Beyond the Sphere

The Unfinished Voyage

Deliberately left unfinished! Day by day the Sun rises The hours pass The winds blow The rains fall People come and people go Life goes on much the same Not much happens Hardly any change Then we reach… Read More


Debbie’s one-word theme for this week is ‘Caring’, and once again I was struggling to find a suitable photograph to fit the theme – although that all changed on Friday, on my walk, when I spotted this pair… Read More

Wordle: Complex Living

From swirling clouds of dust and gas Pulled together to form a mass Hotter and hotter this gas becomes Until nuclear reactions have begun Releasing energy as it grows Yet held together by gravity’s hold Light and heat… Read More

Out and About, Around the Grinds

I’ve been walking around the Grinds, armed with my mobilius phoneous and decided to take a few photos as we begin our journey into Autumn proper. This chap seemed to want to come along on the walk with… Read More

Serenity’s here.

Serenity’s here. Through the breeze, within the rain. Enhanced by Moonlight. Carried on the waves or by a whispered melody. It’s all around us and totally within us. We just need to be open to it.

Reflecting on a life now departed

Farewell Simba, enjoy your new journey It’s a sad Six Word Saturday today, I’m sorry to say. Yesterday, Simba left our mortal coil and headed off to pastures new. To some, she’s just a cat. To others, she’s… Read More

The Little One

I was meandering around The Grinds yesterday, when from under the Rockery this chap or chappess appeared. Eager to be photographed (he or she must have known I carried my mobile phone with me!) the cute little critter… Read More

Always in my thoughts

Wordle: Getting There!

Block the mass coercion Broadcast daily on the news Ignore the rants And break out of the trance To let your energies flow And your true self show Map out your future Pave your very own road ~Chant… Read More

The Lake. Today.

This post is photo heavy. I seem to be doing that a lot lately! I went for a stroll around the Lake today. Calm and peaceful in every way. Lone little water fowl swam gently by. The waters… Read More

One man’s art is another man’s garbage

I’m channelling another of my Inner Beings. A-Hmmmmm. Brrr Brrr. A-Hmmmmm. Brrr Brrr. A-Hmmmmm Brrr Brrr… Hello. Inner Being are you there? (He’s nodding in agreement. It’s going to be one of those channellings!) Could you please advise… Read More

One Minute Ramble*: Road Signs

I’m confused. It’s the road signs, you see. I’m not referring to the physical signs such as Stop! or 30 or Give Way or the like, the ‘normal’ road signs; I’m instead referring to the other type of… Read More