Beyond the Sphere


Tendrils leap and reach and stretch and try to catch the Moon In dreams they lean, serene, unseen, and leave so soon Leaving the same old theme And tune and shadowy whispers And fragmented memories Real it seems… Read More

The Colours of Now

Over on World Metamorphosis, Visionkeeper has sent out a request for an artistic creation featuring just four colours (Fluorescent Green, Black Currant, Electric Orange and Moon Glow Yellow) which represent the times we live in; Moon Glow Yellow… Read More


(Or wolcen) The azure that surrounds us all; the allure of what is beyond above The heavens that fit our planet, as perfect as a glove


Stars like jewels fill the skies Creating shapes in constellations Like the clouds below them Creating pareidolia Or the people below them Creating dreams Only slightly more permanent. Each jewel a stepping stone Should the first step ever… Read More


Getting back to Debbie’s One Word Sunday, her theme this week is ‘Empty’. Usually, my takes on these themes are inspired (some may describe that as ‘rubbish’, however). This week, my take on the theme really is rubbish…. Read More