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Letters to the Universe… The Rushed Edition!

Dear Tufty,
Good to see you on the Lake again today, and what a pleasure it was to see Mrs Tufty with you! I did try to take some photos of you both together, but you seemed a little coy! Will we be seeing a hatch of Master and Miss Tuftys with you shortly? I’ll keep my camera handy.

Dear Machu Picchu,
You do look like a fascinating place, and one I hope to be able to visit one day. Until I get there, I will always enjoy the snippets I see of you when you crop up from time to time around here.

Dear Certain People In Charge,
Please stop whining and just get on with your tasks in hand. You really aren’t sending out confident, positive messages when you constantly moan, and you aren’t doing yourselves any favours either.

Dear The Colour Blue,
Such a wonderful shade you are, and I find it most unbecoming to link you to feeling a little glum. That mood is more suited to be described as ‘grey’, but then that is doing the same disservice to the colour grey.

Dear The Colour Grey,
I apologise for comparing thee to a foul mood.

Dear Rhubarb And Custard,
What a delight you are together! Hot or cold you are c’est magnifique!

Dear Spell-Checker,
I was writing a couple of words in the French language a moment ago, so there was no need for you underline the words for me. Although your suggestion of ‘chest magnified’ may be quite fitting if copious amounts of rhubarb and custard were to be consumed.

Dear Nose,
Will you please heal so that you don’t bleed every time I have to blow you? During hay fever season it’s like a never ending battle with something or other running out of you…

Dear Bodily Functions,
There really is no nice and pleasant way to describe you, is there? Everything sounds gross, but you do have your jobs to do, so I’ll leave things there.

Dear Three-Ply Tissues,
Thank goodness for small mercies!

And to finish… Dear All,
Feel Good, and remember miracles happen every day. Just let the rhythm of your heartbeat remind you that it’s a miracle in itself simply being here. Live life and enjoy it!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s a photograph of the colour blue to finish. Just because:

Well, it’s quite a cheerful colour really, isn’t it? Just to be sure.

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Debbie’s theme for her one-word photo challenge (One-Word Sunday) this week is Spectacle, so I thought I’d take it literally and make a spectacle of my spectacle collection. They aren’t actually my spectacles, just my collection of them, so I suppose that does make them mine, just not mine mine. I also thought to try my hand at using some of the photo manipulation tools that are available in my free version of Photoshop Elements that I got when I bought some computer art software a while back. I like manipulating images, but usually do it with the things I create using PowerPoint (several of which, I might plug add, can be seen on my other blog Splodge and Splatter), although I have touched up the odd photo or two from time to time.

I’m not used to using a lot of the tools, however, so it’s like new territory for me. For this first photo, I used the Orton Effect, which somehow slightly altered the look of the photo yet at the same time kept it looking as it originally did. A photographic paradox if you like… how can something look different and the same at the same time?

For the following two photos, I got carried away with the Tilt Shift option, and although the effect didn’t look quite as Tilt Shifty as I was expecting, I quite like the effect as it turned out.

Even if it was a little over-blurry.

But then, that’s what spectacles are for.

Visit Debbie’s blog for other takes on her theme. The link is at the beginning of this post.

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Letters to the Universe… The Earworm Edition!

Dear Temperature,
Always nice to feel you rise as Summer approaches, but would you mind rising a little more gradual this year rather than hitting us full pelt one morning and remaining at sweltering for several weeks… I only ask so that we can have time to adjust and enjoy you more!

Dear Traffic Lights,
Such a pleasure when you change to green as I approach. You cut my journey time by half when you do this, and it is quite exhilarating when each of you change in turn as I approach! I really would like to experience this phenomenon more often.

Dear The Word Phenomenon,
You always make me smile when I see you, which is a little strange I know, but you do. And when I say you, I think of…

Always a joy!

Dear The Word Flibbertigibbet,
You too are another word that makes me smile, and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without saying so!

Dear All The Small Things,
You simply amuse me! Fabulous!

Dear Articulated Lorry Driver,
Should you really be hurtling down a road at such a speed in a vehicle your size? I was going to say that you could easily not see a vehicle as small as mine when doing so, but as you overtook me you obviously saw me. All I can say is take care next time – I’m sure your stopping distance will be greatly increased should you need to brake sharply.

Dear Tufty,
Just to say it was a pleasure as always to see you floating in the Lake with your beak tucked under your wing whilst you slept. When that gust of wind got up and spun you around like it did, I was laughing with you and not at you! Hope you didn’t get too dizzy!

Dear Paintbrushes,
I do intend to use you again, I do!, and I will do so soon. Just making a few readjustments time-wise, and then you will be back in action!

Dear Balmy Evening,
Such a pleasure to walk out in you the other evening, even though I was only walking to the supermarket. You made waiting to cross the pedestrian crossing all the more pleasant.

Dear Moonlight,
It was so comforting seeing your brilliant glow shining through my window last night. You are very relaxing and helped me drift off into a replenishing and rejuvenating sleep. I didn’t look rejuvenated when I awoke once again, but I felt it… so thank you!

And to finish… Dear All,
Greet a stranger with a smile. A smile from a stranger may be all that they need to make their day.

Thank you for reading!

Here’s a photo of Lucie Jones to finish. Lucie who??

LUCIE JONES! She is representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine this weekend. Brexit or no Brexit, good luck Lucie! Just to be sure.

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Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Dear Lake,
Walking around you at lunchtime was as pleasant as it always is. And the addition of those little black chicks I spotted by the water’s edge made the walk all the more special today.

