quite some time yet. Oh yes. Oh, no. No. I agree. Yes. The last one.” More muffled sounds and the hand emerged again, sending Finger Bones away.

Finger walked back to the passenger side of the four by four, and settled into his seat. The limousine had sped away by the time he’d put on his seatbelt.

From the rooftop of the abandoned shopping complex, Cloud lowered his binoculars and pressed a button on the side to replay the recording. Finger Bones’ voice was very clear, but Mr Williams was inaudible.

“You’ve got away this time, Mr Williams, but I’ll find you next time.” Cloud whispered to himself as he hooked the binoculars into his collar as he lowered himself down from the roof to his waiting motorbike below. “Time to head back to base and see what secrets this video on these binoculars can reveal!”

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The Journey Commences

Half an hour and several more dropped slices of toast later, the Goddesses were ready to embark upon their journey.

Diana, Athena, Aphrodite, Amunet and Hera walked through the arched window in the kitchen of the Lap of the Gods, and out onto the lawn of the Rose Garden. Baldur sat in the centre of the lawn, composing a lyrical piece of music on his flute. He looked up and saw the quintet walking toward him.

“Ladies!” He stood, and bowed, the bright sunshine enhancing his muscular frame. He didn’t care who saw it. He looked at Diana and smiled. “Are you venturing out to the wilderness, sister? You’ve done something with your hair, I see. You look different.”

“I wish people would stop telling me that!” Diana replied. “And what have you done to upset Amunet?” Amunet stood beside Diana, glaring at Baldur.

“Me?” Baldur said with an innocent expression. “All I did was say it was nice to see her up here for a change. Normally she’s down there, in the basement!”

“That wasn’t what you said, and you know it, Baldur.” Amunet scowled. “We don’t have time to discuss this now. We have to see Jupiter in Atlantis. It is a long journey and we must away now to arrive before nightfall.”

Athena, Aphrodite and Hera had already settled into one of the chariots, and Diana and Amunet climbed into the second. Each chariot was tethered to one unicorn.

“Of course,” Baldur smiled, “You could all come with me aboard the Hringhorni, it will get you there in half the time. And you will have the pleasure of my company as well!” He winked toward Amunet. “I know how you will like that!”

“It does make sense.” Hera said. “The unicorns have never travelled so far, so this would save them, and we would have much more room to relax as we travel.”

“I’m with you, Hez!” Aphrodite clapped her hands in joy. She had a strange feeling that a previous chariot journey with Athena and Hera didn’t go very well, although she couldn’t exactly remember why.

“And I’m with Aph!” Athena chirped up as she jumped from her chariot. “And three against two means we’ve decided.”


“But nothing, Amunet.” Baldur leapt over to her chariot to help her out. “You know how we arrange things here. There’s a feast already laid out for us!”

Diana helped herself out of the chariot. “Thanks, Apollo. I can help myself!”

“Apollo?” Baldur said, confused. “Do you not know your own brother?”

“This is why we must see Jupiter.” Hera held up her left hand, silencing Diana. “Things are not as they seem, but my husband should be able to advise exactly what.”

The five Goddesses and one God walked through the garden’s iron gate and down the stone steps to the Edge of Olympus. There they took the Ethereal Escalator down the side of the mountain, to reach the Nile. And moored on the Nile, with polished wood and gold gleaming magnificently in the sunshine, waited the Hringhorni, known to all as the greatest ship ever built.

Baldur smiled with pride as he helped the Goddesses on board. His smile quickly left when he saw Adonis standing on the deck. Amunet took hold of Adonis’ arm, and walked him inside the boat. She glanced back over to Baldur with a smirk. Aphrodite noticed the strange glances that were being offered around.

“You cannot compete with Adonis, Baldur.” Aphrodite walked inside with the now gloomy God. “As I cannot with Amunet. This is their time of the year together.”

“Still,” Baldur perked himself up. “We have a journey and a feast ahead of us. I’m sure somebody else will take Amunet’s place within my heart.”

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Fallen Toast

Diana pondered as she ate her toast.

She knew something was amiss, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Why would the others think I’m in the wrong place? she thought as she took another bite. I’ve always been here. Yet something was definitely out of place.

