Let the Blogging Commence

No, not commence.



Start again?

No. That isn’t quite right.

Begin over.

Nah. That doesn’t cut the mustard.

Start where I left off?


Carry on as before.

No. No. No!

Pick up where I left off.


Slide back on in there…?

Oh. Most definitely no.


Oh, come on.

Now that that Valentine’s nonsense is out of the way, normality returns once more to Beyond the Sphere. Folk ask the question “What is normal?” And I have to agree.

Here’s a photo of a pomegranate:

Yes. Things are back to normal. And the image is from Pixabay. It isn’t even mine.

Pizza Time


Whether it be 1:25, 11:25 or 11:05 or 12:55 it is always Pizza Time!

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below. And I’m really clutching at straws for these connections now!!!

Buffet Time!

Party time is here… and with party time comes Buffet Time!

A midnight feast does wonders from time to time.

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below.

Snack Time!

Time for a snack?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Posted for Becky’s #timesquare challenge, and Debbie’s One Word Sunday, where this week’s theme is ‘Circle’. Links below…


(It was circular in shape when the scene was set… I have no idea what happened between then and the photo being taken)