Dear Sunshine,
Thank you for helping to brighten the walk around the Lake and warming the breeze, which, if I’m honest, did pick up just a tad at times.

Dear Red Car Driver,
Having a red car should really remind you that a red traffic light means stop. You should know that when a traffic light has changed to red, speeding through it will not make it change colour again until it is time.

Dear Woman Driving the Battered Old Brown Car,
You must learn to use your mirrors when driving, especially when you choose to cut up into a line of traffic as you are in the wrong lane. Driving like yours in those conditions can lead to multiple pile-ups, which I’m sure is something you wouldn’t want on your conscience for the rest of your life.

Dear Seedlings,
I’m pleased to see more of you now, although you are all still very tiny. I look forward to the next few weeks to see you grow big and strong.

Dear Knees and Ankles,
Thank you for creating such a wonderful rhythm as you click alternatively when I walk up or down stairs, although if you insist on doing so, could I ask that you do it a little quieter, especially when there are other people around?

Dear Things To Do List,
I’m grateful for the fact that I have you, but could you try to be a little shorter when time is of the essence? When time is in abundance, you can be as long as you like (within reason, of course!)

Dear Blogland,
Another week has gone by without hardly any visits or comments from me. I must stop saying I will get around to it, when I obviously don’t. I’ve written a letter to my to-do-list, which I hope will improve the situation immensely, and I can get back into the blogging groove fully.

Dear Spicy Chicken, Hash Brown, Cheese and Mayonnaise Wrap,
You were delicious earlier this afternoon, and filled a space nicely. Thank you.

Dear Elaine,
I hope you don’t mind me ‘borrowing’ your Friday Letters format. I enjoyed writing these short letters to the Universe, and I hope that some (if not all!) reach their intended addressees.

And to finish… Dear All,
Try to spread light, smiles and laughter, no matter how your mood may be making you feel. It costs nothing, and you do get something back from it yourself. What a bargain!

Thank you for reading,

Here’s a photo of a penguin to finish. Just because:

A PEACOCK. I mean a peacock! Just to be sure.

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Things. Just things.

Or Trying to Make Sense of it all.

At Least Some of It.

Things I’ve observed

Two little sparrows hopping and flying and playing with each other over lawns and fences and rooftops. I’m sure they had cheery smiles on their beaks!

Two magpies walking on another lawn, one with its black feathers rather unkempt. They reminded me of the rhyme ‘One for sorrow, two for joy’. JOY! I then looked up and spotted a topiary heart that someone had decorated their front door with.

The traffic in the other lane almost always seemed to move faster, but not lately. Most odd. Most welcome! I’m now in the faster lane.

Two cats lying perfectly content at opposite ends on a very thin fence, facing each other. Both look very comfortable… but how?

Just noticed these are all in twos… two cats, two lanes, two magpies and two sparrows. And it’s the 2nd of May. Coincidence? I don’t think so – only one heart.

Things I’ve noticed

Australia is back! The WordPress app on the mobile phone appears to have updated its flags of the world, and Australia has finally reappeared. The flag had been replaced by a strange world-like symbol, and it was the only country for this to happen to. I first mentioned this in a post at the beginning of the year. SORTED!

Speaking of WordPress, the Gravatar images on my PC have been doing something funky over the past few days, but they seem to have been fixed now as well. WONDERFUL! Everyone is back to normal.

It must have gone bloomin’ cold in the night, for my car didn’t like it this morning. It was OK after a while though, but for about fifteen minutes I was driving as though I had square wheels! WARMED UP!

Apple and blackcurrant go really well together. Just saying!

Things I’ve dreamt

One of my recurring dreams recurred last night. I was at a beach resort (normally Blackpool but this time I was in Spain), it was night-time, and I walked out of the complex I was staying in onto the beach front. It was snowing, and the snow was being blown inland from the sea. The complex were broadcasting a message onto the snow in an array of colours, but I couldn’t make it out. I could see that a message was trying to come through, but it wasn’t clear enough. Louis Walsh from ITV’s X-Factor was also there for some reason, commenting on how remarkable it was. Most strange.

I walked back to the complex, but couldn’t get into my room. I’d gone to a different level (all levels were identical, only the staff were different, and the names of the sections of the levels although I didn’t know this at the time) It took me a while to get back to the correct room.

On my way back to the room, I thought I’d quickly run to a shop to pick up something to eat, but got there and realised I had no money. I went back to the complex, and cut through a living room, as you do in dreams, and sitting there were two presenters of UK TV’s lunchtime chat show ‘Loose Women’. One of them very sternly told me to stick to the protocol. That message was very clear.

Protocol? What protocol???

Things I’ve got to do

Need to make a dental appointment and begin a health kick. At least I’m still human and not something that has been programmed, if I can say that!

Still trying to get around to the blogs I follow… I’m doing far better than I was, but I must improve. If I was a machine, I’d probably be better at this, but I’m not!

In the same breath, I’m still trying to find enough time to even reply to the many comments left here. I WILL DO IT. I will! I’ll just have to set myself a protocol, it seems.

Things I’ve thought

I did say a while back, I was going to write a few silly posts. I’m still waiting for that to start.

I want to paint on stretched canvas. I need to find the time to paint on stretched canvas.

I want to get creative with air-drying clay. I refer myself to the previous paint – er – point.

I may have started with the silly posts.

Ah well. I may never make head nor tale of it. Just like life, I suppose. Just go with the flow and enjoy every moment… and every surprise along the way.