Being Zen

The water ripples
In a gentle soothing breeze
Time stands still for now

Attention wanders
Transfixed by the water’s flow
Free but connected

Petals dance gently
Aromatic pinks in view
Caress the senses

Magic swirls ahead
Golden daffodils appear
A moment of calm

Letters To The Universe… The Black Rose Edition

Dear Letters To The Universe,
Wonderful to have you back with us once again, now for your third run! I do hope you are going to remain as positive and upbeat as before, putting the world to rights and wrongs to bed without any supper. I also hope you stick around longer for this run – but that is in the Hands of the Universe!

Dear Blogland,
I hope you aren’t tiring of these Hallowe’en/Valentine’s mash-up posts I’m doing lately, they will be coming to an end next week, I promise. The reason why I do these posts each year, every year, year after year, is because, well, to be honest, I prefer Hallowe’en to Valentine’s. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s. Never liked it in fact. Not because (sob) I’ve never been anyone’s Valentine, or (sniffle) nobody has ever been my Valentine, or (Bwaaaahoo boohoohoooooo boohoooooo) I’m a permanent singleton or anything (pull yourself together!), I just think it is a pointless celebration when everyday should be celebrated that way. I know many will disagree with this opinion of mine, and I appreciate that, I really do… but there’s no point lying about it and pretending otherwise, is there? If you celebrate it, enjoy it, like spending loads of money, then by all means enjoy yourself! I’ll still enjoy myself regardless!

Dear Typos,
Do you know how infuriating you can be at times? It took me twide as long as it should have done to type the previous Letter because of you. If you do not improve, I shall be sending you to bed without any supper! Give me strength! See what I mean. I’m leaving that one there. Twide should be twife.

Dear The United Kingdom’s Entry To The Eurovision Song Contest 2018,
I LOVE YOU!!! SuRie’s performance is brilliant, and I feel I must share a link to the song here…

Good luck in Portugal in May!

Dear Spring,
Please let me know that you are really on your way now! Things were looking up last week, then suddenly, this week, we had a return to snow! And we don’t very often get snow around these here parts!!! I think you should arrive with a glorious fanfare so that we can all enjoy you! See you soon!

Dear The Moon,
I’m sorry I missed your Super Blue Blood Moon extravaganza recently. I was looking out for you, but something prevented me from seeing you. You may find a clue in the previous Letter. Next time you put on a show, I’ll be there, waiting. And hopefully seeing as well!

Dear The Word Bingle,
I’m ging to start usng you, instead of ‘collision’ which is an alternative to you. And if these typos continue, my keyboard will be having a bingle with the nearest wall!

Dear The Weekend,
YES!!! Fabulous! You’re here! Woohoo!!!
Can you tell I’m pleased to see you? I love the weekend!

Dear Love,
Such an amazing emotion to be used to death in one day. Spread a little. Share a little. Give a little. Daily.
There’s even a scattering of love in this post, but don’t tell anyone – I do have a rep to protect.

And Finally, Dear Valentine’s Day,
Here. Have a black rose from me.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I scoured Pixabay for an image of a black rose to end this post…

…well, this image caught my eye, and I instantly thought of how it would be in negative. Not wanting to end things on a negative, I left it as it was. Just because that’s how I roll!