Beyond the Sphere

Beyond the Sphere

dreamy gaze looks on beyond the sphere of all things silently knowing

Universal Magic

The Universe listens. The Universe delivers. The Universe complies. We tap into that power with our thoughts and feelings. We draw everything from that Universal Magic whether we’re conscious of it or not. Most of the time we… Read More


There was a young man called Tom ‘Oo into the Galaxy had gone With guidebook in hand ‘E visited land after land Lifts hitched through the use of the thumb! Pendantry of Wibble set a little Hitchhiker’s Guide… Read More

Celestial Dreams: Solemn Hope

Solemn Hope Darkness surrounds Fear’s fallen shadow Silent screams Curdle inner turmoil Fermenting Tormenting Spiting the light But light Strikes through the darkness And no matter how dark Even the tiniest glimmer No matter how dark Shows the… Read More


Imagination stretches beyond the boundaries of all that is possible. The imagination is unlimited, but it is the mind that sets limits. How far out must we go to be able to tap into the freedom of the… Read More