Siex Word Sæterdæg: Wist ābūtan tīma!

Six Word Saturday: It’s about time! (I hear you say, although that’s also what I’m trying to say up there in the header using some very old words.)

Siex = Six
Word = Hmmm…. I wonder…
Sæterdæg = Saturday (seems obvious)
Wist = It
Ābūtan = About
Tīma = Tima er time

It’s now ābūtan tīma I lay my head on a comfortable pillow in a darkened room.

Nice for the Time of Year

Questions needed answers
Thoughts needed to be filed
So I lay back and listened
To some music for a while
Looking for a meaning
I settled nice and still
Nothing was forthcoming
‘Though I was very chilled
I asked out for a question
Or a sign, loud and clear,
When a single thought came to me
“It’s nice for the time of year”!


One: One Word Sunday Halloween Special

Two: KindaSquares Halloween Special

(Kinda cheatin’ more like!)

As some of you may be aware, Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of the year. This year, things are slightly different for some reason that kinda escapes me right now. But, as luck would have it I’m still celebrating Hallowe’en here on Beyond the Sphere.

This year, two of my characters are on a quest which is sending them throughout my part of the Blogosphere, meaning they pop up in quite a few of the more regular items that appear on the blog.

One Word Sunday and Becky’s KindaSquares have both received the crossover treatment today.

Two challenges with two photos of two characters in not two, but one post. I could have done two posts, but then this sentence wouldn’t be needed. Or needed to be repeated slightly differently. Either way, they’re both in the same post whether the sentence(s!) make tense sense or not.

I blame the Sinsters. The characters. They have a mission to spread fun and chaos at the same time. Not that I need them to blame, as I can do that myself, well, especially the chaos part. But blame them I will.

The two images on this post aren’t screenshots. They are photos of my computer screen showing the early stages of the development of a picture I was making for one of the previous posts (in what’s known as a wireframe mode). As they aren’t screenshots, and are photos (and are square!), and are kinda different, I think they work with both challenges, which is why I’m using them for today’s post.

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday today is ‘Two’ (which you may have gathered from the title of the post and the odd clue or two dotted throughout it.

Please visit the links above for more interpretations on both challenges.

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Who’s that knocking at the door?

I’d just settled down last night to enjoy a pizza… a delicious ham, pineapple, onion and mushroom, freshly baked pizza with deliciously stretchy cheese… and somebody rang the doorbell. Then pounded on the door. The knocking reverberated around the Foyer and up the Stairs numerous times. Echoes are all the more prevalent around Halloween, haven’t you noticed? They rang the doorbell again. Constantly, with urgency.

I put my slice of pizza down, and walked to the door. The staff appear to be having another night off. I opened the door widely, and saw only the trees outside, beyond the Courtyard.

I thought it was trick or treaters at first, so I closed the door and returned to my pizza. No sooner had I sat down, the ringing and knocking started again. I went to the door once again, and could hear voices from the other side. No… not that other side… the other side of the door.

“I told you we shouldn’t have pressed it together.” A woman’s voice said.

“But it’s quicker this way.” A man said.

“But look, we’ve been here three times already and haven’t gotten a reply from the door.” the woman said.

“We keep getting dragged away.” the man said.

“So why do we keep being sent back?” the woman asked.

“I don’t” the man said.

I opened the door, and there was nobody there again. Maybe I WAS hearing voices from the other other side. I closed the door again, and went back to my pizza. No sooner had I sat down, the knocking and doorbell ringing started again. I put my slice down once again, and ran to the door. Yet again there were voices.

“Why do we keep ending up here?” the man asked.

“How should I know?” the woman asked. “I’m as clueless as you are!”

“And why together? Why at this mansion? What are we looking for?” the man asked.

“Maybe we should do it separate…” the woman said, her voice silenced rather sharply at the end.

I opened the door, and once again, there was nobody there.

I’d decided enough was enough. I put two slices of pizza on a plate, and left it outside the door. I returned to what I had left of my pizza, closed the Living Room door and left the spirits to it. If they called again, I never heard. My computerised doorbell log did show that they called back another six or seven times, when I checked later. The hidden camera on the doorbell captured a lot of light, but not much else… apart from one very clear shot. As I thought, it was trick or treaters messing about. I hope they enjoyed their slices of pizza.

Click the doorbell below to view the images caught by the camera. I’ve only included a couple with the light as they were all pretty much the same!

Click to view