Beyond the Sphere

The S Bend

Queuing at a distance Snaking round the line Social distance measured Slowly passes time Up and down the aisles Checking list page one and two Trolley overloaded Luckily there’s no queue Items separated Shop A shop B shop… Read More

Guess What…?!

I’m taking another blogging break. I know I haven’t really returned from the last one fully yet, but there is a different reason for this break. I have only gone and developed Bell’s palsy, and the whole right… Read More

October 2018

Just a quick catch up post, and a breather from Hallowe’en, in a roundabout way. I’m still busy away from Blogland right now, but I am managing to get a few more posts posted, a few more blogs… Read More

All Year Horror

Hello my darlings, How are you? I have a message; maybe two Listen carefully to what I say… When I call and your telephone rings Let me speak, let me sing, Hear my voice and then allow me… Read More


It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Lookout’. Earlier this year I took a few photos looking out over one of the lakes around here, so thought one of these would be ideal… Read More

Busy Busy Bee!

Out in the Grinds, checking on the Seedlings, I find they are doing their thing and attracting bees to them, which is always a good thing. This little chap hovered from flower to flower paying absolutely no notice… Read More

Six Simple Words To Focus On

Peace. Harmony. Happiness. Joy. Forgiveness. Gratitude. A true Six Word Saturday post from me, for a change! With a photo of one of my Seedlings, to boot!

Letters to the Universe… The New Theme Edition!

Dear Blogland, Apologies are in order if you have seen any temporary posts appear and then disappear from little ol’ me… especially after me not posting anything for a few weeks; one knows how that feeling of dashed… Read More

A New Tomorrow ‘A New Tomorrow’ by A Friend In London. Just imagine, eh?


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of ‘Comfort’ (which is Debbie’s one-word photography theme for this week!) is me snuggled up in bed, wrapped inside my gigantic duvet. Now, I don’t have any photos… Read More


There shuddawuddacudda (have) been a post here had things gone according to the plan. But they didn’t. So there isn’t. Instead, today’s post has been brought to you in the form of a random photograph of a chair…. Read More

Doing It in the Fast Lane

In a blink I think I miss a link Or two, or even a few… At times I’m behind My imaginary line With lots to do And even time for a brew or two But then Again I… Read More