Beyond the Sphere

Head In The Clouds

Soaring high above With fresh clean air all around Is it just a dream?

The Wednesday Wordcloud: Hastily Cobbled Together

The bat and the ape fought tooth and claw Fancy footwork Made them both fly like flutterbys – Almost

Ready! Steady! Go! It Begins Now!

Need change? Then let it happen! Indeed. I’m always saying that it’s time for things to begin afresh. Get rid of the old, bring in the new… that sort of thing. Our entire lives have brought us to… Read More

Come With Me

A thousand thousand worlds await So close your eyes, sit up straight Or lay back, the choice is yours As some worlds we shall explore Turbulent skies and windswept plains Sun-drenched beaches where it hardly rains Sheer cliff… Read More

Wordle: Free Mind

Deep, heavy thoughts need bringing into check, ‘Lighten up, man’, Says one from the flower power set, Release the darkness, Run and sing free Be the best for yourself and our human family Open a new book of… Read More