Beyond the Sphere

Inside the Black Hole

Nothing escapes Not even time Not even water Not even wine Surrounded by darkness Drawn in with the light: The sock that went missing In the washer last night Just where does the washing machine take those garments… Read More

So, is the hassle worth it?

The new Block Editor is what I’m referring to. I suppose once you’ve used it a couple of hundred times, it’s OK. But me, who only uses it to add a featured image it can be somewhat of… Read More

As it was…

As it was Is as it was back then And as it is now Isn’t as it was, It’s as it is, Yet, Back then, As it was was as it is In the moment And as it… Read More

Come, Fly with Me!

Even without a breeze, the currents are good once we get going. Gravity keeps us grounded, but once we become free of that gravitational pull we are free to go. Free to soar into the skies. The first… Read More

Moon and Stars

A quick colourful creation.

Back Again with Six Word Saturday

Last Saturday, I didn’t know it. I mean, I knew, but forgot. This week I’m determined to remember. Yes, it’s Six Word Saturday again. Nothing monumental, though, just six sentences. Carefully made up of six words. Although I… Read More

Ears to August!

WHITE RABBITS FOR AUGUST 2020! These mad August Rabbits are just hopping to welcome in a brand new month. Like them, here’s hopping for a good one!


Warning: this post may be slightly top-heavy. It’s One Word Sunday once again, and the theme this week is ‘Nosy’. So I thought I’d make a nosy post. A post full of noses.   As with life, some… Read More

Hair Update II

I could bear it no longer! Tripping over it when walking, whipping people in their faces over two metres away in the slightest breeze, having to get up at 3am to wash it so it would be dry… Read More

Keep the Light

Keep the light Keep the faith Keep the hope Keep the joy Keep laughing Singing Dancing Having fun Dark times are easing for some, yet raising for others, but by concentrating on the good, on the light, on… Read More

Hair Update!

That’s all I’m saying!

So, what was it?

Earlier today I posted a square photo which had been turned around three times. One, I suggested, was a snowy hillside; the second I hinted at it being a cliff edge; and the third I said was a… Read More