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So then, where has he been?

That, as they say’s the question. Ahem.

Apologies for the grammar, but it is Six Word Saturday after all.

Well, it was.

Since I last posted / visited, I have been up to umpteen things which have kept me away from blogging. They still are (keeping me away), but I am trying to break through that particular wall and get back into this blogging malarkey. I do pay for it, after all, and I have only recently renewed. So, blog I must. Not that I wouldn’t if I hadn’t paid, but paying gives just that little more of an incentive. Especially when you don’t have two ha’pennies to rub together. Which I do / don’t. Frequently. Erm, don’t have, not rub together. Oh, I’ll just move on.

It would seem since my last post I have forgotten how to blog. Must be a consequence of something, I suppose, but with a memory like mine I could put it down to that. Perhaps forgotten is a wrong term, and lost my way a little is more like it. Not that I had a way to start off with, so that isn’t right either.

Don’t you just love rambling streams of consciousness posts? Not that this post was intended to be one, I hasten to add. It’s just turned out that way.

Come one! This is meant to be a Six Word Saturday post. Sigh.

OK then. Where have I been? Where to begin…

I may have been abducted by aliens. It would have happened on Monday, as Tuesday I remember looking at my reflection in the mirror and thinking ‘ugh’. I did think something else at the time, but that has slipped my mind for the moment, and it isn’t really relevant to this post either.

I couldn’t have been abducted by aliens on Monday now, thinking about it, as I remember it being rather warm, and I have a feeling aliens do their abductions when the temperatures are rather more pleasant.

I think we can safely say I wasn’t abducted by aliens.

I know that this week I have been engrossed in copying computer files for one of my programs that I use to create art onto another drive that I have as I was running out of space on the drive that the program was originally installed on. And breathe! Sorry about the lack of punctuation there. After moving the files, the program didn’t work, so I had to move them back, where it didn’t work again, so then followed a series of deinstallations, installations, reloads, reboots and red faces. It was still warm after all.

That seems to be working now, so there is one reason why I appear to have been AWOL.

There’s the slight possibility that I may have been trapped in the Bathroom. Regular readers will know that this used to be a regular occurrence, but it hasn’t happened for a while. The Bathroom has been rather well behaved for some good time now, but with the ominous arrival of a new Bathroom dawning on the horizon, maybe the existing one is just exerting its strength one last time or so. That remains to be seen.

I could have been photographing ducks. I seem to do that a lot, and in this weather, they don’t tend to swim as fast as usual. In fact, thinking about it, they’re mostly dozing on the banks so they’re not swimming at all. And not very interesting to photograph when they’re half asleep, so I don’t think I have been photographing ducks. I could have photographed the geese on the Lake this afternoon, they seemed to be in a very frisky mood for some reason, but I was just too hot and rested in the shade, wanting to curl up and doze with the ducks.

Perhaps I’ve had my haircut. No! Don’t faint! I haven’t. Really, I haven’t! No. It isn’t time yet. I’m just saying that perhaps I had my haircut. There’s a lot of strength in the word perhaps.

I think on the whole, this week especially, I’ve been feeling the effects of the heat. I don’t do heat very well, and haven’t really at all this week. Even the shade has been warm, which was a bit of a blow around the Lake. And talking of blows, even the breeze has been warm. There’s just no escape! Good job I hadn’t had a haircut, and my hair kept the super-powerful rays from the Sun away from my tender scalp. And to top things off, we have two massive moorland fires which are proving tricky to control, one of which is on hill that serves as the home of the main TV transmitter in this region. That’s all I need, no TV when its too hot to do anything else!

Seriously, though, I’m hoping the wildfires are brought under control very soon, and safely to boot. And the twit who started one of the fires gets a jolly good stern telling off. Some people just don’t think, do they?

So there we have it.

We’re still none the wiser as to where I’ve been, and I’ll probably still be there for a few more days yet. I’ve still got my Superhero Diaries posts written and ready for scheduling, so they’ll keep things ticking along presence wise, until I get back to proper blogging once again.

July is now fast approaching, which means its World Watercolour Month once again, so I must try to get at least one painting done for this month-long splosh fest* .

I will try to post and visit during the course of my madness, but can’t promise.

And I WILL reply to those comments, some of which have been waiting for a reply since the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Keep cool!I know I’m trying.

(Now that’s a loaded sentence… hehehe!)

