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Signals From Outer Space

“What do you mean they’ve heard us?!” Bellowed plutoCen Kr’Dorir as he shattered his lectern with another of his trademark single punches. Shards of the reinforced and unbreakable plastic/metal compound material shot in all directions around the Council Chambers, causing several of the delegates to dive for cover, and embedding themselves into the reinforced clothing worn by others, in readiness for such a situation. plutoCen Kr’Dorir was positively fizzing – and not in a good way.

Unfortunately, the new Ambassador of Makemake wasn’t properly attired, and a lengthy shard punctured the sleeve on her expensive and delicate tunic.

plutoCen Kr’Dorir simply glared and looked toward his media spokesman. “Sort that” he bellowed, thumbing in the ambassador’s direction, “and then come with me to the War Rooms so we can discuss this matter in private.”

“Me, plutoCen?” Rep Alno Stonerav’n stuttered, as he pulled second-in-command El-Smala to her feet.

“YOU???” the plutoCen was now very red in the face. “Of course not. I was referring to plutoTwo El-Smala. Why on Pluto would I want a media spokesman in a private meeting? You will get the twisted facts when we are ready, and not before.” He then promptly walked out of the chamber and through an old wooden door which led into the really old part of the Chambers.

El-Smala gushingly apologised to the ambassador, and left her in Rep Alno’s hands and promptly followed the plutoCen. Rep Alno looked at the ambassador with a gentle smile. “You know he’s a tad hot-tempered, don’t you?” He asked. The ambassador rolled her eyes and poked a finger through the hole in the sleeve with a sigh.

Through the heavy wooden door, the plutoCen’s voice could still be clearly heard, as though he was still in the room. The remaining delegates in the Chamber gathered quietly round the door, including Makemake’s ambassador.

“What do you mean they’ve spotted our drones? What are drones” followed by mumbled muffling.

“At their airports in their United Kingdom? Our surveillance spheres have been noticed?” More muffled words. “Grounded? Hahaha! That will teach them for interfering. Did they get our sphere?” Even more muffling. “Good! Try another of their countries, just to see how sophisticated the are.”

Another round of muffled words was followed by a very strong string of plutonian expletives, some which hadn’t been heard for several decades. The ambassador almost collapsed in shock, but Rep Alno still had hold of her. She gazed lovingly into his eyes, but the plutoCen’s voice carried once again through the wood and any thoughts of flirting quickly faded away.

“Keep up the interference with their voting options. Their Eurovision Song Contest is coming up, so we can influence their choices if we continue bombarding them with the radio signals.” Muffling. “WHAT??? THEY’VE DISCOVERED THEM TOO??? They think they’re from where?” Muffling. “Distant galaxies? GOOD. They won’t trace it to us then. Keep on.” More muffling. “ALIENS??? They think they could be coming from aliens??? How very dare they! We are not aliens.” More muffling. “Ah. Aliens from other galaxies. I see. Keep them thinking about that country they blame everything on. Keep them focussing on the negatives. Keep confusing them with this Brexit they continually go on and on and on about. Actually, send a sphere over one of their capital cities so that they see it. That will really churn up the thoughts.”

Suddenly, the Makemake ambassador sneezed very loudly, and as the gathered crowd glared at her, some gesturing her to be quiet, the wooden door flung open and the plutoCen stood looking at them all, his face as livid as usual. With nowhere for them to run to quickly, and knowing they had all be caught eavesdropping first hand, they each in turn sheepishly grimaced.

A voice bellowed out from the ambassador’s stomach.

“Ambassador Wamlam, please respond urgently. We have had a malfunction, and half of the plutoCen’s conversation has been broadcast all over the Solar System. Our agents around Earth have picked up the signal, but we don’t think the Earthlings have – or if they have they haven’t got them clearly. We can’t get too close as they are sending up their weather generator clouds again. Please respond as this is a matter of utmost urgency which necessitated breaking radio silence.”

“WHAT???!!!” the plutoCen’s scream went off the scale. He punched through the wooden door, sending shards of it across the chambers, and the gathered delegates once again diving for cover. Rep Alno hastily dragged the ambassador away and was ushering her to the exit, as she tried to pick wooden splinters out of her other sleeve. “This way, ambassador. I’ll get us away. I didn’t like this job anyway… my boss thought the stories I sent back were always ridiculous, biased and inaccurate. I mean to say, you heard it all here first and it still sounds unbelievable!”

Continuing the intermittent Pluto Rising story. You never know, there may even be a part four sometime in the future!



Never was my nose so bulbous

Dainty as a flower it sounds.
Though not in the elongated appendage from the head of an animal description
In dictionaries the definition abounds.
My hooter is now a proboscis.
Not dainty by any means.
The size of a house and as bright and shiny as the Moon
Or so it seems.
The mirror never lies
Although the truth may be somewhat hidden
Like my top lip beneath the snout what I am now ridden.
My conk has always been large
Round and regal some in the know would say
But lately it’s its own archipelago
Though not volcanic, I hope and pray.
My nose is now a beacon
Like Rudolph’s only better
Much larger, rounder, shinier and distinguished
And thankfully not much wetter.
My bulbous nose is there first,
The face arrives seconds later
But never in my %@#*& years
Has its presence been much greater.

Please note: this is a piece of nonsense writing and is in no way a reflection of yours truly whose nose remains unaffected, unchanged and most succinctly unbulbous in any manner of imagination, real or otherwise.

Well, that was 2018!

And just how quickly did that go? As the time flew by so quickly in 2018, here’s a quick recap of blog related facts and figures, interspersed with a few trips backwards and forth through time itself. You can’t say I don’t do research for this blog!

