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Wordle: Do(ugh)nuts

It’s a stormy debate
That doesn’t mar the taste
And the silence of a few letters doesn’t help
You still fry the batter
Which way – doesn’t matter
Whole or with a hole, please yourself
The star of the show
Is a sweet round of dough
A glorious gift filled with all manner of guilt
Draft a line in the sand
Decide where you stand
And then use your choice up to the hilt
Some use the ‘ugh’
Whereas others do not…
The charge being neither is wrong
Donut or doughnut
Just don’t eat a lot
You’ll feel wired and not very strong!

This post is also in response to a little mini challenge set by Sharon over at Make Art… Magic Happens.


Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme this week is ‘Tasty’, and I have some slightly-tweaked photos of some lovely sherbety bonbons…

The first one, is far from perfect, far from level, and far from round:

But, bonbons are bonbons, so it doesn’t matter.

The second photo is of the same three bonbons, but dramatically rearranged:

And the third photo is a combination of the lemon and strawberry bonbons:

Above, I was aiming for the fluffy, powdery feel. Below, I tried to make them more dark and gritty:

Dark and gritty, but still very tasty.

Visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations of the theme.

Letters to the Universe… The Calm Edition

Dear Chicken Pad Thai,
After my initial shock of finding that Google had announced to the entire world what I was having for my tea on Wednesday, I must say that I really enjoyed eating you. Devouring you is a more apparent phrase, as you were delicious. I was a little surprised to find that you contained peanuts, as these are something I try my best to avoid, but even they were really nice – they added a nice crunch to the noodles, together with the lovely veg. And I felt nice and fulfilled afterwards, which is always a nice feeling after eating something good.
Thank you.

Dear The News,
I would just like to say that since I have stopped watching you, I have felt over a hundred times better within myself. I don’t miss you at all, although on occasions I find myself trying to slip back into my old habit of ‘just having a look to see what’s going on’. I resist, obviously, because feeling better within myself far outweighs the constant negativity you brainwash us with hour after hour. I hope more people follow my lead, and then, maybe, you may start to pull your socks up and give the true and balanced reports rather than your one-sided half stories.

Dear Light Garland,
I know I’ve had you for a while and have never used you, but since the bulb went in my lamp the other week (and I haven’t had time to buy a replacement yet!) I decided to give you a go. I draped you over the mirror, as you know, and the light you give out is so relaxing I wish that I’d used you sooner. I do have one complaint, though… you are highlighting just how dusty the mirror is – two more jobs now on the to-do list! But, being nice and relaxed, all I will say is ‘all in good time’!

Dear Fellow Drivers,
You really are trying to frustrate me, aren’t you? With your erratic manoeuvres and impatient honking all the time – you’d think nobody else had anywhere to go. We all have a destination to reach, and would get there a lot better if you just calmed down a little. Calm down dear! Stop watching the news, or drape a relaxing light garland over a mirror. You’ll soon be feeling better. Mind you, with your impatience, soon may be pushing it a little.

Dear Throat,
I’m sorry you are feeling a little under the weather, but I am doing my best to make you feel better. There are only so many painkillers and lozenges I can take, so could you meet me halfway? I’m not nagging – I know it isn’t the best when you are feeling unwell – but we all have a job to do. Doing what we do Feeling Good gets the job done better… but we always do our best. Even you.

Dear The Weather,
You haven’t half turned chilly over the past couple of days. With you, however, the mornings have been wonderful (ignoring the defrosting of the car part). The only problem is, you are making more people use their cars – and therefore making them run late due to their own defrosting. And then, the traffic builds up, and then… well, the impatience starts to show. I refer you to a previous letter in this post (Dear Fellow Drivers). But thank you for a wonderful photo opportunity, which I will use at the end of today’s post. It is most relaxing.