A lengthy Six Word Saturday** post (a link should appear here to Debbie’s site, should I remember to add it!)

  • And I will do more than one watercolour. I simply must!!!

** Yes, I know it’s posted on a Friday, but I can’t help that. I could have scheduled it, but it’s just too warm. This heat has a lot to answer to.

The Superhero Diaries 5.10: Invisible Help

The story continues…


I’ve got it working.

This is Invisible Charlie from the Elite Force of Britain. I’m recording this on an adapted Dictaphone as I want to record events as they happen. Solar flares have caused major disruption all across the planet, but the main problem is that the powers of superheroes and villains everywhere have gone awry, due to a constant bombardment of psychic bursts from Psychic Sue. I can’t turn invisible, which isn’t too bad all things considered.

I’m currently in a basement room at EFB headquarters, but I’m about to go outside to see if there is anything I can do to try to resolve this issue.

Psychic Sue is also affecting every living thing on the planet, causing them to act completely different, almost zombie-like. Lycralad has also affected matter, so its molecules are constantly altering and this problem is also spreading around the world very quickly. Crimson Songbird is just shrieking constantly, so that is adding to the madness.

Right. Summary over. It’s time to go.

I’m in the stairway going up to the headquarters. The lighting isn’t working, so I can only assume that the power is now off.

OK. I’m at the top. This is it. I hope I can last long enough to try to calm Psychic Sue somehow. She’s in the medical lab in the doctor’s office on the second floor, with the others who are contributing to the problem.

I’ll not lock this door; in case I need to retreat quickly and by some chance I can get back down there.

OK. I’m in the reception corridor, which seems quiet, apart from the constant screeching. And – wait a minute! There’s a shadow outside the front door. And they are knocking. No, tapping something out. That’s SOS! They are calling for help. They mustn’t be affected. Any help will be better than none. I’ll have to risk it.


H-hello. I-invisible Charlie. I’m Adam. A-adam Rawlinson. I think Lycralad is my friend. I don’t know why but whatever’s happening isn’t affecting me. Even my clothes! I had a compulsion to come here. A thought, but a really strong one said ‘EFB Go’.

Hi Adam. Come on in, quickly. We can work out what happened there earlier. I’m just glad I have help from someone! Let me just lock this door – who?! Adam – get behind me – this is the Dropped Apostrophe!

But look at his clothes – he looks unaffected.

You’re right. Apostrophe – you’d better be up to no good, today of all days. I don’t have time for you at the moment.

No. I’m here to help. Look at me. I’m fine. My colleagues are all like cavemen and I’m fine. I got your message. For today at least I’m one of the good guys.

OK then. Come on in. This first room here on the left is the kitchen. If you look through the window, you will see that is just a complete block of ice inside, and trapped within the ice is Viridian and a few others. We need to find some way to melt the ice and free Viridian – he isn’t affected as well, but is using his powers to keep the others alive. He will be the one to settle Psychic Sue, so we need to get him out.

Then I shall do that, Invisible Charlie. As a supervillain, I am aware that I shouldn’t really be inside your headquarters so I’ll stay here and do what I can. We do have a moral code, even as the bad guys. You can trust me.

I have no choice, Apostrophe, but thank you. Do what you can. Adam and I will go upstairs to find if we can do something else to settle Sue.

Adam – come with me.

Are you just going to trust him, just like that?

I – we have no choice. You can see that he is unaffected, and I did ask for their help as well. Right. OK. Upstairs we go. The medical centre is on the second floor.

You have a medical centre?

Oh yes. In this game you need one! One of the receptionists is – ah. Never mind. I nearly gave away a trade secret then and divulged a secret identity.

It’s OK. I can’t be trusted. I know that.

No. It’s not that, Adam. We need to keep our identities secret to protect everyone around us. Even our closest family and friends – or most of them – don’t even know what we do. People like the Dropped Apostrophe and others are always trying to get information such as that, and the less who know the better.

Ah. OK. Invisible Charlie,

Just Charlie will be fine.

Charlie, why aren’t I affected? I can hear that screaming clearly, it seems to be drowning out my thoughts, yet I can still hear them. And my clothes. They should be in shreds. They’re just normal clothes. I don’t get it.

I don’t get that bit either. I can see how our minds might not be affected, but the clothes? And another thing. The building looks structurally fine as well. There should be some distortions, especially being this close to Lycralad but nothing.