Amunet entered the kitchen in a foul rage. “He’s done it again!” She slammed a slice of bread into the toaster and pulled down the lever, almost breaking the device completely.

“Now now, Amu. Please be calm!” Diana offered, gently. Amunet scowled. “That’s better.” Diana smiled. “Who’s done what, dear?”

“HIM!” Amunet huffed. “That OAF! I’d love to stick two fingers up…”

“Up what, dear?” Diana took another bite.

“Up his oversized nostrils, that’s what!” Amunet was not being calm.

“Whose nostrils, dear? Breathe gently and deeply. In through your nose and out through…”

“I KNOW how to breathe, Diana!” Amunet shouted as her toast popped out of the toaster and high into the air. She missed it when she went to grab it, and it landed on the floor. In rage, she slammed another slice of bread into the toaster and pulled down the lever again, with an audible growl.

“Five second rule, dear!” Diana said, lifting Amunet’s slice of toast off the floor. “If you don’t want it, I’ll have it!” Amunet blew breath out from her pursed lips, and counted to ten as she did so. “Feeling better, dear? Good.” Diana smiled as she watched Amunet nod. “Now, who’s done what?”

Amunet’s face turned crimson once again. “Him!” Her slice of toast popped into the air again, and she missed it once more. “Baldur!”

“Baldur?” Diana was confused. “Who is Baldur? Do I know him?” She picked up the second slice of toast.

“Are you feeling alright, Diana?” Amunet’s tone softened. “You seem a little out of sorts… not quite yourself as it were.”

“Why do you say that?” Diana asked, now beginning to doubt her very existence.

“No reason. Of course you know Baldur! He’s lived here in the Lap for as long as we have!” Diana’s expression remained blank. Amunet knew, however, that behind that blank expression, Diana’s mind was overloading; Amunet could see the strain deep in Diana’s eyes. “The God of music and medicine? Blond, muscular, good-looking – if you like large nostrils, that is.” Finally, Amunet saw a spark.

“Oh, you mean Apollo?!” Diana watched Amunet’s face contort in confusion.

“Apollo? No Baldur.” Both Goddesses looked at each other with the same confused expression for a couple of seconds, until Diana started to chew again.

Athena walked into the kitchen. “Are you not ready yet, Diana? The horses are.”

“Horses?” Amunet asked.

“Yes, we’re going to see Jupiter in Atlantis. Something isn’t quite right. Aphrodite had a dark vision in her mirror, and I have a feeling Diana shouldn’t be here. She isn’t right.”

“I’ve just said that to her myself!” Amunet smiled, as Diana momentarily stopped chewing. “And she is eating toast off the floor without butter. Something is definitely amiss. I will see Jupiter with you.”

This is the second part to the new Legendary Circles story. Part One is in the Storylines page.

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.5)

Cloud was on all fours and couldn’t move. Finger’s neutralising ray had frozen him to the spot.

“Never fear, my good friend, you’ll be moving again in a short while. I don’t like causing too much of discomfort to those who get in my way. I do have morals you know. However, Mr Williams wants all three of these files, and Mr Williams will get them. He isn’t as tolerant as me, I really recommend you stay away and don’t meet him.”

Cloud heard a car door behind him close, and knew Finger had an accomplice, the plank of wood that hit him took him by surprise, and at the time he didn’t even think as to who could have yielded it. Now though he knew there were at least three people involved in this mysterious case. The main one at the moment, Finger Bones, had just walked into the bank. He could hear shouting from within, presumably this bank’s security. A few moments later, Finger emerged from the bank, and tutted.

“Dear dear dear…” He mocked. The Cloud still couldn’t move. “Never mind. The guard will be outside in a moment, Cloud, and he may be able to get you moving again!”

The Cloud heard Finger get into the car. Listening very carefully, he heard Finger say “The Rendezvous. Quickly!” The tyres on the car screeched as it sped away. Cloud heard them screech again as they turned into the side street, and once more as they turned onto the main road. From the sound he knew the direction the car was heading in, and that told him exactly where the villain was heading.

He managed to stretch his back, and then stand. He stretched again to ease the ache in his shoulders. This bank’s security guard came through the door. Cloud confirmed with him that another file was taken, and then left. He leapt onto his motorbike and set off to chase Finger’s car, keeping the bike in its silent mode.

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