Beyond the Sphere

The Water Tower

The rickety old water tower leans away from the Moon toward the Wild Rose Gateway, as the river flows ferociously passed. The gathered storm clouds are starting to move away, revealing the eerie brightness of the dark night… Read More

Rainbow’s Beginning

A digital oil dabbling of light being emitted from a drop of water. Or something like that. I just like playing with colour!

September White Rabbits

Not really, but Happy September! Hare(!) are some of the white rabbits that have hopped along this year since February.

Moon and Stars

A quick colourful creation.

Reverence Ep.8: Loaded Breakfast Part Two

“There’s nairt as sorborin’ as a clompin’ grairt paw smashin’ through a wall!” Gemevere managed to shout whilst dodging a couple of flying stones. “That’s more than a paw, my cousin!” Hempsty disagreed. “Verily that is a hefty… Read More

Ears to August!

WHITE RABBITS FOR AUGUST 2020! These mad August Rabbits are just hopping to welcome in a brand new month. Like them, here’s hopping for a good one!

Hair Update II

I could bear it no longer! Tripping over it when walking, whipping people in their faces over two metres away in the slightest breeze, having to get up at 3am to wash it so it would be dry… Read More

Hair Update!

That’s all I’m saying!

The Journey Commences

Half an hour and several more dropped slices of toast later, the Goddesses were ready to embark upon their journey. Diana, Athena, Aphrodite, Amunet and Hera walked through the arched window in the kitchen of the Lap of… Read More

Fallen Toast

Diana pondered as she ate her toast. She knew something was amiss, but couldn’t put her finger on it. Why would the others think I’m in the wrong place? she thought as she took another bite. I’ve always… Read More

Weekend Watercolours

Over the weekend, I bombarded Blogland with a selection of small paintings I had created using watercolour brush pens, topped with Pébéo paints. I didn’t publish all of them, there were a couple which were considerably different to… Read More

Reverence Ep.7: Loaded Breakfast

Æthelstan burped loudly. He’d been seated in the largest throne-like chair Ursulondix could find in the tavern, and at the head of the table. Hempsty had been seated at the opposite end of the table, and Gemevere and… Read More