And Lycralad. Is he OK?

I’m sure he’s fine. How do you know him?

I think he’s my b – erm – I think I’ve worked it out. Something he said to me yesterday. Never mind.

Hmmm. OK. Here’s the medical centre. Psychic Sue, Lycralad and Crimson Songbird are all in the medical rooms down that long corridor over there. I think the first thing we need to do is sedate Crimson and stop that constant screaming. And once that’s done, we need to see what we can do to both Sue and Lycra.

Yes. The story continues next week. I can’t believe it…

Apologies for this post appearing so late, and for the rather obvious lack of my presence around the Blogosphere this week. Not that there’s anything really new there, but I’m just sayin’!

Splash Point

I’m out of whack / joint / sync.

Out of something, anyway.

Is today Monday? Or Tuesday? I mean this is Tuesday’s post, but it’s Monday. Maybe I’m early.

Or late. Maybe this post should have been posted weeks ago.

Nah. I’ve just finished creating it.

‘Splash Point’… an interpretation of a wave breaking… or something hitting the water. The Eye of the Wave, perhaps.

It’s abstract, whatever it is! Once again…

What is Reality?

I’m pondering reality today.

Quite possibly, I’m even questioning it. Mind you, with a reality like mine at times, there really is a lot to question!

Is reality what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell around us… or is it what we think and interpret it to be?

I’m now questioning myself. Am I real? Am I even here?

Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a lot of helicopters flying hither and thither up above. Travelling this way and that, some slowly, some at speed. Most folk would say that there’s nothing unusual in that, and they could even be right… but the fact that I am noticing more of them, does that make it unusual? Take Monday, for example. I was at the place of W, and there is a lot of wasteland at the back, after an old abandoned factory was demolished last year. There’s nothing on the vast open land now, apart from a few piles of leftover bricks. It gets very windy when the gusts get up! Hovering above the land was a helicopter. A black and white one. Just hovering there. Perhaps they were searching for someone hiding out in the open. I don’t know. It didn’t make sense. Maybe I’m looking too deeply into things, and the pilot was just practicing hovering, as a learner driver would practice reversing around a corner.

Another helicopter flew over on Tuesday, so low I could feel the pressure from the rotor blades… within my ears. Within my head, in fact. I do find myself pondering the notion that something is going on, something that we will NEVER get to find out about.

It’s not very secret, if that’s the case though. They aren’t being discreet about their covert activities.

See? Covert activities are taking place around me. Everyday. I’ve noticed them.

Walking down a street, I get the eerie feeling that I’m being watched. A person reading a newspaper swiftly pulls it up to cover their face as I walk by… and they cough. As in code. There. Over the road. That woman on her mobile phone. She’s in on it. She’s interpreting the cough as I nonchalantly glance around. And, right on cue, a helicopter flies overhead. A car sounds its horn behind me; although it is on the road driving away from me. The woman with the phone waves at the driver. The car stops and reverses around the corner, and turns back on itself, pulling up beside the woman, who swiftly jumps in. The registration number on the car is… there isn’t one! It’s a black car, with blackened windows all around, and it is now pointing towards me.

I turn. The man with the newspaper has vanished from the bench where he was sitting. The helicopter travels overhead again – it’s circling. I notice an electronic advertising sign change what it’s advertising – I’m sure just before it changed I saw a video of me looking around. Nah – I must have imagined that. Why would all these people be looking for me?

It’s because I know they’re up to something. That’s it. It must be.

I’ll just have to pretend I know nothing and carry on regardless. Or maybe, that is what they want me to think…

Gah! All this second guessing has me circling just as all those helicopters seem to be doing.

It isn’t only helicopters and strange-acting people, though. When driving, wherever, whenever, at whatever time of the day, if I drive past a road junction, a car will either just be pulling out, or just arriving at the junction. Traffic lights turn red the moment I reach the line. Cars seem to be racing behind me on dual carriageways, yet pull in behind and don’t overtake.

And people I think I know surprise me all the more.

Maybe I only know a certain aspect of their character, and I’m noticing a different side to them I haven’t seen before. Does this make them the same person, or a different one entirely???

Or is it little ole’ moi who’s changed, and I’m seeing all these subtle differences around me; noticing a shift in reality, only slight but most definitely there?

I don’t know.

So, I’m pondering reality today.

Have you noticed any subtle changes lately?