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Wordle: Free Night Flight

Kiss the clouds and fly with me
Merge with my mind – come and see
We’ll relish the light of the silvery Moon
And the sting of the icy raindrops
Shiver and shimmy in the cold night air
Brass monkeys is fine when we’re free up there
Away from crime and grime and time
Strap in hold tight and away we go
We’ll fly so high we’ll find Orion’s Sword
And soar this way and that, chopping and changing
As we feel fit
The flight at night is like a leap of faith
And a free mind is all it takes

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There’s an I in Coincidence…

Two actually. Three, if you count me.

I experience some very odd coincidences from time to time; things that are too coincidental to be coincidence, yet that is what they appear to be.

I’ve mentioned my quiz show experience on the blog before. But a lot of time has passed, so I’ll recap it quickly again.

I was watching a quiz show on TV, and the question master asked ‘Of what is ‘brontophobia’ the fear?’. At that point a loud clattering came from above, which sounded as though the chimney wall was falling down. I swiftly paused the programme and ran outside, expecting to see the rest of the building falling down behind me. Of course, I was mistaken, and everything was intact, as perfect as it always had been. The sky overhead was dark, brooding, with thick and low heavy clouds just waiting to burst.

‘Must have been thunder…’ I thought as I walked back in, and restarted the quiz show. Three answers were provided on screen: dinosaurs, chest infections or thunder. And the correct answer was thunder.

I’ve mentioned my rainbow on the blog before as well. But, let’s have another recap (imagine going all wobbly, like they do on TV when they have a flashback).

Several years ago, I wanted another job. I asked the Universe for help, and went to a few interviews. I don’t interview very well, so asked for a sign from the Universe that I would have work, after one interview, in the form of a rainbow. An interview came and went. It felt good. I left the office feeling good, and walked around the corner to be greeted by one of the biggest and brightest rainbows I have ever seen in my life. The complete arc was on display before me. It took me back, I don’t mind admitting. The Universe doesn’t do things by halves. And I got the job. I still have it.

Another coincidence; perhaps one conjured by me this time.

Enough of the flashbacks now. I’ve experienced another coincidence today. Maybe not as staggering or mind blowing as the others, although maybe more so.

As you may or may not be aware, I’m currently experiencing time issues.Time issues of the sort where it keeps hiding from me. It just keeps running away and I can’t seem to catch it. I can’t (well almost can’t!) keep up, although I am managing in some areas, so it’s OK, of a fashion. Wednesday is the day pesky old time really plays up, and I find it really hard to grab hold to a piece of spare time as it flies passed me at a rate of knots.

I was given the idea of buying a ready meal for Wednesday, to save with having to think about food as well as doing everything else I do on Wednesday. So, on Saturday I was meandering around Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) when a ready meal’s packaging caught my eye. I grabbed it off the shelf, and thought I’d try that. Chicken Pad Thai… something I think I may have seen in the corner of my eye, but never tried, before. Not knowing what Pad Thai really was, I did a quick Google search and got my answers. Sounded good. I also bought a Lamb Rogan Josh, as I really like that as well, and thought I’d decide what to have on Wednesday.

Well, it appears the Universe has made my mind up for me. In the form of a Google Doodle.

Today’s (Tuesday 7th November 2017) Google Doodle, bear in mind they usually focus on famous historical people, events, or holidays, is in celebration of Pad Thai. Clicking through at the end of the little moving display gives the search ‘what is Pad Thai’?’… the very phrase I used for my search at the weekend.

I thought at first, when I first saw it, ‘Noooo…..!’, and then I randomly thought that Google had created a quick doodle for my search, and they must have done it for other searches around the world as well. It struck me how ridiculous that idea was, thinking about the number of searches they must process in a day, so I did a little further digging and found that the doodle appears not in every country, but quite a few.

So. Coincidence?

You couldn’t make it up. If tomorrow’s doodle is for Lamb Rogan Josh, I’m really going to have to start wearing my thinking cap again, and REALLY get some amazing coincidences created!

(The images in this post are all screenshots from today’s Google Doodle)

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For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Count’.

I’ve gone back through my archive folders (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done that before!) and picked out seven (count ‘em!) photos that contain things that can be counted! They are a random selection of photos, some may have been used before, and if you have a spare few minutes you can sit and count to your heart’s desire. You can count on me to make a game of it! Also, if you have time, visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations on the theme.

Count Number One… Two Pound Coins:

Count Number Two… Crystals:

Count Number Three… Flowers In A Meadow:

Count Number Four… People On A Beach:

Count Number Five… Lily Pads On A Pond:

Count Number Six… Birds On The Water:

And Count Number Seven… Lines On A  Snail’s Back:

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I was inspired by Jodi’s painting to have a go at painting something abstract myself. I haven’t touched any watercolour equipment for a while, and I thought now is as good a time as any. I attempted three abstract paintings, the first two being so bad they even fell far outside the ‘abstract’ category. Never mind, I will paint over them with some texture paste, and then use the paper for something else in the future. Something hopefully better.

