Epic Mythology

Ralto’s Descent

K’Sandra rested by the hearth
Watching the clouds through the window part
And fold and roll and burst with light
No need to foretell the storm tonight

She sipped the liquid from her favourite cup
A bolt of light made her sit up
A heavy knock rapped upon her door
As thunder clapped and shook the floor

Through dusty glass she could see outside
Was a man who once served by her side
Without a thought she let him in
Her welcome smothered by thunder’s din

Silhouetted by lightning’s glare
Features hidden except golden hair
Lord Ralto stood expressionless
“The Mount needs you” he simply stressed

Epic Mythology? I hear you ask. Yes! I reply. Epic Mythology. An epic tale, in rhyme, with multiple parts, characters, places, set in an unknown mythological realm where there are no rules and anything can happen. It comes… it goes… it’s back!

And it’s now included in my Storylines Menu, so all of the parts are together and building up as one!

Toward Everplain

Agents of Darkness III

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Mr and Mrs Sinster explored their new home.

A partition wall hid the staircase which led up from the kitchen on the opposite side of the open-plan ground floor to the fireplace wall. Mrs Sinster ascended the stairs first, with Mr Sinster climbing just behind. At the top of the stairs was a corridor with a door at either end and two other doors next to each other in the centre of the wall. Also at the top of the stairs was an arched window, which matched the larger arched window at the bottom.

“This must be the bathroom!” predicted Mrs Sinster outside of the first door, in anticipation. She pulled the door open and sighed. It wasn’t the bathroom, but a small rectangular room which held a dustsheet-covered sofa and a spiral staircase. A large window filled the wall opposite the door, and several rows of empty shelves were on the wall opposite the sofa. A small landing with another door appeared to hover at the top of the spiral stairs. “Let’s explore up there before moving on!” Mrs Sinster wanted to see everything at the same time as Mr Sinster. Luckily, Mr Sinster agreed with a nod of his head.

The door on the landing opened onto another large open-plan room. Mrs Sinster flicked on the light switch, which revealed the room had not been used for a while. Several sealed boxes were scattered around the empty room, which must have only been used previously as an attic. As Mrs Sinster observed the potential of this large space, Mr Sinster walked over to another door at the back of the room. He opened the door and switched on the light. Mrs Sinster’s footsteps echoed around the room as she ran to join her red-skinned colleague, and they both looked into the room together.

“You were right about the bathroom!” Mr Sinster smiled, as a large bathroom filled the space in front of them.

“Oooh, I like this…” Mrs Sinster pondered even more potential.

“Let’s go back down to the floor below, and check that out before making any decisions.” Mr Sinster suggested, knowing full well Mrs Sinster was about to claim this level for herself.
The room next to the rectangular one was quite large, although a section of the wall opposite the door was used up by the chimney from the fireplace below. Windows then filled the rest of this wall, and the wall that faced the front of the house.

“This is a nice sized room.” Mrs Sinster commented. Mr Sinster noticed an almost pleading look in her eyes.

The next room along was a lot smaller. A window filled the wall opposite the door, but that was the only feature in this room.

“This could be your study.” Mrs Sinster suggested. “Or a nice dressing room.” Mr Sinster smiled.

The final room on the corridor was yet another bathroom, revealed by the bright moonlight outside. Not as large as the bathroom above, and more rectangular, it had large windows on every wall apart from the one that housed the door. A glass wall and door filled one side of the room, beyond which was a shower room. A bath lay opposite the door, below the window, and on the third wall was a toilet and wash basin.

“Hmm…” Mrs Sinster pondered once again. “Not very private.” Through the windows they could both see the large garden behind the house, which was surrounded by trees. “But I think it will be very light and airy!” Mrs Sinster added quickly. She’d already made her mind up about wanting the attic rooms.

“Why don’t you have the floor above,” Mr Sinster suggested helpfully, “and I’ll have this floor, apart from the room with the spiral stairs.”

“Oh, if you insist then.” Mrs Sinster was quick to reply. “One more thing!” Mrs Sinster held her right index finger aloft. “Come on, we need to go back down to the fireplace, I’ve just had an idea.”

They both hurried to the fireplace, and Mrs Sinster lifted the envelope, shaking it gently. She waited.

And waited.

And waited.

“What are you doing?” Mr Sinster asked with a puzzled expression.

Mrs Sinster was about to reply when a stream of golden stars emerged from the envelope. Then, from a bright white light, Gabriel appeared once again.

