The Unfinished Voyage

Deliberately left unfinished!

Day by day the Sun rises
The hours pass
The winds blow
The rains fall
People come and people go
Life goes on much the same
Not much happens
Hardly any change
Then we reach the crossroads
Or the waters become choppy
Or the air becomes turbulent
The journey ahead looks different
We choose a path
And go
Forwards ever forwards
Through storms
Through snow
Onwards ever onwards


Debbie’s one-word theme for this week is ‘Caring’, and once again I was struggling to find a suitable photograph to fit the theme – although that all changed on Friday, on my walk, when I spotted this pair of water birds caring for their young.

About the images:

Taken on May 7th 2017 by the Lake, using a Galaxy Note mobile phone. The little ones refused to keep still.

Wordle: Complex Living

From swirling clouds of dust and gas
Pulled together to form a mass
Hotter and hotter this gas becomes
Until nuclear reactions have begun
Releasing energy as it grows
Yet held together by gravity’s hold
Light and heat from the birth of a star
Seen across the galaxy both near and far
This star now gathers gas and dust
And forms planets into which its orbit thrust
Each planet touched daily by its own sun’s warmth
Creating winds and rains and fantastic storms
Heavy rains that churn the earth
Mixing elements for what they’re worth
And life appears if it can manage
Being on a planet with an advantage
Of the Goldilocks Zone, neither too hot nor cold
Each life with a heart and home to a soul
With dreams to reach and joy to give
And a fantastic opportunity just to live
A burden for some who have trouble to cope
Yet where there’s struggle, there’s also hope
Day after day, year after year
There’s a lot that goes into just being here

Out and About, Around the Grinds


I’ve been walking around the Grinds, armed with my mobilius phoneous and decided to take a few photos as we begin our journey into Autumn proper.


This chap seemed to want to come along on the walk with me, part of the way, anyway. Well, I walked, he flew. Fluttered. He’s a comma, and is quite common apparently, although he is the first one of his species I have ever seen. Gorgeous Autumn colours.


Next stop, the Lake. Tufty, the tufted duck, was there, posing for his photograph as usual. Some of his other duck friends hurried in to be photographed as well. Here’s a closer view of Tufty:


Further around, I found this duck ducking. Up and down beneath the water’s surface he went, popping up for air, and then going back down once more, almost tipping over onto his back. Very comical to watch, but he knew what he was doing.


Two of his friends watched his antics from the bank. They didn’t look too amused, but sometimes you can’t tell with ducks, can you?


And finally, proof, if it was needed, that Autumn is here. Still a lot of green about, but we are also being treated to golds, and reds, and browns, and yellows, and oranges.


And after that little jaunt, we are now back once again, for a nice little rest. Happy Autumn!