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Deep Red

Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Wasn’t pleasing, to hear her talk
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Was missing its celery stalk
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Angered her, it must be said
Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary
Caused her to see Deep Red


These vampyrs get angry at the slightest thing, don’t you know?

Feel GOOD!HalloweenRhymeWords

Tense Words


A thought springs to mind.

Not very kind.

Adds the thought, all cold and dark

It begins to bark

Says the voice, now strong and loud

Menacing and proud

That thought, it makes sense

Words reflect on all things tense

Not really, but what can I do?

Thoughts that are tangible… solid… true.

Of frustration. Of feelings. Of fear…

Or nightmares that are drawing near

SLEEP WELL? Is that all you can say?

Aaarrgghhh!!! Quickly! Bring on All Hallow’s Day!!!

ConfusionDirectionFeel GOOD!HalloweenWords

Wordle: Untamed


The route it takes,
A dearth of direction
Or possible destination
Light both light and bulky
With individual stems
Or fronds
Or strikes
No pretense of following the path
Erratic as though drugged
Jumping hither
Challenging the flow
Yet continuing to shock
With both its own mind and mindless
Teeming with energy and murderous rage
Yet natural
And untamed

ConfusionFeel GOOD!HalloweenMysteryWords

Wordle: Shadow Monster

It can. It does.
It knows. It must.
The creature on the fringe of shadow,
A swirl of darkness in a shaded place;
Sometimes in a room
Maybe at the side of the road
Perhaps in a lightning-charged storm
The list goes on, anywhere
The mystery creature that appears at will
And leaves to a sigh of relief
With spirits lifted once again;
The star of an internal power struggle
Between darkness and light.
It can know. It does.
It knows. It must.
Light always wins in the end.