What makes a good character?

Someone mysterious? Boring? Risqué? Over-the-top? Untouchable? Surreal? Perfect? Ludicrous? Rude? Quiet? Professional? Heart-felt? Needy? Brash? Sexy? Offensive? Kind? Alien? Square? Thoughtless? Thoughtful? Dreamy? Inept? Quirky? Confident? Artistic? Argumentative? Stubborn? Creative? Constructive? Forward-thinking? Magical? Business-minded? Helpful? Shut-off? Energetic? Charismatic? Disabled? Old-fashioned? Forward-thinking? Imaginative? Colourful? Radiant? Beautiful? Ugly? Robotic? Moronic? Warm? Cold? Holier-than-thou? Devilish? Inappropriate? Risk-taker? Stick-in-the-mud? Comical? Interesting?

A mixture of all? Just one? Maybe a couple?

There are a lot of ‘interesting’ characters that call by this blog that could easily fit into the list above. Myself included… Tom Merriman’s a character, don’t forget. OK. Maybe ‘interesting’ was the wrong choice of word.

My characters are all adaptable. They try to fit into a number of different scenarios. Some they take to like a duck to water, and others they’re like a fish out of it.

But they are still characters. Surreal creations that exist in Universes far, far away. Surreal lives with surreal existences that desperately need for their surreal stories to be told.

But are they good characters?

I don’t know. They’re all a work in progress.

Well, that was another week! May 10th 2019

Is it me, or are these weeks now zooming by at indescribable speeds? It’s the weekend, yet again! I know, here in the UK, this has been a shorter week than normal with the Bank Holiday on Monday, but it still had the same number of days as every other week in it, yet it seems to have gone by remarkably fast. Maybe we should have a ‘Leap Week’ every now and then, where we can spend it doing just as we please, just so we can recharge our batteries and allow ourselves a nice little break before we grab a hold of time once again and rejoin the whir.

I think the important thing to do, when we get those little moments where we seem to step outside of time for a short while, is to really grab a hold of them. Do something memorable; create something incredible; savour the moment. Record that magnificent ‘Ahhh!’ moment within our very core, so we can recall it when everything turns upside down. It’s good to dream, I find.

Speaking of dreams, I had an odd dream on Monday night. For some reason, I was in an episode of ‘The New Adventures of Wonder Woman’, from the late 1970s. Wonder Woman wasn’t in it, although there was a feeling of expectation that she would turn up at any given moment. ‘Oscar Goldman’ out of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’ was also in this episode, although the title characters from both of those series didn’t appear either. We were in an old house, moving boxes, of all things. I had to go outside to the end of the garden path, to wait for a delivery truck to arrive. Whilst I was there, I was the only person around, back in the late 1970s. Over the road was a group of Seventies style shops, and I was tempted to take a photo of them on my smart phone. Something told me that doing this would disrupt the space time continuum, so I decided against it. I was then pondering as to whether to delete the other photos I’d taken, when my bloomin’ alarm woke me as it was time to get up!

I’m still having timing issues with regards to blogging, although I think I’m getting slightly better. I’m getting a few more visits and comments in, which is good, and it isn’t taking as long for me to reply to comments on my blog either. Although, that said… hmmm… I’ll come back to that.

On Tuesday, I started my Epic Mythology series. My intention is for this to grow and grow, exploring an unknown mythological realm where there are no rules and anything can happen. I intend to write this in rhyming form, and tell the tales of anyone who happens to turn up during the course of events. Where it goes and how long it will go on for remains to be seen, but I would like it to become as epic as the Poetic Edda (and the Codex Regius), if that can be done. The Poetic Edda/Codex, for those who are unaware, details quite a lot about Norse Mythology. Obviously, my mythology is brand new, but I can dream. And I could also do with a few Leap Weeks to get myself ahead of this game as well! But, I shall get there!

It’s generally, otherwise, been a quiet week this week. Brexit’s still rumbling on, we now have to vote in the EU elections, which I have a feeling was planned all along since Brexit was ‘announced’ in the middle of the Eighteenth Century. I wonder what would happen if nobody voted? I know that would never happen, but what if it did? We’d have no representatives in a body that we don’t want to be a part of. That would make things, erm… awkward.

In other ‘news’ this week, babies have been born, people have lost their jobs, folk have been banned from driving for illegally using their mobile phones, and, if we read between the lines, we can see that we are being coerced into thinking one way or another. It’s fun when you spot it!

No direct links again this week, but please take a look at the ‘You May Like’ section over on the right to visit some posts I have enjoyed reading recently.

And that’s it for now!

Have a great weekend!

Why Am I Doing It?

Why bother?

What’s the point in doing all this blogging?

What purpose does it serve?

For a couple of visits a day, why spend hours creating a different blog post every day? Is it worth it?

Those are the questions, amongst others, that went through my head when I read a recent comment over on Splodge and Splatter, one of my other blogs. I’m sure the question wasn’t intended in the way that I first took it, but it certainly made me think of these questions.