The top ten countries with the most visits to call by Beyond The Sphere in 2018 were (in no particular order)…

United Kingdom
United States of America
South Africa
New Zealand

From the top three, one country had 3699 visits, one had 3680 visits and one had 703 visits. Which country is which? I hear you wonder… well, you shall have to read on to find out!

Random facts…

To count from 1 to 3699, it would take roughly an hour. Try it and see!

3680 seconds is equal to one hour, one minute and twenty seconds.

In England, back in 703, nine different kingdoms were ruled by nine different kings, with two kings ruling one kingdom, and one king ruling two. Things were never easy back then…

Kingdom of Northumbria
King Ealdfrith (685–704/705)

The Britons

King Geraint (c.670–c.710)


Geraint of Dumnonia (c.700–c.710)

Kingdom of East Anglia

King Ealdwulf (663–c.713)

Kingdom of Essex

Co-King Sigeheard (694–709)
Co-King Swæfred (694–709)

Kingdom of Kent

King Wihtred (c.693–725)


King Æthelred I (675–704)

Kingdom of Sussex

King Noðhelm (692–717)

Kingdom of Wessex

King Ine (688–726)

As years go, 2018 was rather quiet compared to previous years. The busiest month for visitors here was February.

Random fact…

In Welsh, February is ‘y mis bach’, which translates to Little Month.

The top six commenters during 2018 were (once again in no particular order):

Prenin, Beverly (BCParkison) Diane Henders, Visionkeeper, Sue Dreamwalker and Raili (from SoulGifts). So, that is the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia represented – but do these countries appear in the top three visits list above? Hehehe! Keep reading!

I posted 309 times (310 including this post), and those 309 posts held 71,261 words. I’d actually typed many many more words, but with my atrocious typing (and hindrance from Fingers, my Inner Typist) I’ve gotten through eight backspace keys.

Random Fact…

The first film on page 309 of the 1988 book by Leonard Maltin, ‘TV Movies and Video Guide’, is ‘Fathom’… a 1967 fast-paced tongue-in-cheek spy caper starring Raquel Welch. I’ve never seen it.

I’ve been liked, well, I say ‘I’ but I mean my posts, a total of 3,473 times during 2018. I’ve been viewed (and I refer you to my previous comment!) 177,611 times. I’m grateful for each one.

Random Facts…

The year 3473 begins on a Wednesday. The calculator didn’t go up to 177611, but I have a feeling that year begins on a Wednesday as well.

Feel GOOD! was my most used category during 2018. I use Feel GOOD! for anything, as I think no matter what Feeling Good is always the basis for the next best thing… even if my posts weren’t quite as good as they could have been, there is always the chance the next one will make up for it. Or maybe not, but whatever.

And that’s it for 2018. I shall see you again in 2019, so Happy New Year! to one and all.

Oh, I did promise. The countries with the highest visits were… ah well, just have a look at the map. Stats are fun, but they aren’t everything, are they?

Christmas Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,
Merry Christmas to the part of you that celebrates it, and Happy Days! to all. You may have noticed that this week’s Letters To The Universe is slightly different than usual.

It is a Christmas Special, and I am addressing it directly to you.

The times we are currently living in are rather funny to say the least. Interesting, possibly, for future historians who would like to look back to see how we primitives lived through the onset of technological advancement. I wonder how these future historians would view us?

Will they see how great we can be / could have been / are? Or will they see the divisions between us all which seem to be promoted wherever we look.

Will they see our triumphs and achievements? I hope so, because I can’t seem to see any today that I can write about here. There probably are some, there must be, and this is in no way meant to detract their greatness, but news of them is buried beneath petty political squabbles and frustrating political correctness, scandals, and propaganda that shouldn’t really exist in a modern and civilised society.

Perhaps future historians will see us from today as barbarians, but Universe, I’m writing today to advise that we are most certainly not. Not on the whole, anyway. We are filled with greatness and compassion and adventure and excitement and wonder and awe. We are somewhat confused and conflicted, I’ll give you that, and some of us do have ideologies where their way is the only way, but our historians have seen people like that from our past.

Perhaps in this coming year, we will see a change and move forward in leaps and bounds. We will free ourselves from our backward thinking mindsets and wake up to see us and our world for the greatness it actually is.

One thing I would like to say, Universe, is that through all of the rubbish that we put ourselves through, we are still here, and we still keep on keeping on. Jealousies, passions, crackpot ideas, and other stuff aside we are doing it… and generally doing it well.

Christmastime is the time to show goodwill to all men… or so we are told, but I believe we should aim to be showing goodwill to all men all of the time. Due to reasons mentioned earlier in this letter, sometimes that show of goodwill is more than a little challenging, but it also isn’t a pipe dream.

I know I spend quite a lot of my time away with the faeries, riding unicorns in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and return to find myself in a dark reality that shouldn’t really be here, but I try to seek out the Light and shine a positive glow wherever I can. A lot of other people I know do the same, and hopefully this Light will stand out in the future, so future historians will see that through our dark flaws we still have an inner Light that saw us through.

Thank you for reading, Universe, and once again Merry Christmas!

P.S. I always end with a P.S., so I don’t think there should be any difference for this special Christmas Letter To The Universe Christmas Special. I’d like to end with a simple quote or two or three or four…

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Oscar Wilde.

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.

Og Mandino.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

Marilyn Monroe.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.


P.P.S Dear Universe, I have embedded a wish within this Letter, obviously for the Greatness of All. May we all share in the Light and show our future historians just how fabulous we really are.