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The Tree at the Edge of Elsewhere

Right at the edge of Elsewhere sits a quaint and magical forest. Full of old trees, echoes of legends whisper through the leaves as the gentle breeze makes its way to the centre of the forest. Knowledge comes flooding in. Sense of purpose. Hope. Dreams. Wisdom. Realisation.

Elsewhere is forever changing. It adapts to suit the mood of the observer. It creates shadows if shadows are needed. Stories too, if required. Look beyond the final tree at Legends Point and a whole new world opens up ahead, within arm’s reach. Almost within grabbing distance.

That new world is there to be grabbed. Well, to be made. Elsewhere provides the inspiration, the enthusiasm, the spark and the flicker of light to set things in motion. The idea for the way forward.

The final tree is known locally as the Elsew Tree.

Those same locals know that taking the tree out of the equation, leaves only here behind.

Here is now.

And Now is where all of those dreams of Elsewhere really begin.

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Letters to the Universe… The Reflections Edition!

Dear Car Breakdown Recovery Man,
I must apologise for having to get you out so early this morning, but it was necessary as my car just stopped completely as I set off at what is usually an extremely busy road junction. Luckily it was quiet, and nobody saw me huffing and puffing manoeuvring the car backwards and forwards, as I shoved and pulled and steered to get it off the main road, and safely parked by the side of the kerb, facing the correct way, on a side road. I must apologise once more for you going to the wrong road… although how would I be expected to know there were two roads with the same name in the town? Thank you for getting things sorted for me quickly.

Dear Weather,
Thank you for not being so absolutely scorching hot as I sat waiting for the car breakdown recovery man to arrive – although I must add it was fun performing all of those pushing and pulling manoeuvres in torrential rain. Thinking about it now, it, and I, would have been far worse in searing heat.

Dear Blogland,
I can now advise you that silly week is over. Another version of it may be back soon with further posts of utter randomness for you to reflect upon and ponder. I now have the task, however, to ponder upon my next blog posts… sensible almost sensible ones, that is.

Dear Mind,
Have you recognised yet that what you see is yourself reflected back upon you? The people you meet… the things you read… the events of the day are all there to make you look more closely at yourself. What needs changing. What no longer serves a purpose. The clues are there.

Dear Photography,
I am pleased to have discovered the term for when I take a photo and I sometimes see orbs of light contained within the image – backscatter. A flash of light reflected back from dust or mist to a digital camera. I must say, however, that this phenomenon cannot account for all orb photographs, as I am a firm believer that orbs also indicate the presence of spiritual activity as well. That is how I feel, I must add – there are many sceptics who would vehemently disagree.

Dear The Power Of Threefold Return,
I always bear your law, and that of your equivalent Power of Tenfold Return, in mind with my serious thoughts and writing. I must admit that my spur of the moment thoughts and actions tend to be done in a ‘red mist’ situation, where no rational thought takes place, and I just act. I hope you understand that when I kick the chair after stubbing my toe on it, I shouldn’t receive three (or ten!) kicks back for doing so. That said – you are the powers of the Universe, and I have no right to question you. (I’m really writing this to myself, rather than you, to remind myself what a powerful law you are, and hopefully my spur of the moment actions will begin to decrease… not that there are that many, as you know…)

Dear Fun,
I miss you! When will you return? Don’t pull that face at me! I can see you. Hehehe! I see you’re back. Fun? Fun??

Dear Legs,
Don’t worry. You can rest this weekend. After all the hefty shoving I subjected you to earlier today, it’s no wonder you’re throbbing with vigour. If you weren’t throbbing so much, I’d tap my feet to your rhythm! Ooh, a paradox to reflect on there. I love a good paradox!

Dear Watercolour Paints,
Don’t sit there looking all forlorn at me. I can see you. Yes, I know you want to be used, and you will be once again very soon. And so will you, acrylics. I have some little square canvases to use you on… and some big ones too, but it’s always best to start small. The next letter may give a clue as to when I may start painting again.

Dear Commenters And Visitors,
Once again I apologise. It’s taking me an age to get around to visit and reply. I’d like to say this is due to circumstances beyond my control, but in reality, that’s poppycock. Utter balderdash. I just need to reorganise a few things, get myself better organised, and set myself up a nicer blogging routine. I enjoy blogging, and nothing is going to get in my way to make that change. Nothing. Not even time constraints. Reflect on that, time!

