Beyond the Sphere

Yet Another Milestone Reached!

The final stats-related milestone has now been reached, for the time being, as it stands. I have now clocked up 25,000 visitors. Now, I’m not exactly one-hundred per cent sure on the difference between a visitor and a… Read More

Ptom’s Logic

I was wandering around the Grinds earlier this afternoon when a rather strange thought struck me. “What’s the square root of 152399025?” I thought as I looked into the Lake. The Plesiosaur dipped under the water as though… Read More

All Fours

I’m drawn to the number four.In fact, I’m in aweOf four. It’s like this, you see;I’m also fond of the letter D…Coincidentally. This week I’m sharing secrets like nobody’s business! Sherri challenged me to do it!

Level Two

I’ve made it to Level Two! I started this blog in May 2010: Just to see how long I could keep it going for Just to see if anyone would call by to read Just to see if… Read More

Three Days Later

Or two days, depending on how you look at it. I’m still having problems getting on to WordPress, but apart from mentioning the fact that there’s a sticky on the Support Forum I’m not going there. Things will… Read More