Beyond the Sphere

Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts It’s been another relaxing week here at the Mansion, and outside in the Wider World. The weather’s been warmish, although, apparently, it is expected to become scorching over the next few days. I don’t mind the… Read More


energy flows forth filling imagination with answers required

Thirty-first Square!

This is my final post for Becky’s Square Perspectives. Another pathway winding its way into the future and toward all the fabulous, fantastic events, things and people that are lining up to come into our lives. Obviously we… Read More

Making a Mess

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps this afternoon, so I decided to make a mess. Here’s how the mess originally looked: I wasn’t too keen, so I turned it on its side. Being done in PowerPoint… Read More

Keep the Light

Keep the light Keep the faith Keep the hope Keep the joy Keep laughing Singing Dancing Having fun Dark times are easing for some, yet raising for others, but by concentrating on the good, on the light, on… Read More

Some See Time

Some see time. Others see something entirely different. Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

Taking a Rest

Today’s photo isn’t the clearest, and I can tell that with my blurry vision, so it must be really unclear! But then, isn’t clarity just another level of perspective? I quite like this photo because to me, it’s… Read More

Shattered Light

The light may appear shattered, darkness strangling all that is good. Shadows etched with fear and uncertainty. But fear not! Nothing will shatter the light. The light disperses into a rainbow of bright colours, diminishing the darkness causing… Read More

Beyond the Sphere

dreamy gaze looks on beyond the sphere of all things silently knowing

The Fastest

Sometimes being the fastest isn’t always the best.

Small Things

Sometimes even the smallest of things can seem like the biggest of things.


Sometimes monsters exist to hide the truth. Sometimes the ‘truth’ exists to hide the monsters.