For my third painting, and I am calling this a painting as I actually like it myself, is the one above. It’s still wet in the photo at present, and I’m not entirely sure how it will look when dry, but I like how it looks now.

I’m not sure this is classed as abstract, as I intended on painting some kind of poppy this time, but I just sploshed the colour onto the paper and watched what happened. First, the red spread over the wet watercolour paper, and then I added the black which started to do its own thing and blend slightly with the red before stopping. A bit of tilting this way and that allowed the red to run further, and then I added just a few finishing details in the red, yellow and green. Just a dash mind, as I really wanted the emphasis on the red.

The thing is, it reminds me of a poppy, and I am happy with that.

Posted also for Remembrance.

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Letters to the Universe… The Edition Where They Begin Again!

Dear Blogland,
Yes, it’s true! My weekly Letters to the Universe series returns. They’re BACK! Yay! It’s a series where I write letters to anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere, and USUALLY they are focussed on all things positive. Even the little annoyances are there to help us, if we looked at them in that ‘right’ ‘special’ way. Sometimes, the help is a little hidden, but delve deep enough and that ta-dah! moment will emerge.
May I say it is good to be back writing these letters? No?! Well, I just have!!!

Dear Hallowe’en,
I’m sad that you are almost upon us, but I hope I’ve given you a nice build up. I love all things related to Hallowe’en: the spooks, the colours, the cobwebs… even the monsters can be forgiven for being monstery around Hallowe’en. The fun monsters that is, the imaginary, legends of folklore monsters who love nothing better to make us feel fearful with a big smile. The real-life monsters do not even deserve a mention, but I’ve mentioned them here so as not to confuse the two. So, Hallowe’en… bring on your spooky best for next week!

Dear Bloggers,
Yet again I feel I must apologise for my lack of visits. I’m going to stop saying I will get to you when I can, as it seems like a ‘monstrous’ task (see what I did there?) trying to fit everything in into the small window of time I have available. Instead, a better phrase from me for moving forward: I shall see you when I see you. I may miss posts (and when I do, I do miss them by the way), but there are so many wondrous yous and only one flustered me. I will get to visit you, I always do, just get your flags ready to fly them on my next visit! I also have replying to your comments issues as well at present, so hopefully with a little less fluster that should improve. I’ll get there, however… just watch me!

Dear Cooler Weather,
Nice to see you once again. I much prefer things cooler, but I do enjoy gorgeous sunshine as well. Maybe this year the two of you could get together for a nice, crisp Autumn/Winter time. As always, though, it is up to you… we’ll have whatever you throw at us!

Dear Mystic Springs,
I hope you are almost ready for Hallowe’en… Sorry I wasn’t able to shape you into the series of posts to replace these letters posts, but the Hallowe’en specials should be just as fun. Starting at 7pm UK time, and posting on the hour every hour until almost midnight, I hope you add a little zany magic to Hallowe’en this year. Or fun. Fun will do just as much!

Dear Superheroes,
Thank you for filling in the gap between the last series of Letters posts and this new series. It was good finding out about your exploits once again – although you were all missing for virtually all of this run. Hopefully next year, you’ll be back (and with far better snippets of information to share!)

Dear The Word Adscititious,
Thank you for being the first word in this new, regular, supplemental part of these letters posts where I write to an odd word. I quite liked these ‘Dear The Word’ letters in the first series of posts, so have decided to make it a regular feature now. Less additional, or supplemental, and more just another letter, I know, but I had to link you in somehow!

Dear The World,
Are you any nearer to sorting yourself out yet? I’ve given up watching the news about you as the reports are always filled with the same stuff, and instead of being an observer, I felt like I was being manipulated into thinking one way about you, when I really don’t. You’re a great place, and I would really like to see you on the right track once again. Not that you are that far off it, I hasten to add, but we would be led to believe otherwise.

Dear Artistic Side,
I can see you, hiding there. What’s the point in hiding in plain sight? Just start with your mojo once again and get creating artistically. Just do it! (For want of a better phrase!)

And Finally, Dear Letters To The Universe,
It is so good that you are back. I am now already looking for inspiration for next week’s post, and this one, as yet, isn’t even finished… although it soon will be.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Always one to stick with tradition, here’s a picture to finish the post:

It’s just a quick picture I threw together of a bunch of pumpkins, what with it being Hallowe’en and all soon. I may or may not have posted it before, but it seems fitting to end this second first post with a picture totally unrelated to firsts or seconds, but completely related to the prevailing topic of the month. Ah. I waffle. Have a great weekend… and if I don’t see you before, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!