Dear The Word Bobsy-Die,
What a fun word you are to describe making a commotion. Obviously, you aren’t a fitting word to be in a post based around remaining calm, as you seem to indicate the exact opposite. That said, I popped you into the on-line thesaurus to see what other words, and then words with opposite meanings, were brought back. I wasn’t expecting the question ‘did you mean babysit?’ to appear. That gave me a chuckle.

Dear The Early Hours,
How nice it is to wake sometimes, where all is still and quiet. Nothing is moving, not even a mouse. The only sound is my breathing, in a nice, relaxed, and calm rhythm. I must admit, however, that with everything being so relaxing and quiet, I don’t tend to notice you for that long. Sorry about that.

Dear The Word Rhythm,
Why are you so difficult to spell? Why, when you look to me like you should be correct as ‘ryhthym’, ‘rythym’, ‘ryhthm’ and ‘rhythym’, can you not be spelt any of these ways? At least then it won’t take me five attempts to get you right. Still, you are a nice word to stumble over, so I’m not complaining.

And Finally, Dear The Weekend,
I’m not complaining that you are around again. Certainly not! Could I just ask that this weekend, you provide plenty of time to relax, chill out and just be? A nice slow pace is in order, and a lovely, restful and long weekend. I wish that to all reading this letter as well!

Thank you for reading.

P.S. As promised in my letter to the weather earlier, here is the photo I mentioned:

Well, with sunbeams caressing the slowly rising mist from the Lake, whilst a gull saunters merrily below, I just had to take this photo. It was a tad chilly, mind!

There’s an I in Coincidence…

Two actually. Three, if you count me.

I experience some very odd coincidences from time to time; things that are too coincidental to be coincidence, yet that is what they appear to be.

I’ve mentioned my quiz show experience on the blog before. But a lot of time has passed, so I’ll recap it quickly again.

I was watching a quiz show on TV, and the question master asked ‘Of what is ‘brontophobia’ the fear?’. At that point a loud clattering came from above, which sounded as though the chimney wall was falling down. I swiftly paused the programme and ran outside, expecting to see the rest of the building falling down behind me. Of course, I was mistaken, and everything was intact, as perfect as it always had been. The sky overhead was dark, brooding, with thick and low heavy clouds just waiting to burst.

‘Must have been thunder…’ I thought as I walked back in, and restarted the quiz show. Three answers were provided on screen: dinosaurs, chest infections or thunder. And the correct answer was thunder.

I’ve mentioned my rainbow on the blog before as well. But, let’s have another recap (imagine going all wobbly, like they do on TV when they have a flashback).

Several years ago, I wanted another job. I asked the Universe for help, and went to a few interviews. I don’t interview very well, so asked for a sign from the Universe that I would have work, after one interview, in the form of a rainbow. An interview came and went. It felt good. I left the office feeling good, and walked around the corner to be greeted by one of the biggest and brightest rainbows I have ever seen in my life. The complete arc was on display before me. It took me back, I don’t mind admitting. The Universe doesn’t do things by halves. And I got the job. I still have it.

Another coincidence; perhaps one conjured by me this time.

Enough of the flashbacks now. I’ve experienced another coincidence today. Maybe not as staggering or mind blowing as the others, although maybe more so.

As you may or may not be aware, I’m currently experiencing time issues.Time issues of the sort where it keeps hiding from me. It just keeps running away and I can’t seem to catch it. I can’t (well almost can’t!) keep up, although I am managing in some areas, so it’s OK, of a fashion. Wednesday is the day pesky old time really plays up, and I find it really hard to grab hold to a piece of spare time as it flies passed me at a rate of knots.

I was given the idea of buying a ready meal for Wednesday, to save with having to think about food as well as doing everything else I do on Wednesday. So, on Saturday I was meandering around Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) when a ready meal’s packaging caught my eye. I grabbed it off the shelf, and thought I’d try that. Chicken Pad Thai… something I think I may have seen in the corner of my eye, but never tried, before. Not knowing what Pad Thai really was, I did a quick Google search and got my answers. Sounded good. I also bought a Lamb Rogan Josh, as I really like that as well, and thought I’d decide what to have on Wednesday.