“Sorry to bother you, Gabriel,” Mrs Sinster gushed, “but could you provide us with some lovely furniture, and decorate the place nicely, and give us some nice bathy stuff, and fresh clothes and linen and things. We’d very much appreciate it!” Her pleading eyes grew wide.

“I’m an angel, Mrs Sinster, not a genie.” Gabriel said in a stern yet soothing angelic tone. “But go on, then. It’s the least I can do as you will now be following my instructions and not those from HR.” Gabriel opened both his hands, palms facing upwards, and sent more golden stars swirling around the room. Mr and Mrs Sinster watched as the stars headed upstairs, leaving another bright white light behind them which faded, to be replaced by luxurious furnishings.

“Now that’s done, I really must go now. I will be in touch with you again soon, once you’ve settled in to your new home!” Gabriel dissolved into even more stars and then streamed back into the envelope.

“Bother!” Mrs Sinster said, sharply. Mr Sinster was taken aback. “He never gave us chance to thank him!” Mrs Sinster added.

“I’m sure there’ll be another time!” Mr Sinster said, looking at the envelope.

A ghostly ‘OoOoOoOoOoO!’ echoed around the room, followed by joyous laughter. Mr and Mrs Sinster looked at each other in silence for a moment, before saying “Soul!” in unison.

Superhero Shorts: The Cloud (ep.4)

Claudette Brice looked in despair at the computer monitor.

“No no no!” she said as she quickly hit a few keys on the keyboard. The monitor continued to display the words ‘signal lost’. The screen was split into two sections; the top one displaying nothing apart from the two words, and the bottom section had three red horizontal lines that should be green, indicating heartrate, temperature and blood pressure. “What have you done?”

She pushed herself along in her chair to the other computer on the arched desk she was working at, and looked at the monitor there. ‘Location currently unknown’ the monitor told her. With her computer mouse, she selected an option within a dropdown menu, ‘last recorded location’. The monitor displayed ‘Rear of Midway East High Street’ and a couple of coordinates. Claudette used the mouse again to click on the coordinates, which opened a smaller screen and the exact location of the coordinates was displayed. ‘Trusted Unified Bank.’. She then selected another section of the screen, which gave her access to the camera on Cloud’s motorbike. A very blurred grey image appeared on screen, but with a few keyboard clicks Claudette was able to view the infrared image clearly.

Most of the view was blocked by a wheelie bin, but she could make out Cloud’s boots. He appeared to be down on the ground, and standing over him, pointing some kind of weapon, was Finger Bones.

“No no no!” she repeated once again.

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A Long Long Time Ago Just Before A History Making Decision

“Husband, what are you working on at such a late hour?” Ellimayee pointed to the scroll filled with hieroglyphs.

“I’m going over the plans for the Great Spheres, my wife.” King Rabletop III explained. “As magnificent and grand as the prototype is, it took far too long to build, and we simply don’t have that time to build as many as are needed to make our mark in these lands.”

“I told you the globe was not such a great idea when you began. Please tell me, why have you changed your mind so suddenly now?” Ellimayee bit her lip so as not to smile.

“I had a vision. This afternoon.” Rabletop tapped the scroll before him. “Well, it was more of a shadow than a vision.” He looked up and pointed in front of him with both hands. He then opened his hands, and palms facing outwards spread them wide before him. “The Sun was setting beyond the Great Sphere.” Ellimayee and Rabletop both bowed their heads for a moment. “And as the Sun set” They bowed again. “The shadow didn’t impress me. It wasn’t angular enough. It needs to be more edgy.”

“Why not go for the pyramid, my husband? They are very angular, and would look very impressive before the setting Sun.” They both bowed.

“I’m not sure, my wife. I recently met Alan from a far land who was lost, and he mentioned pyramids. It would seem as copying if we had them also.”

“Nonsense, husband.” Ellimayee said sternly. “You are king. You have the final say.”

“He was king also,” Rabletop said with a sigh. “And also Son of the Sun.” They bowed again.

“But he isn’t from our lands. His pyramids will be different from ours.” Ellimayee was almost pleading with her husband.

“I’m thinking more of this shape,” Rabletop pointed to a glyph on the scroll. “A cube.”

“A cube?!” Ellimayee said in exasperation. “A CUBE??? That’s almost as flat sided as a sphere. A cube will certainly not look impressive on our land.”

“Maybe not one or two,” Rabletop smiled, “But many will. Some stacked on top of others. Placed in lines, pointing toward the Sun.” They both bowed again, and Rabletop gestured before him once more. “Ah yes. I’m now having a vision. These cubes will be our way forward.”

“Your milk’s getting warm.” Ellimayee tutted as she left Rabletop with his plans.