Here we are with One Word Sunday once again. Debbie has selected Touch for this week’s theme, and I have gone with this… but can you tell what it is?

I shall not keep you guessing. Oh no, not this week.

It’s a touch of yellow paint on my pallet that I found by chance yesterday.

Obviously, it’s now dry to the touch. As it’s quite a bright yellow, and the middle photo’s square, I’m also linking this post to Becky’s BrightSquares.

The links go to the respective sites and open in separate windows.

Are We Creating a Brighter Future?

The second in my series of posts for Earth Day, which is on April 22nd.

This time, it’s a rather dull photo for Becky’s Bright Squares.

In all fairness, it was rather a bright day when I took these photos, and that on the horizon is only steam, but with a little tweaking of the colours things do tend to look a little more dark… a little more sinister. Things are so easily manipulated, aren’t they?

This is also a post for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.


This blog is out of order.

This page should not be displayed, but if you are seeing it you shouldn’t be. In fact you shouldn’t be seeing any of the pages, such as the Links page or the Storylines menu. Clicking the links should also show the error, but as you cannot see the page you cannot see the links.

The links from the Links page should work, should you be able to see the Links page, but since you shouldn’t be able to see the page, the links, or the Links page, the links shouldn’t work. If you can see the links, the links may be worth trying as the problem may be going through the 104 link rectification process.

The white rabbit that chewed through the cable that caused the 104 error will be going through the rectification process as soon as it is found. Both the error and the rabbit; once the error’s found then the rabbit will be after intensive searching. Possibly. April’s white rabbit has always been a tricky one.

It’s so out of order.

Now, that’s a funny looking Muse

The daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Thalia was the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. She was usually seen with a comic mask, and a trumpet. She also has a link to Ivy.

In an age where masks are everywhere, I decided to focus more on the mask in this digital splodging of colour, and completely obliterated the background. Rather than the painting becoming a comic image, it turned more into a tragedy – even a nightmare! Although it was fun to create. The digital oil paints blend really well, which is lucky for the amount of time I had to paint over things handy when creating an abstract masterpiece.

With the greatest of apologies to Thalia (and I will return to create another masterpiece at a later date – a proper one!) I shall end this post, which is also for Six Word Saturday (this links to Debbie’s site who hosts this challenge), with a really awful joke found on th’internet. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

It’s always the eyes that get you.