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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Mobile’.

As Hallowe’en is approaching, and I’m adding my usual run of Hallowe’en themed posts, I had to cheat a little with this week’s theme and adapt my photo somewhat. It’s a collection of old mobile phones I have – I tend to keep everything as they may ‘come in’ one day (well, you never know!) and I wanted to create a mobile phone graveyard. I have to get these ideas out there otherwise they will haunt me forever more!

So, I’ve overlaid a couple of images to my photo, to make them seem somewhat spooky. Spookier. Kooky. The first one is a lighting bolt, and the second is a photo of clouds to provide an incoming mist effect. Although I like the colours with the lightning one, I prefer the clouds one. The original photo is in the header, which is probably all the more frightening in its starkness.

Please visit Debbie’s site (link above) to see more interpretations on this theme.


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Inktober: Crooked

October 8th. Day 8. #Inktober.

I have no idea where the noises keep coming from in this room. We are the only ones in here. The curtains over the window jeep bellowing out on their own accord, and there is definitely a sound of breathing coming from in the room. And there’s a painting on the wall where the subjects eyes seem to follow us around the room. There’s an odd chill coming into the room, and all I can concentrate on is how crooked the painting is. Crooked frame on a crooked wall, and the crooked smile on the face makes it seem even more so. Most odd.

And there was a loud clatter from the next room along. We shall be there to investigate very soon…

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Inktober: Sword

October 6th. Day Six of the #Inktober Initiative.

And Day Six of being in the strange house on the hill, Swift Manor. We’re now in one of the rooms off the long corridor. A lit candle in this room reveals that there is somebody within the building. The lit candle is on the mantelshelf, and on the wall above it is a rather large sword. Must be ornamental. Must be.

And I can hear breathing coming from behind me…

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Inktober: Divided

October 2nd, and the #Inktober theme for today is ‘Divided’.

We’ve climbed the steep path all the way to the top, and reached the front door to Swift Manor. We’ve rapped on the heavy wooden doors, but there seems to be no-one in. They aren’t coming to the door if they are. Mind you, I get the feeling I’m being watched…

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ATC: Pixie

This is the final ATC in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series; nine seems to be the magic number with these little creations – I did the same number with my baby animal series earlier in the year. This time, my focus is on the little folk… the Pixies. I don’t think they are much taller than an Artist’s Trading Card, an artistic creation that measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches… so my pixie in this image could actually be drawn to scale!

Pixies are mischievous, playful and childlike souls who like to sing and dance and party well into the night. They draw energies from stone circles, and my pixie is posing in front of a couple of stones in a hidden circular henge somewhere within the English countryside. They are normally raggedy little creatures, who wear hastily stitched together cloths as clothing (or nothing at all!), but are known to ditch those rags as soon as a far more better set of clothes comes along. I think my pixie is showing off his new threads.

They love animals, especially horses, and could ride them all night long if they could, plaiting and playing with their manes as they go. Obviously, there is a lot of space on a single horse for many pixies, so that’s a lot of ringlets to untangle the following morning!

Once again, this ATC was created using pastels, gel pens, and gold and silver markers.

And here is the completed collection. Some better than others, but all have been fun to create!