The Twenty-Five Hundred

The Date: Saturday 24th March 2018.

The Time: All Day. And Beyond…

You may or may not be aware that I am fast approaching my 2,500th post here on Beyond the Sphere. I think I’ve passed that figure with the posts on my other blogs, but this is my main one, so it feels right to be celebrating the milestone post here with a little party.

I’ve designed a trio of badges, should you feel in the mood to advertise the fact that you will be calling by on the day:

If you notice, there is no mention of my blog on these badges, so they can be used for any celebration for anything that reaches 2,500 in the future. See – green and recyclable! I’m always forward thinking, I am!

Now, what was I saying? Ah yes. The party.

On Saturday 24th March 2018 from 00:00 until 23:59 anywhere around the world UK time, my blog will become a platform for showcasing talents. All that you, my wonderful visitor, needs to do on the day is to find a blog post that inspired, moved, uplifted, energised, or motivated you in some way and post a link to it in the comments in the party post (so please not to this post, not to the one you are reading right now, NOT THIS ONE (!!!), as that would spoil the surprise!)

Also, you may have a favourite post of your own that you’d like to share. Then do it! In the comments of the party post.

Also, you may provide a free service through your blog / site and you’d like to highlight that… well – do that too! In the comments of the party post.

Maybe you’d like feedback on something you do from other bloggers who don’t yet follow you; post a link to what it is in the comments in the party post.

Perhaps you have something else you’d like to share… then again, use the comments in the party post to do that as well.

The party is a little blogging get together with the intention of creating even more connections.

And perhaps, just perhaps, there may be the opportunity to get to close to 2,500 comments on one blog post as well. I don’t know if that’s a record, but it will be for this blog, however we will have to wait and see about that on the day.

Please pass the invitation on, everyone is welcome. We’re a friendly bunch here at the Mansion. I look forward to seeing you on the day. If not before (but please remember to keep your party comments until the party post is posted on Saturday March 24th 2018… have I mentioned that already?)

Yet Another Milestone Reached!

The final stats-related milestone has now been reached, for the time being, as it stands.

I have now clocked up 25,000 visitors.

Now, I’m not exactly one-hundred per cent sure on the difference between a visitor and a view, but looking at these figures I’m told that each visitor on average has viewed something on my blog 6.1 times. They spent thirty-two minutes on average here, quite possibly forgetting to close their browser down when they left their computer / tablet / mobile phone / laptop / watch / 3D Visor / Smart TV / game console / microwave oven or whatever other piece of equipment they used to call by here*. However long they stayed, I’m still happy they called by! Hi, you one in (now over!) 25,000. I felt nervous addressing five-hundred people once, but what’s 25,000 here in Blogland?

Not that I’m stats orientated, no, not me.

My next target is to have had at least one visit from every single country in the world… whether I’ll achieve this or not remains to be seen, but looking at the World Map of All Time, I don’t really have that many countries left to visit:

* This figure is a complete estimate, and – actually it’s complete fiction. How many folk do you know who use their microwave to read the internet?

So, this is the latest Milestone Post, the previous ones being reaching 2,000 posts and then receiving 150,000 views.

Who knows? The next milestone will be when I have coloured in the entire world…

We shall see!

Ptom’s Logic

I was wandering around the Grinds earlier this afternoon when a rather strange thought struck me.

“What’s the square root of 152399025?” I thought as I looked into the Lake. The Plesiosaur dipped under the water as though it read my mind. I heard the Vampire Sheep baa and hiss behind me, and Sinister Bunny hopped over for some reason, before promptly hopping away again. I was expecting Olive the Peacock to wander up, but he was nowhere in sight. Splodge the Cat was sunbathing and didn’t have a care in the world as to what I thought about.

“Never mind those five animals. Well? What is it?” I thought.

Only, it wasn’t me thinking it. It was another of my Inner Aspects, the fourth one this week to make an appearance, but one I didn’t even know I had. It was my Inner Mathematician, Ptom. The P’s silent.

“I’m also an astronomer and astrologer, don’t you know?” Ptom thought I’d forgotten. I never actually knew, but at least now I feel I should have known and I’m glad I was reminded.

“Are you going to answer my question? Well, never mind, here’s another one. How many animals did I say?” My Inner Mathematician is a bit different from the norm… although, I don’t think I’ve met a real mathematician in my life so I couldn’t really compare. Anyway, I digress.

“Answer. Answer.”

“Erm…” I thought to myself.

“Five! It was five animals. The Ples.” I stopped Ptom from going through the list of the animals that I had literally just seen. I had a feeling that was what he was going to do, and being one of my Inner Beings we kind of share a few thoughts.

“Alright then. Ignoring the last five from the number I asked you the square root of, what is the total of all of the other numbers? Add them together up to the last five.” “Well?”

I/he hadn’t given me any chance to think. (Being honest, I was actually thinking of reaching for my mobile phone to use the calculator on it, so I did have a small chance to think… just not for the answer to the latest question. Flummoxed, I shouted “What is it then?” and I heard the Vampire Sheep bleat behind me and run away rather quickly.

“No need to be like that” Ptom thought sternly. “31.”

I thought “31 is the square root of 152399025?” (I surprised myself at how I’d remembered that number in the correct order!)

“You’re just being stupid.”

I was starting to dislike Ptom. Not liking a part of yourself isn’t a good thing, so I immediately dismissed the disliking idea and went with the flow.

“31 is the square root of 961.” Ptom was thinking that last part, not me. He went on to think “And the total of the numbers up to the last 5 is 31. And 31 is tomorrow’s date. The date of the Blue Moon. The Aquarian Blue Moon. And here you are at the water’s edge. And the square root of 152399025 is 12345, which is simply all of the early numbers up to five. And I asked you to add all of the numbers up to the last 5 to get 31. And 12345 added together is 15. This year. And 961 added together is 16, and when those are added together, 7. This month. Simple astrology, astronomy, and numerology at work.”

I didn’t know what to think. Splodge seemed to look at me and turn away in disgust, as if I should have known.

Anyway, Full Moons indicate conclusions and therefore new starts. Tomorrow’s is the second Full Moon to fall in July this year, so it’s a Blue Moon. And, as Ptom said, it’s the Aquarian Full Moon. Aquarius allows for the expansion of new vision and release, so adding everything together we have a good chance for great new beginnings. Here’s hoping. I’m sending a Cosmic Order through my Lunar Mailbox anyway.

Happy Full Moon on Friday. Feel the power! Feel Good!