Beyond the Sphere

Festive Beginnings

Ho! Ho! Ho! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so let’s be at it then! Yes, I know that theme doesn’t begin until December, but I’ve had to decorate the blog in readiness for December 1st, otherwise it… Read More

Post 2,000

Hehehehe! Hahahaha!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Do you remember recently, I mentioned I had an announcement to make? Well, yesterday’s Party Like It’s 1999 post should have given a really HUGE clue as to what the announcement was going to… Read More

The Frowning Nose

‘Tis such a blow You know When all you see Is ya nose And all the more so, Though, When it looks so frowny. It’s a slow blogging day today. My Gravatar Avatar has served me well over… Read More

Catapulted into Spam?

Just a quick post this to mention something that appears to be going on at present, which is beyond the reach of the technical team here Beyond the Sphere. I’ve noticed a few comments lately having to be… Read More

Just Sayin’…

Uh oh… Is somethin’ goin’ down?