Well, it appears the Universe has made my mind up for me. In the form of a Google Doodle.

Today’s (Tuesday 7th November 2017) Google Doodle, bear in mind they usually focus on famous historical people, events, or holidays, is in celebration of Pad Thai. Clicking through at the end of the little moving display gives the search ‘what is Pad Thai’?’… the very phrase I used for my search at the weekend.

I thought at first, when I first saw it, ‘Noooo…..!’, and then I randomly thought that Google had created a quick doodle for my search, and they must have done it for other searches around the world as well. It struck me how ridiculous that idea was, thinking about the number of searches they must process in a day, so I did a little further digging and found that the doodle appears not in every country, but quite a few.

So. Coincidence?

You couldn’t make it up. If tomorrow’s doodle is for Lamb Rogan Josh, I’m really going to have to start wearing my thinking cap again, and REALLY get some amazing coincidences created!

(The images in this post are all screenshots from today’s Google Doodle)

Letters to the Universe… The Birth and Rebirth Edition

Dear Friday,
You certainly come around fast, don’t you? Not that I’m complaining, as it means the weekend is here once again… and I do love the weekend! Will I be trying something new this weekend or sticking with the same ol’ same old? Let’s just see what happens shall we? But Friday… it is good to see you again!

Dear Raili,
I just had to send you a little letter of Gratitude via the Universe. I’ve thanked you for your Soul Gift through email, and through my blog, so the final stage of thanks has to be through the Universe as well. As we know, the Universe is always listening!

Dear Dark Nights,
Since the clocks went back an hour at the weekend, the dark nights are most certainly drawing in now. Perfect time to grab a little notebook and pen and scribble down ideas. Any idea. Anything that comes to mind. The next great story has to begin somewhere. Let the light shine through the darkness, as it were!

Dear Artistic Side,
I refer you to the previous letter! Scribbling like that may ignite a spark of inspiration in you, and you never know, there may be another watercolour painting on the horizon!

Dear The Weather,
I can see you are teasing us with your chilled evenings. At least the mornings aren’t covered in a layer of frost just yet, but it won’t be long before you get your way. Winter’s birth is just around the corner.

Dear The Word Apoptosis,
What a wonderful sounding word you are, but your meaning of ‘death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth’ sounds slightly gruesome. That said, you allow new cells to grow, rebirth, so I think you are a word of celebration!

Dear Hallowe’en,
So, you came and went in a flash once again, didn’t you? At least this blog has returned somewhat back to normal (whatever that is around these here parts!) Thinking about it though, it’s a good thing we aren’t permanently stuck in that Hallowe’en state. You’re fun for the day / week / month, but we must return to normal at some point. Until next year!

Dear Backache,
It’s such a relief that you have left me again. I know you only ached upon standing, but your arrival was at a slightly inconvenient time, I have to say. Still, if you hadn’t called by, I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do now, and would probably be taking things for granted. So in an odd way, thank you for your visit.

Dear Sweet And Sour Sauce With Egg Fried Rice,
Can I just say how you brought my taste buds back to life earlier this evening!? You were the epitome of deliciousness. Yum. Yum! YUM!!!

And Finally, Dear Winter Television Schedulers,
I don’t spend a lot of time in front of the television, but at the times I do settle down to watch something, it can be rather frustrating when you schedule two or three good programmes on different channels at the same time. Yes, I know I can record one of the programmes, but the whole point of not having a lot of time to sit in front of the TV should really give a bit of a clue that I don’t have time to watch what I’ve recorded… Could I ask that you schedule things a little better, just so they flow with each other a little better? That way, those of us who are caught up in this bizarre time vortex stand a little chance to see something?

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Here’s a picture of the sky:

Well, if there is one thing that is constantly changing, it’s the sky. This picture has been tweaked slightly, to enhance the colours, but that seems to make it become more alive.