Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 7

Can you believe it’s December 7th already? Well, time flies! And what a coincidence!!!

On the Seventh of December my Creation brought to me a swarm of Tempus Fugits (time flies to you and me!)

dec7 2019

It is said if you manage to catch one, you can have all the time in the world. Well, in an hour. They swarm in groups of twenty-four, you see. Ideal for the Twenty-Four Days of Christmas.

Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 6

On the 6th of December my Creation brought to me three ships a sailing in.

If you call by this post on Christmas Day in the morning, you could actually say that you saw three ships a sailing in on Christmas Day in the morning.

Believe you me, the Art World doesn’t know what to make of this!



Twenty-Four Days of Christmas: 5

On the Fifth of December my Creation brought to me…



Strictly speaking it’s ten golden wings, but who’s counting? Numbers don’t really mean anything in this random series anyway! You don’t have to be mad to come here, but by jiminy it helps!