Several years ago, another blogger (who I no longer follow but is still active in the Blogosphere) asked me if I would consider posting less frequently. The blogger in question rarely visited my blog beforehand, so my posting frequency shouldn’t really have concerned her. I gave her my reasons as to why I post as often as I do, and she never responded. Apart from seeing her face dotted around Blogland every now and then I haven’t heard from her since. This was the first time I asked myself the question, Why Bother?

I enjoy blogging. I enjoy writing and being creative. That’s why.

I may not be the world’s best writer / artist / photographer, but I don’t see that as a reason to stop. I keep on keeping on, because with each post / picture / painting there’s just a chance I may get better.

There’s a chance that I may provide a spark of inspiration to somebody else who feels they aren’t good enough.

I may just give someone a smile when they really need one.

I may, however inadvertently, provide an answer to someone else’s stumbling block with something they are working on.

I like the connections I get through blogging. Connecting with people all over the world, who I would never have the chance to otherwise ‘meet’. I always say ‘as and when’ when it comes to visiting my blog, because I am aware of my limitations, and I’m also aware that there are millions of other (most likely better) blogs out there and there simply isn’t enough time to visit everyone.

I don’t have time to visit all of the blogs I follow either, but it isn’t personal. None of it is. It’s just the way it is.

I apologise if you’ve stumbled across one of my rubbish posts, or a boring post, or a rushed post, or a silly post, or a post you weren’t expecting. The post was where my creativity was at at that time. Not one of us can be perfect every time.

I’m grateful if you’ve enjoyed a good post (or a bad one!). The comments and likes I receive are received with gratitude, and help me to Feel Good, which is my motto and has been since the very first day of this blog.

My intention, regardless of my post, is to try and share that Feel Good factor. In blogging, I believe we should all try to share a little light around the world, whether through stories, jokes, photos, pictures, music or any other part of the creative spectrum.

It’s too easy to get bogged down with all the darkness and negativity that is constantly being bombarded upon the world. Balance that with the light, and the world isn’t half as bad as we are made to believe it is.

Why bother?

That’s why.

Blogging is far more than just posting, but the posts help.

Well, that was another week! May 3rd 2019


Well, obviously, that’s a well known fact – the weekends here begin on Thursday, so it’s already in full swing. And this weekend is another bumper one, with Bank Holiday Monday following it, making it just a little more special!

I’ve been having issues with my new computer again this week, hopefully they’re all sorted now. The pesky Windows 10 updates throw some kind of spanner in the works and stop the bloomin’ thing booting when I turn it on. However, I created a new Windows installation disc from the computer perched at the end of the desk, and managed to reinstall Windows that way. I’ve only had the computer since October and this is the third time I’ve had to do that, but as I only bought that computer for my 3d art software, I have now disconnected it completely from the internet, so (fingers crossed!) no more update issues there.

This computer’s keyboard and mouse are now working wonderfully, so in all it’s been quite a fun time computer-wise. Still, it passes the time – although that time could have been spent on better things.

I’ve been a sporadic blog visitor this week, and have called by a few posts, liked a few and commented on even fewer… although I have enjoyed every post I’ve read. At present, I call by via the reader, and usually on my mobile phone’s app, so read away, like when I think on, and comment when I have a few seconds to create words on those tiny keyboard letters with my fat fingers.

Not that they are that fat, I hasten to add, but compared to the keypad on the phone my fingers look like Siskonmakkara. Not that I’ve had Siskonmakkara, I hasten to add again, but I was looking on line for a suitable sausage to describe my fingers as, and this name leapt out at me. It’s a mild Finnish sausage, if you’re wondering.

I discovered something new this week. Totally out of the blue, and completely unexpected. I wonder how many other people know this? I asked myself after I found out, and have been desperate to include it in this post since Monday: Woodlice have fourteen legs. There! I’ve posted it. Not the kind of information you would need in general everyday conversation, but the kind you will need at the right time. Obviously, I had to share.

Now, in this post, I like to link to a few artist bloggers I follow to highlight something they have created during the week, but I’m postponing this feature this week until next. The main reason being the one I’ve already mentioned. No, not the Siskonmakkara, but the sporadic blog visits.

I have plenty to grumble about, but I shan’t.

I haven’t caught any Brexit news this week, but I have a sneaky feeling that’s been postponed so we have to vote in the EU elections at the end of the month. It shall be interesting to see what happens there. The sooner this fiasco is all over, the better.

Sorry. I had a little grumble there.

Silly joke time: I bought my friend an elephant for his room during the week. “Thank you,” he said. “Don’t mention it!” I replied, and left it with him.

Speaking of jokes, I don’t think anyone noticed my deliberate typo in last week’s post. Phew! I’d have gotten away with it too, if I hadn’t mentioned it this week. During last week’s post, I’d written “…The story begins tomorrow (Saturday 27th February)…” obviously, ‘February’ should have said ‘April’. That just shows you how fast time is flying by. Some mornings I wake up and I’m sure I’m still living in the early 1600s… but I’ll not go there…

Hope that’s given you a little chuckle for the weekend. Yes THE WEEKEND!

I like weekends, don’t you know?

Have a great one, whatever you find yourself doing.

(Image from Pixabay)