Outwards ever outwards
Grow the ripples from the start
The point in time where it all began
Minute by ripple’s end

An Eye on the Eye of the Storm

Looking through my eyes, through an eye, at the eye of the storm, there’s a lot of calmness all around. Even in the midst of all that turmoil, there’s calm. Storms pass. And so will chaos.

Just take note of the calmer moments!

Up and Down

Magic above
Shadows below
  Light above
   Darkness below
    Up to the light
     Down to the shade
      Uneven steps
       Up and down
        Descend to the depths
         Rise to the heights
          Reach for the stars
           If that feels right
            But step with care
             You don’t want to fall
              Or just fly to the top
               If that’s your goal

The Glade

Clear blue skies and warm Summer Sun
An oasis of mid-Winter
A tranquil paradise of harmony and light
Surrounded and hidden by time’s forest
And accessible from within

Angel Message

Even through darkness the light shines
Even through silence the Universe listens
Even through chaos there is order
And even through confusion reason will be found