Sevens to Murgatroyd! Over the weekend, this blog turned seven years old. Since 2010 I’ve been (mostly) posting daily doses of waffle and wonderment (and at times I do wonder what I was thinking!) but on the whole I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed (nearly) every moment of it. I’ve ‘met’ some absolutely fabulous folk through Blogland, with varied interests and thoughts, some of … Continue reading Seven


Debbie’s theme for her one-word photo challenge (One-Word Sunday) this week is Spectacle, so I thought I’d take it literally and make a spectacle of my spectacle collection. They aren’t actually my spectacles, just my collection of them, so I suppose that does make them mine, just not mine mine. I also thought to try my hand at using some of the photo manipulation tools … Continue reading Spectacle

The Bluebell Selfie

I wanted to take an unusual photo of the bluebells this past weekend, so twisted myself into all sorts of peculiar angles to get ‘the’ shot. I’m a bit achy today, but never mind about that. The photo above is the one, I feel. Whilst taking the photos, I accidentally took a Selfie of myself, of my usual standard, I must add: And just by … Continue reading The Bluebell Selfie

Today’s Post

Today’s post is brought to you by a form of contemporary dance. Mostly the aspects of unpredictable changes in rhythm and speed, jerky directional movements and sudden falls and recovery, it is interspersed with a jolting head-bobbing movement and rapid eye-blinking. Water is on hand for thirst-quenching properties and painkiller takeage alike. Legwork is calm and controlled. Nimble fingers gingerly tumble effortlessly and meaningfully across … Continue reading Today’s Post

Whil ethec atsa way…

Heheeh! Tom’s still slepeing off his earyl nihgt, soi t’s up to me, Fnigers (To’ms InnerT ypist), to wrtie toady’s post. It’s scuh and honoru to be albe to do tihs at scuh shrot notice, but when nedes must nedes hs=ave to. I’d like to wrtie about grapsing the moment. Jsut going for ir.  There’s nop oint humming and ahhing when an opoprutinty s=crops up. … Continue reading Whil ethec atsa way…

Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

🎇WARNING!🎇 This post contains several of those little emoji graphics. 🎼 Why? You very well may ask.👢🍧 I commented recently on a post on The Cobweborium Emporium, and Cobs (webmistress herself!) was in awe of the fact that I knew the codes to all of the emojis. 🍳 Well, I had to confess and state that I was commenting via my mobile phone, and the … Continue reading Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

Poortrait. El Revealo!

Drum Roll Please. Shuffling sound heard as envelope is swiftly opened. The Poortrait is of… Tom Cruise! Rapturous applause heard from around the room. Lights flashing, highlighting members of the audience clapping and cheering. Smiling. Laughing. Open-mouthed. Puzzled. Confused. Bewildered. Commotion on stage. Officials on stage. The wrong envelope. The Wrong Envelope. The wrong announcement. What are the chances of that??? Shuffling sound heard as … Continue reading Poortrait. El Revealo!

Poortrait Time!

As per usual, I’m stumped for a post idea… so, I’ve opted for an old favourite… Poortrait time! Pictured above is a rough, rushed and not quite complete poortrait of someone who is or should be well known to the public. Although, I could be wrong as my previous poortrait proved. Never the less, I’m going with it. Now then, two questions this time… who … Continue reading Poortrait Time!

Not on the page

  The blank page is inviting. Crisp. Clear. Anticipating writing. Words and sentences, paragraphs and chapters. Mystery twists and happy-ever-afters. Intrigue and plotlines Drama, and sometimes Comedies of errors And other storytellers’ Tricks to keep us hooked Within the pages, within the books… Although the blank page is also revealing No words to relay its meaning Yet with space to fill It shows a mind, … Continue reading Not on the page

Six Syllable Sat’day: Out of here!

Just taking a quick break. ‘Though you shouldn’t notice. Posts are being scheduled. I’m in a galaxy Far, far, far, far away… Mobile signal patchy. Beach is very dusty. The nights are very cold. The cocktails are good though. Went to the beach funfair. Got stuck in the Fun House. And the Hall of Mirrors. The less said the better. See you when I get … Continue reading Six Syllable Sat’day: Out of here!