And to finish… Dear All,
It’s always a good thing to consider your actions after you’ve done them, or even as you’re doing them if you can. Every action has a reaction, every effect causes a ripple, every vibe causes other vibes to reflect off them, and multiply, diminish or change. The simplest word said in the wrong context could have far reaching consequences, and affect the listener in unintended ways. Even the word said in the right context can have similar far reaching consequences, but in different ways… don’t overanalyse, but be considerate. Reflect on yourself and see yourself reflected back.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s a reflection to reflect upon, just because:

Well, I have been posting a lot of photos of the sky recently, so one more won’t hurt!


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Time For A Couple Of Reveals

Well, it is Saturday after all. And Six Word Saturday at that.

Not that that is the reason.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

My next painting for #WorldWatercolorMonth is…

The First Wallow

That’s right! My ninth painting in my series of nine versions of ATCs/ACEOs is a baby hippo! It’s the next day on our safari now. Or it’s the morning of the first day, I forget. We lose track of time around here. The baby hippo is the first to get into the muddy lake for a good old wallow before anybody else.

Hippopotamus babies are so cute it’s untrue. They are tiny, compared to their parents, and they are like little round balls with four legs. Well, the ones I saw were!

Moving on, time for…

The Second Reveal

My #WorldWatercolorMonth poortrait.

Did you have the slightest inkling as to who it was? I’ll post a quick reminder first:

And then I’ll post a quick recap of the clues I gave. I’m dragging this out a bit, I know. I love it! Hehehe!

One of the biggest clues should be the fact that I’ve been mentioning time a lot of late. It was a clue, but I’m always mentioning time, so it wouldn’t really have stood out.

The first clue, and the subsequent clues, and the time clue thinking about it, would all point you to the character this person is playing. Will play. Has played for years. (I’m still giving clues now, although I don’t really need to!) The first clue was An Old Clock In An Empty Room, which I thought was a giveaway. Mind you, I would, as I knew the identity to start off with.

I’ll quickly explain. A clock in an empty room. A blue clock at that. Time. And space. More later.

The next clue came in Wise Old Oswald And Friends. Here, not very subtly, the names were the clue. Names linked to the character, Oswald, Clara, and Ace. Companions. Other clues were scattered throughout this post as well, which I’ll mention in a minute.

Tiggan provided the next clue, still linked by name. Rather, pronunciation… and spelling…

Tiggan also posed the question as to who would be the ninth animal. I was playing with concepts here.

Clues were scattered throughout my latest Letters To The Universe post. A big one in the phrase ‘reverse the polarity’, which I also used in the Wise Old Oswald post. The Letters post also asked if I posted a clue last year. Which I did, and I didn’t. I posted it this year, to slot into last year’s time stream, if you can believe that. Did you see what I did there? Time travel. This link will take you to that post, but, if you haven’t got the identity of the character so far, this will either give the game away or confuse you totally. I realise not everyone may even know the character.

Finally, the original poortrait post held the biggest clue. Read Who Is This? as a statement rather than a question, and you have your answer.

Of course the poortrait was of Jodie Whittaker. The actress who will portray the new Doctor Who from next year. The first woman to play the part. I’m looking forward to the new series, I think it is an excellent choice, and things are most certainly going to be different. I can see big things happening for the character and I can’t wait!

And, I have some correct guesses as well! Woohoo!

Well Done and Congratulations go to…

(These all link to the latest post on the respective blogs, by the way)

Elaine of I Used To Be Indecisive…

Becky of It Caught My Eye In Portugal


Cobs of The Cobweborium Emporium

Debbie of Travel With Intent (Debbie also hosts Six Word Saturday, and this links to her latest SWS post)

With thanks to all of the other bloggers and visitors who took part, but didn’t quite name the poortrait correctly.

Just to finish, now that we’ve had the reveal, I can reveal what the above clues were revealing. Oswald, Clara, Ace and Tiggan represented three companions of the Doctor. Travellers who escort him/her on his/her many adventures. Clara Oswald, Ace and Tegan were their correct names. The clock in the the room: time and relative dimension in space; represented the TARDIS, the fabulous space/timeship that the Doctor uses to get about. It’s broken and stuck in the form of an old police phone box.

And really just to finish, the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links on this theme that appear at the end of my posts also help with the clues. ‘Previous’ takes you forward and ‘next’ takes you back. If I can get my head around that,

Convoluted Space and Time Travel’s Easy.

