The Lake’s New Additions

Three little goslings

Sitting in a row

Get the camera ready

And watch one of them go!

The latest goose family made an appearance today. The mother, or father, one of them, gave me a warning hiss as I approached, but soon settled when I said a friendly hello and sat down near them.

They were there for a good few minutes before they all, simultaneously, and without communication, stood up and waddled into the water.

It was then that I got up and continued with my walk.

This is a test post from the app on my mobilius phoneus, which, if it works, may prove quite useful for some of my live posts. Well, stranger things have happened…

Just me and the robin, sheltering.

Out walking the other day, it started to rain, so I decided to take shelter under the cover of some trees at the side of the Lake. A second or two later, I was joined by this chap or chappess. The photo makes the robin seem further away than in real life. S(he) graciously posed for a couple of photos, after thoughtfully allowing me the time to retrieve my mobile phone! Birds tend to fly away at the slightest movement, but not this one!

The rains cleared, and all of the other birds started chirping again, which was our cue to move on from our shared moment together.

Until next time, that is!

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Hope Starts At Home

The dream

The need

The wanting, the greed

The yearning

The hunger

The hope…

None of it is out there 

All of it is within.

The change for the better doesn’t come from what one has, or even what one does, but how one is.

One person may be surrounded by all the luxuries they ever dreamed of, another may be the sole person in a vast wilderness, and a third may be in the centre of a crowded room… looking out into their own worlds, but within, each have:

The hope…

The hunger, the yearning, the wanting, the greed, the need and the dream.

Everything starts at home.

.The Seed.


Did you see that? That tiny speck… that dot? Not very significant, was it? Or was it?

We see dots like that every single day. Sometimes in what we read… sometimes in pictures… sometimes through the images broadcast into us from our TV screens.

But what if we could see more in that tiny dot? That speck?

Imagine it being a seed. Imagine it holding all the information needed for creating a reality perfect for all, in Light and Harmony. Imagine it holding the building blocks to a new world… a new way of thinking. An end of manipulation through manipulation.

Dots are sometimes used to fill spaces. Spaces are used for processing time. Processing time can be used to imbed thoughts. And imbedded thoughts can lead to… well… dare I say manipulation again? Or control?

I’ve been noticing lately from information I’ve been getting – not only from the news I read but from people in general, and myself included, things aren’t adding up. Things aren’t making sense. The news is a big one, as the articles I read are blatantly biased toward the negative or belittling the subject of the article. That is plainly obvious. However, throughout the articles more external stories are being brought in, in part, clouding the main article and planting seeds with a negative bias to the other stories. These external stories are filling gaps in the main story… filling the deliberate spaces… adding dots to join… imbedding thoughts so if we read the other article we do so from a pre-determined viewpoint.

How many times do you get up with determination to retrieve something from another room, only to walk into the room wondering why you did so? Or even go into a different room entirely… only realising after you sit back down again why you got up in the first place? There’s obviously a number of reasons for this, but one of them could be processing time. Our subconscious mind is processing something we’ve seen, we aren’t aware of it, but it has an effect on our conscious mind. Just my thoughts, but they make sense to me.

That got me thinking about seeds being planted. And that got me thinking about seeds. Those little dots that grow into wonderful, colourful things. That got me thinking about dots we see everyday… hence this post.

Imagine the future we want to see is embedded within every single dot we see. Every pixel. Every spot. Imagine every time we see a dot, we are subconsciously giving our attention to the future we want. All the highlights… all the goodness… all the positivity. We aren’t just focussing on that goodness just the once, but every time we see a dot.

Even if we don’t know what future we want… we are free to change our minds… imagine seeing the Light within every single dot. The goodness. The positives. The positivity. The …LIGHT… diminishing the darkness everywhere.

If we are reading negativity… the dots are counteracting with positivity. If we a seeing negativity… the dots are there as reminders. If we are thinking negatively… the dots are an external source of stored positivity.

The future is ours to create. So plant the seeds now…