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Two Thousand Five Hundred Posts Later

This is it! This is my post to mark the posting of two thousand five hundred posts here on this blog!

That figure is actually reached next week, but I felt a weekend party celebration would be a better idea.

To become one of the ‘Twenty-five Hundred’ is very simple indeed. In the comments, simply add a link to something you think others may find useful that you have found on someone else’s blog. Or, if you provide a service that you’d like mentioning, link to that as well. Chat amongst yourselves, have fun!

In my invitation post, I suggested that this post be a platform for showcasing talents. All you need to do, dear guest (apart from having a good ol’ nosey around the Mansion / blog) is provide a link in the comments. Or a comment. Or both, but leave something to show you’ve been here! Chat amongst yourselves. I’ll be along throughout the day to update this post with any links received, but why not visit any that are left directly through the comments. Perhaps:

You found a blog post that inspired, moved, uplifted, energised, or motivated you in some way


You may have a favourite post of your own that you’d like to share


You may provide a free service through your blog / site and you’d like to highlight that


You’d perhaps like feedback on something you do from other bloggers who don’t yet follow you


You’d like one of these nifty badges:

Then claim one when you leave a comment – it’s free! Just comment. Chat. Have fun!

A partytastic Six Word Saturday post!

The Twenty-Five Hundred

The Date: Saturday 24th March 2018.

The Time: All Day. And Beyond…

You may or may not be aware that I am fast approaching my 2,500th post here on Beyond the Sphere. I think I’ve passed that figure with the posts on my other blogs, but this is my main one, so it feels right to be celebrating the milestone post here with a little party.

I’ve designed a trio of badges, should you feel in the mood to advertise the fact that you will be calling by on the day:

If you notice, there is no mention of my blog on these badges, so they can be used for any celebration for anything that reaches 2,500 in the future. See – green and recyclable! I’m always forward thinking, I am!

Now, what was I saying? Ah yes. The party.

On Saturday 24th March 2018 from 00:00 until 23:59 anywhere around the world UK time, my blog will become a platform for showcasing talents. All that you, my wonderful visitor, needs to do on the day is to find a blog post that inspired, moved, uplifted, energised, or motivated you in some way and post a link to it in the comments in the party post (so please not to this post, not to the one you are reading right now, NOT THIS ONE (!!!), as that would spoil the surprise!)

Also, you may have a favourite post of your own that you’d like to share. Then do it! In the comments of the party post.

Also, you may provide a free service through your blog / site and you’d like to highlight that… well – do that too! In the comments of the party post.

Maybe you’d like feedback on something you do from other bloggers who don’t yet follow you; post a link to what it is in the comments in the party post.

Perhaps you have something else you’d like to share… then again, use the comments in the party post to do that as well.

The party is a little blogging get together with the intention of creating even more connections.

And perhaps, just perhaps, there may be the opportunity to get to close to 2,500 comments on one blog post as well. I don’t know if that’s a record, but it will be for this blog, however we will have to wait and see about that on the day.

Please pass the invitation on, everyone is welcome. We’re a friendly bunch here at the Mansion. I look forward to seeing you on the day. If not before (but please remember to keep your party comments until the party post is posted on Saturday March 24th 2018… have I mentioned that already?)

Feelin’ the Lurve

Rainbows and butterflies and shooting stars.
A warm glow and a touch of tenderness.
A deep blue and a dark velvety red.
Candlelight and soft music with a gentle breeze.

That’s how I’m feelin’. That’s what I’m seein’ in my mind’s eye.

(Well, there are some teeth together with sharp serrated fangs, but I’m leaving them to one side for the moment…)

Puppy dog eyes, and huge floppy paws.
Aromas of freshly baked bread.

Can you tell I’m feeling a little happy right now?

The lovely Cobs and a bunch of her Gal Pals have sent me a digital Valentine’s Card. Thank you ever so much, girls!

Normally, I wouldn’t ‘do’ such a thing, but just for once, I’ll accept it! I’ve temporarily suspended Vampyre’s Day for the duration of this post!

A Digital Valentine for Tom

The Cobweborium Emporium

Among the blogs that I follow, one of them,  Tom, of Beyond the Sphere, talks of Valentines day as Vampyres Day.  He doesn’t really like Valentines Day – as you might have guessed from the title he gives the day.

He recently said on his blog (and I quote):

The reason why I do these posts each year, every year, year after year, is because, well, to be honest, I prefer Hallowe’en to Valentine’s. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s. Never liked it in fact. Not because (sob) I’ve never been anyone’s Valentine, or (sniffle) nobody has ever been my Valentine, or (Bwaaaahoo boohoohoooooo boohoooooo) I’m a permanent singleton or anything (pull yourself together!), I just think it is a pointless celebration when everyday should be celebrated that way.

I commented on his post, saying:

“I’ll make you a Valentine Card, Tom… and it will be from…

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USA Today

Not a very imaginative title, I know, but I just wanted to send a quick ‘Hi!’ to all of my visitors from the United States, and wish you a Happy Independence Day. As I did for Canada’s 150th anniversary on Saturday, I wanted to create something special. I created (painted) a cake for Canada, so today I’m scattering stars for the States. It did start off as a cake, but none of the candles would fit, so it has ended up as something colorful ( <—see what I did there? Winking smile ) with stars and stripes.

From me, here, ‘across the pond’  in Britain, have a great day!