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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Mobile’.

As Hallowe’en is approaching, and I’m adding my usual run of Hallowe’en themed posts, I had to cheat a little with this week’s theme and adapt my photo somewhat. It’s a collection of old mobile phones I have – I tend to keep everything as they may ‘come in’ one day (well, you never know!) and I wanted to create a mobile phone graveyard. I have to get these ideas out there otherwise they will haunt me forever more!

So, I’ve overlaid a couple of images to my photo, to make them seem somewhat spooky. Spookier. Kooky. The first one is a lighting bolt, and the second is a photo of clouds to provide an incoming mist effect. Although I like the colours with the lightning one, I prefer the clouds one. The original photo is in the header, which is probably all the more frightening in its starkness.

Please visit Debbie’s site (link above) to see more interpretations on this theme.


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Wordle: Untamed


The route it takes,
A dearth of direction
Or possible destination
Light both light and bulky
With individual stems
Or fronds
Or strikes
No pretense of following the path
Erratic as though drugged
Jumping hither
Challenging the flow
Yet continuing to shock
With both its own mind and mindless
Teeming with energy and murderous rage
Yet natural
And untamed

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The Superhero Diaries 4.6: Corporate Support

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to eradicate problem after problem. Recently, the team appear to have disappeared from the face of the planet – from the Universe, in fact! The despicable supervillain organisation Supervillains United have noticed this and have taken matters into their own hands with one goal in mind: world domination. People everywhere are now starting to demand the superheroes’ return following an open letter sent to the EFB by a child named Emily last week. Here are some of the letters from companies willing to share their concerns:

Dear Emily,
We too anxiously await the return of the superheroes.
We have found that superheroes aren’t necessarily people who possess remarkable abilities, but rather people who use whatever abilities they have, great or small, for the good of all.
Normal, everyday people can be, and are, superheroes. Although with the onslaught of the current super-powered supervillains we ordinary people are somewhat powerless to stop them, we do have one thing which will, in the end, defeat them.
That one thing is HOPE.
We join you in the hope that our superheroes return very soon.
Kind Regards,
Scott Urban (aged 45) and the rest of the UrbanArtiz team.

Dear Superheroes,
As a company that has been on the receiving end of despicable and frustrating antics from a variety of supervillains and the dastardly Supervillains United supergroup, we add our voice to the growing number of frustrated citizens waiting for the urgent return of our missing superheroes.
We wait to see you in our skies, on our roads, in our waters, and on our televisions (properly) once again.
The Sunbottle Labelling Company (A part of AMCE Industries)

Dear Emily and Tiddle’s,
We were moved by your open letter that had been so callously discarded last week, we had to write.
Like you, we need our superheroes to return, and like you we want them back as soon as possible.
We at Spark’s Electrical Goods have had a long association with the Elite Force of Britain, and are waiting to hear of their return.
Thank you,
Mr Sparks

My Dear EFB,
We at Hemingway’s Quality Tailors and Cleaners are proud to have been serving you, our most excellent superheroes since you formed as a team all those years ago. We hope you are well, and upon your return will be delighted to share with you our latest special offers on repairs and costume amendments, should you require them – as always, discretion is assured.
Please return soon (we are currently working a three day week and have had to lay off two staff, so your absence is definitely being felt here).
See you VERY soon,
Charles T. Hemingway and Sons

Dear Elite Force of Britain,
We at the Pyramid have been rescued many times by your members, either individually, or in a group, and really appreciate all of the help you have given us.
Our door security will be the first to admit that they are no match for some of the supervillain clientele who call in here every now and then, so we look forward to your return.
When you do, please call in and we will extend Happy Hour to Happy Saturday in your honour.
Please return soon.
The Management and Staff at The Pyramid


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Wordle: The Crossroads of Hope

Illusion surrounds at the crossroads of hope
Like a chain of faux pearls on a long lock of hair
Lined up one after the other
Braced to break
To be scattered
To be chased
Fear and uncertainty
From the bottom of the heart
Nerves shaking
Jangled from the start
Penned in by longing
Which way to go?
Rebel and stay?
Or go with the flow?
But ding!
Ta dah!
That’s it right there!
The illusion can freeze
Or propel one afar