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Inktober: Long

#Inktober Day 5; October 5th.

Yesterday’s eye glasses were a bit spooky. So much so, we’ve ‘swiftly’ ran out of the room (we’re in Swift Manor, remember?!), but we seem to have come out of the room through a different door. I’m sure there was only one door to the room, but these haunted places can play tricks on us. We’re at the top of the (very steep) stairs now, looking down over the long corridor toward the front door… which is most odd. Outside it’s a heavy wooden double door, and inside it’s a single one. Unless we’re at another corridor, which would make more sense. It’s still a long one, however, with more rooms to explore. We’ll try another room tomorrow to see what’s in there. It’s always fun poking around a spooky old manor house! Good job it isn’t night time yet. Or is it? It’s hard to tell.

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Oops. October Approaches.

The floodgates are startin’ to open
And nonsense is startin’ a-pokin’
October is nigh
Oh me! Oh my!
As All Hallows’ month is approachin’!

Oh me! Oh my! I’ve started early this year. In five days I shall be handing the reigns of the blog over to my Inner Beast who, it is planned, will fill this place full of Hallowe’en madness and utter nonsense. The Halloween theme will filter through most of my regular features, The Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limericks will return once again, I’m also taking part in Inktober, which will be fun, and I am preparing for a Hallowe’en special to ‘beat all specials’ this year. Well, it’s a different kind of Hallowe’en post (which was, originally, going to be a weekly series to replace my Letters to the Universe series, and it is also the reason why I’m having to spend less time actually in Blogland itself… and as it has become such a monumental task, I think a one-off would be the better option for now. That said, it does leave the gates (not the floodgates, just the normal ones!) open for the weekly Letters to the Universe to return, as soon as we find out where those missing superheroes are!)

So that’s the plan.

Plans change, but that’s the plan for October for now. And yes, I shall be replying to comments and visiting again soon. I seem to always say that… but I get there in the end.

In the meantime… Feel Good! Enjoy the final few days of September. Already! I can’t believe it!!!