October 2018

Just a quick catch up post, and a breather from Hallowe’en, in a roundabout way.

I’m still busy away from Blogland right now, but I am managing to get a few more posts posted, a few more blogs visited, and a few more comments and/or replies made. I’m still not at the level I used to be at, but I’m getting there.

At least I’m doing what I’m doing, and I’m doing what I can do, no more, no less. Which shows balance is there. I’m not over-blogging, or under-doing anything else, so it’s all good. Besides, variety is the spice of life, apparently.

Now that the Bathroom is completed, my next big job is my mouth. Yes, I’m having work done to / on / under my teeth, so it’s all good. At least I did it this way around, and didn’t have the teeth removed and then the Bathroom fitted. Hehe! The old ones are still great, even now! Jokes, not teeth. Erm, I digress.

With all of this away-from-Blogland stuff going on, I’m also putting the finishing touches onto this year’s Hallowe’en Spectacular. As usual, I shall be posting a multi-parter, starting this year at 6PM UK time. Unfortunately, the times for the later posts have to be a little haphazard to fit them all in by midnight, as there are twenty-two parts. Twenty-two!!!  There has to be so many parts to fit the whole story in, which features the superheroes from the Elite Force of Britain, and several new characters. Well, I do like a challenge for the night of Hallowe’en.

Don’t forget, if you hear some odd wails and blood-curdling howls over the next few weeks, it may not be as sinister as it first sounds… it may merely be me having something drilled into a tooth or two. Mwahahaha.

If I don’t get to comment before, although I really think I should be able to do so, I will wish you all a Happy Halloween here and now. Then, I can do it all over again nearer the night.

All Year Horror

Hello my darlings,
How are you?
I have a message; maybe two
Listen carefully to what I say…
When I call and your telephone rings
Let me speak, let me sing,
Hear my voice and then allow me
Access to your own PC
There’s a problem on the line that I must fix,
This is no scam, I have no tricks.
You must provide me with your password and pin
You know, just so that I can get in
To check your accounts are all fine, above board
We don’t want to disconnect your internet, I’m sure.
It’s to check it’s all OK and, oh yes,
I have a parcel for you today
We can deliver it tomorrow if you’re in
Please confirm your address again
Hello? Are you there,
My name is Pam
I know I sound just like a man
But no, its your line you see…
I’m from your phone company, you can trust me

Not all scammers are foul-mouthed and rude individuals, although most are if their call doesn’t go their way. They are nowadays trying other tricks to gain access to homes, computers, money… anything they can get their hands on, really.

Be very careful and alert when answering calls from numbers you don’t know – landline, mobile, out of area, international or withheld. They will try anything. Even under threat of massive fines, they are still at it. If anything sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is – do not be conned. Do not fall victim to this diabolical and evil section of society who will most certainly burn in hell for their actions.


Normal, light-hearted Hallowe’en posts will resume shortly, I just wanted to attempt to bring home a modern day horror story that occurs day in day out all year long. Reminders are always useful, I find.


It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Lookout’. Earlier this year I took a few photos looking out over one of the lakes around here, so thought one of these would be ideal for the theme. And in this photo, I managed to capture a passing dragonfly. Not an easy thing to do with the camera on a mobile phone, but I managed it. I’d like to say it was intentional, but I’d caught the ‘burst-shot’ setting on the camera, and ended up with about fifty photos of the same scene, all slightly different from the other. I will also have to look out that I don’t do that again, but then again, sometimes the results are special.

To participate in One Word Sunday, pop on over to Debbie’s site, where you will also be able to see other interpretations of the theme.

Busy Busy Bee!

Out in the Grinds, checking on the Seedlings, I find they are doing their thing and attracting bees to them, which is always a good thing. This little chap hovered from flower to flower paying absolutely no notice of me whatsoever.

And then, suddenly, he was gone.