For Six Word Saturday and

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Letters to the Universe… The Questions Edition!

Dear Tom,
Why was last week’s Letters post a version and not an edition? Is it because it was condensed? Or was it because it was a different version entirely? A different incarnation, so to speak. I’m also wondering… could this possibly be a clue?

Dear Blogland,
Apologies for last week’s EDITION being rather shorter than usual, but that was due to a lack of time. There’s slightly more of it this week, time that is, so this post is more like the previous editions.

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being so changeable this week. On one of the days, I had to go out dressed for Winter, strip suddenly to dry off as the Summer suddenly made an excruciatingly hot appearance, and then we had a burst of Spring showers, which meant I had to get dry once again, being caught in your torrential downpour. I don’t mind weather, I really don’t. I don’t mind extreme weather, but changing to extremes like this is a little too much, don’t you think? Maybe you should reverse your polarity flow or something. Could you please try to stick to one season per day in future? Thank you.

Dear Folk Affected By The Adverse Weather Conditions,
I make light of the weather conditions as it is the best way I can handle it, but I know some are affected more seriously by the weather, and my thoughts are with you.

Dear Internet Archive,
I look forward to browsing your library. I’ve had a quick look and can see that you have many different categories to search – the text from old books is particularly of interest to me. I’ve had a look at your Wayback Machine,  just to see if you had any copies of my blog from when I first started in 2010… I was disappointed to see that you hadn’t, but it was fun to see the site from 2016. Also, I have to mention a similar site I enjoy visiting from time to time, should I need to look up anything mythological or from folklore… The Internet Sacred Texts Archive. A vast realm of information, and therefore answers to some of my many questions, at my fingertips. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear World Watercolour Month,
You’re certainly whizzing by, aren’t you? Only ten more days to go, and then it’s over for another year. And what fun you are as well!

Dear Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch,
How is it that I have heard of you for what seems like forever, live extremely close to you, yet have never, ever visited you? Not even to take a quick photo of your town sign. I must set about putting this right. (And see if I can fit your whole sign onto my mobile camera’s screen!)

Dear Ae,
I know that I have never heard of you before, and don’t live as close to you as I do Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, but I feel compelled now to visit you also. From one extreme to the other… good photos to have side by side.

Dear Weekend,
Not long until you are here again. I have a question for you: will you pass by a little more slowly this week, last week I could see that you were trying, but in the end you were over pretty much soon after you began. Or so it seemed. Mind you, they do say time is relative, so maybe I should do something to slow you down, rather than me expecting you just to do it. I shall have to think about that one.

Dear Blogland,
How are your guesses coming along for my recent poortrait? I’ve been scattering clues for what seems like years now, hither and thither. I shall be checking in on all of your replies just before I post the reveal post. I wonder if any of you have got it right this time? Time will tell…

And to finish… Dear All,
Don’t be like me and worry over things such as time. What’s the point, really? It passes regardless of what we do… even when we’re bored and wished it would speed up, it is still the same time, passing at the same time. Just live in the moment, and enjoy it. I was going to say every second of it, but I’ll refrain. Just enjoy the NOW, and allow time to do its own thing. Night follows day regardless of whether we are stressed out to the max, or as chilled as a… as chilled as a what? We can’t have a questions edition without ending on a question now, can we???

Thank you for reading!

P.S.: Here’s a quick photo of this year’s #WorldWatercolorMonth poortrait:

Well, just because it is easier seeing it here than it is clicking back to the original post. However, clicking here will take you there, should you feel the need. Do you know who it is? Time is running out for this particular question…

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We’re back on safari, but shush… it’s the dead of night, and all of our baby animals are now fast asleep.

Did you hear a growl? I heard a growl.

Ah, not to worry! It’s Tiggan, the little tiger cub. She spends most of the day sleeping, so doesn’t mind us being here. Well, I think she doesn’t. You can’t tell with wild, ferocious animals, can you?

Tiggan’s name, by the way, isn’t pronounced ‘tigg-ann’ as you’d think, it’s the more elegant ‘tea-gann’. Best thought I’d mention it… we wouldn’t want to upset her, what with being surrounded by all this darkness and all!

This is my eight version of an ATC/ACEO for #WorldWatercolorMonth.

The question is (and could this be another clue?) who is going to be the ninth?

The ninth animal will be revealed on Saturday, within my Six Word Saturday post.