Beyond the Sphere

Light shone through the cracks as though it were escaping the confines of a wicker box. How the light got inside is a mystery for another day – surely the light should be outside? Perhaps that’s where it begins. Within. Light. Darkness. A spark of creation. A void of emptiness. Maybe the level of light, the amount of light, defines the ‘it’.

But if the light, or lack there of, defines the it, the it must always be there. Always has been. And from that, maybe allowing whatever is within to shine triggers light of its own.

Let light escape.

Nothing escapes
Not even time
Not even water
Not even wine
Surrounded by darkness
Drawn in with the light:
The sock that went missing
In the washer last night

Just where does the washing machine take those garments it takes a fancy to?

Perhaps it spins the items so fast on the spin cycle that the garment’s molecules vibrate out of our existence, and into the washed out land? The innards of a Black Hole? The dark side of the Moon?

All I know is I’m now down another sock. I’ll need to buy some new pairs at this rate!

A digital oil dabbling of light being emitted from a drop of water. Or something like that. I just like playing with colour!

As it was
Is as it was back then
And as it is now
Isn’t as it was,
It’s as it is,
Back then,
As it was was as it is
In the moment

And as it was back then
Was as it was
Even further back.

Apologies for the repost (originally posted May 31st 2016)

Even without a breeze, the currents are good once we get going. Gravity keeps us grounded, but once we become free of that gravitational pull we are free to go. Free to soar into the skies.

The first steps into take off are always tricky. Gravity doesn’t want us to leave the ground, but with the power of the mind, and with the power of belief we get passed that. Imagine climbing a set of stairs. First step we still touch the ground. Second step, the same. But with each step we take we get higher. Flying is the same, only without the stairs and without the stepping!

There. We’re passed the first hurdle. Easy, see?

Gravity is now surrounding us, rather than pushing us down. It is holding us in place. We’re about two steps off the ground, hovering. We may not be high, but we are still flying.

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps this afternoon, so I decided to make a mess.

Here’s how the mess originally looked:

I wasn’t too keen, so I turned it on its side.

Being done in PowerPoint and Photoshop Elements it isn’t really a mess at all, Well, everywhere wasn’t as messy as it could have been had I not done it digitally.

I’m still in the dumps a little, but a quick burst of creativity with colour lifted my spirits a little. I’m just going to lift them a little more now, but I haven’t quite decided how. Maybe a run. Maybe a grapefruit. Can’t decide. I’m not going to be down in the dumps for long. By Jiminy no!

It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Pair’.

So, this week I photographed a pair of a pair of scissors. Two pairs of scissors. A pair of them twice. Two pairs of them twice, actually, as I took two photos. A pair of photographs featuring a pair of a pair of scissors.

The second photo is slightly off-centre , but it is also taken from a slightly different pairspective. I did wonder if I should just cut it, but I thought no… it’s pair for a reason.

Posted also for Becky’s Square Pairspectives.

Land Ahoy!

Abstract Land, that is. Abstract Land is another ATC-sized random creation using watercolour pens. I’m continuing with this theme today, just spreading a little colour!

Final post for today!

This is another abstract ‘painting’ in ATC size. I think the glare is just a little too much on this one, although it gives a nice impression of water. Here’s the image without the glare:

I’m enjoying spreading a little colour!

I think this one is my favourite so far of these watercolour pen ATC-sized abstracts. The reflection of the light on the photo gives the image a completely different feel. That said, however, I also like the image without the sparkles.

Mount Lime

Another abstract creation using watercolour pens, in ATC size. This is another that has a sherbety feel in the photo!

Sometimes it’s a good idea to suspend the notion of ‘reality’ and see what else comes along to take its place.