Letters to the Universe… The Rushed Edition!

Dear Tufty, Good to see you on the Lake again today, and what a pleasure it was to see Mrs Tufty with you! I did try to take some photos of you both together, but you seemed a little coy! Will we be seeing a hatch of Master and Miss Tuftys with you shortly? I’ll keep my camera handy. Dear Machu Picchu, You do look … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… The Rushed Edition!


Debbie’s theme for her one-word photo challenge (One-Word Sunday) this week is Spectacle, so I thought I’d take it literally and make a spectacle of my spectacle collection. They aren’t actually my spectacles, just my collection of them, so I suppose that does make them mine, just not mine mine. I also thought to try my hand at using some of the photo manipulation tools … Continue reading Spectacle

Letters to the Universe… The Earworm Edition!

Dear Temperature, Always nice to feel you rise as Summer approaches, but would you mind rising a little more gradual this year rather than hitting us full pelt one morning and remaining at sweltering for several weeks… I only ask so that we can have time to adjust and enjoy you more! Dear Traffic Lights, Such a pleasure when you change to green as I … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… The Earworm Edition!

Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Dear Lake, Walking around you at lunchtime was as pleasant as it always is. And the addition of those little black chicks I spotted by the water’s edge made the walk all the more special today. Dear Sunshine, Thank you for helping to brighten the walk around the Lake and warming the breeze, which, if I’m honest, did pick up just a tad at times. … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Things. Just things.

Or Trying to Make Sense of it all. At Least Some of It. Things I’ve observed Two little sparrows hopping and flying and playing with each other over lawns and fences and rooftops. I’m sure they had cheery smiles on their beaks! Two magpies walking on another lawn, one with its black feathers rather unkempt. They reminded me of the rhyme ‘One for sorrow, two … Continue reading Things. Just things.

Wordle: Dark Thoughts

Thoughts spiral Peck and chip Nag and itch List and last Settle fast Or linger Throughout life If allowed to run Some are fun But the whole of them? The total sum? Laced with anger Tinged with greed Filled with urges And desperate needs Saints and sinners Sing their prayers Splitting hairs Resting demons Allaying fears That grew From but a single seed Planted carelessly … Continue reading Wordle: Dark Thoughts

Mead and Mortals

Lightning flashed and made her look up. The doors to the inn, a mere second later, swung inwards simultaneously and the room was instantly filled with a strong-odoured wind. “By the gods!” the woman muttered, but stayed where she was, propped. Zeus walked into the inn, followed by his consort Hera. “Wench!” He bellowed, “A tankard of your finest mead!” The woman stayed where she … Continue reading Mead and Mortals

The Place of W

Outside the realms of my magical and wondrous Mansion exists another place. The polar opposite, if you like. A dark and sinisterly treacherous place known only as W. There, clouds swirl in turmoil overhead, and sometimes around. Icy winds blast and cut straight through exposed skin, deep into the warm veins beneath – some dare say they reach deep within the soul. With me, they … Continue reading The Place of W

Today’s Post

Today’s post is brought to you by a form of contemporary dance. Mostly the aspects of unpredictable changes in rhythm and speed, jerky directional movements and sudden falls and recovery, it is interspersed with a jolting head-bobbing movement and rapid eye-blinking. Water is on hand for thirst-quenching properties and painkiller takeage alike. Legwork is calm and controlled. Nimble fingers gingerly tumble effortlessly and meaningfully across … Continue reading Today’s Post

Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

🎇WARNING!🎇 This post contains several of those little emoji graphics. 🎼 Why? You very well may ask.👢🍧 I commented recently on a post on The Cobweborium Emporium, and Cobs (webmistress herself!) was in awe of the fact that I knew the codes to all of the emojis. 🍳 Well, I had to confess and state that I was commenting via my mobile phone, and the … Continue reading Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

Poortrait. El Revealo!

Drum Roll Please. Shuffling sound heard as envelope is swiftly opened. The Poortrait is of… Tom Cruise! Rapturous applause heard from around the room. Lights flashing, highlighting members of the audience clapping and cheering. Smiling. Laughing. Open-mouthed. Puzzled. Confused. Bewildered. Commotion on stage. Officials on stage. The wrong envelope. The Wrong Envelope. The wrong announcement. What are the chances of that??? Shuffling sound heard as … Continue reading Poortrait. El Revealo!

Wordle: The Dark Illusion

The darkness covers the realm, yet lightning flashes revealing beasts and gargoyles alike Peeling the shadows away, relishing and cursing their delusion of existence Dreams of revenge splintered by the fragments of a story That brims with a fiction tinged by truth Or truth by fiction With so many blanks to be filled This reality boons with numerous possibilities The whole of which aware that … Continue reading Wordle: The Dark Illusion

Close to the edge

What on Earth is going on? Negativity from all angles; a tangible darkness that seems hell-bent on spreading misery and unrest throughout the world. These dark forces have permeated around me, strangled and throttled me, and very nearly consumed me totally. Every little thing I have recently come across has either highlighted more of this horrid darkness in the world, or made me feel that … Continue reading Close to the edge