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The Kaleidoscope Butterfly

Just another urban moth!

Is it me, or are things starting to get just a little bit surreal around here?

This is watercolour nineteen of nineteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth. I wonder what happened? I wonder where my inspiration went?  You see, sometimes I do wonder.

I’m aware that the new Bathroom is approaching. Next week in fact. Perhaps that has something to do with the rather strange reality we seem to be going through at the minute. Or maybe that’s just affecting me. It’s very odd.

That said, there may be watercolour free days coming up. You never know.

Will you be my Valentine?

Now that I have your attention, I shall reveal the proper name of this watercolour… ‘Gnarled Heart’. As if I’d be asking any such question. Valentine’s? Me? Pah!

With the flash…

Without the flash…

This is probably the wettest wet on wet yet, by virtue of the fact that I too was wet as I painted it. I’ll explain. I nipped to the supermarket in the midst of a torrential downpour minus a coat and brolly, and needless to say, some of those little delightful, gorgeous, refreshing raindrops managed to land on me! Of all the things!

As you can see, my heart wasn’t gnarled or dark when I painted this. It was changed to the point of no return, as I started out with the intention of painting a wet bunch of roses which just didn’t work out, so I spritzed the paper again, and then dabbed off the excess, and was then inspired, in a mild but sinister way, by what remained.

Sometimes, with watercolour, you have no idea where you are going to end up.

I think I quite like this little sinister twist. Hmmm… I wonder if more dark inspiration is on the way? Worry not, though – you know me… always focussed on the light!

This now makes eighteen of eighteen for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

Cantalina Whyte

“Paint me!”, she said.

“Paint ME!”, she demanded.

“PAINT ME NOW!!!”, I thought this chick’s intense. Actually, I didn’t, as I never use the word ‘chick’, but the meaning of my thoughts were the same.

“DO IT!” She wasn’t letting me off the hook. Who are you? I asked.

“Cantalina Whyte”, she said, as if I should have known.

Such was her fierce nature, I’ve completely lost track of how many watercolours I’ve done up until now for #WorldWatercolorMonth, I think this may be number 16. Over halfway through the month already. Time is certainly flying, isn’t it? Not like in Cantalina’s portrait, where it is always 4 o’clock.

White Stone Church

Well, some you can get away with, and some you can’t. I blame having to steal time, myself.

Today’s watercolour (for #WorldWatercolorMonth) is another based on a photograph found on the wibbly wobbly web. It’s an old white stone church (if the title of this post didn’t give you a clue!)

It is a deliberately unfinished watercolour because sometimes they tend to sell for more so I can return to it at a later date to add a few more details. The shadows seem a little too faint on the church, compared to the vivid green and blue of the foliage and sky, and the lawn surrounding the church seems a bit pale. Min you, lawns everywhere are in the same state thanks to this searing (yet glorious all the same!) Sunshine we are having. And the gravestones could do with a little more work also.

But never mind all that. Warts and all, as the say!

At least I managed to get a decent photo of the painting today… it’s just a bit unfortunate that my fan caused the watercolour paper to curl up slightly at the time of taking it. It is actually a perfect rectangle wouldn’t you know?!

I’m now on five out of five. No time for anything else, but hey ho! It’s all fun!

Now, how about visiting…

…or better yet, picking up a paintbrush and getting creative yourself

Misty Marina

No, she isn’t one of my Superheroes, this is the name of my latest watercolour, based on a random photograph spotted on th’internet.

I only used two colours with this one, black and a greeny-blue – there were also splashes of red and yellow in the photo, but I decided to leave them out. (And I really must learn the proper names to these colours. Time will help there, I’m sure!)

One of the above photos was taken with the flash on, the other wasn’t. I can’t for the life of me say which is which, but the second one seems a little crisper, so maybe it was that one with the flash.

They are both the same painting. And they are it is for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Four out of four now…