Their Wabbits

Shabbier twit!

Bertha bit Wis.

Babe hit wrist.

Bear with bits.

White Rabbits!!!
Phew! Got there in the end… things are a little mixed up at the moment.

Enjoy April! I’m wabbitin’ off now…

(The next part of Reverence will be along very shortly!)

Loopy Limerick 1

The dashing young man called Tom (now, please…)
Decided to have some fun
So he strated to type
But things wereren’t quite right
And he wished he hidn’t begon!

I’ve managed to get myself tangled up in all of these loops. I know there’s a way out somewhere. I’ll keep trying…


Regardless of what is happening all around, keep an eye on the good; the positivity; the energy; the essence; the light; the fun; the humour; the spirit; and the hope.

They come from within and both grow in strength and provide strength.

In the midst of chaos, it’s always good to have something to focus on.


Focus on the breath
Focus on the heart
Focus on the energy
Focus on the power
Focus on the light
Focus on the calmness
As within so without


Clear skies.
Calm waters.
Lush leaves.
Ambient breeze.
Gentle lapping waves licking the tiny shoreline.
Pebbles skimming the water’s surface.
Echoes and ripples.
Fluffy clouds.
Relaxing blues.