Beyond the Sphere

Whil ethec atsa way…

Heheeh! Tom’s still slepeing off his earyl nihgt, soi t’s up to me, Fnigers (To’ms InnerT ypist), to wrtie toady’s post. It’s scuh and honoru to be albe to do tihs at scuh shrot notice, but when nedes… Read More

Miss McRee’s Permanently Single

Permanently SINGLE DATING AGENCY Confidential memo to all staff Numbers are down, people. All the single people seem to be going somewhere else. We need them on our books. How can we make sure that they remain single… Read More


…ah… now where was I? Ah yes. Sorry about that little interlude! I’d just got back into the Catacombs from Egypt – now there’s something I never thought I’d say – and I started to make my way… Read More

Strange Voices on St Valentine’s Eve

Or Friday 13th, if you’re superstitious about such things. I was born on a 13th, so I’m OK with things like that. In the Mansion in my mind, Thomasina’s decking the halls and singing her current favourite song…. Read More

Roses and stuff

Roses are redAnd violets are blueSo Valentine’s here yet again.Time to write wordsFeaturing loved up lovebirdsOr commonly, a cock and a hen. I walk on cloud nineAs I wait for the timeWhen my lover and I get togetherBut… Read More