Letters to the Universe… The Rushed Edition!

Dear Tufty, Good to see you on the Lake again today, and what a pleasure it was to see Mrs Tufty with you! I did try to take some photos of you both together, but you seemed a little coy! Will we be seeing a hatch of Master and Miss Tuftys with you shortly? I’ll keep my camera handy. Dear Machu Picchu, You do look … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… The Rushed Edition!

Strange things can happen at any time…

Another blast from the past, this one, and fortunately a blast not caused by 2012 BX34. 2012 BX34? What’s 2012 BX34? You may well ask. Read on, and you may stumble across the answer… Oh, and by the way… wording in italics have been added since the post was written back in 2012. It would appear very dated without the additions. Who would’ve thought something … Continue reading Strange things can happen at any time…

Things. Just things.

Or Trying to Make Sense of it all. At Least Some of It. Things I’ve observed Two little sparrows hopping and flying and playing with each other over lawns and fences and rooftops. I’m sure they had cheery smiles on their beaks! Two magpies walking on another lawn, one with its black feathers rather unkempt. They reminded me of the rhyme ‘One for sorrow, two … Continue reading Things. Just things.

Wordle: Dark Thoughts

Thoughts spiral Peck and chip Nag and itch List and last Settle fast Or linger Throughout life If allowed to run Some are fun But the whole of them? The total sum? Laced with anger Tinged with greed Filled with urges And desperate needs Saints and sinners Sing their prayers Splitting hairs Resting demons Allaying fears That grew From but a single seed Planted carelessly … Continue reading Wordle: Dark Thoughts

Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

🎇WARNING!🎇 This post contains several of those little emoji graphics. 🎼 Why? You very well may ask.👢🍧 I commented recently on a post on The Cobweborium Emporium, and Cobs (webmistress herself!) was in awe of the fact that I knew the codes to all of the emojis. 🍳 Well, I had to confess and state that I was commenting via my mobile phone, and the … Continue reading Graphics Overload😁😆😕💫

Clues come in many forms. Here’s many.

As a backdrop With a striking theme The mystery person Used to be seen Then along came a prince Who swept her away… Did the hostile takeover End peacefully that day? Several clues here which may or may not help with my latest portrait’s identity. I don’t want to give things away too soon… although we may not have to wait until next week to … Continue reading Clues come in many forms. Here’s many.

Portrait. But of WHO???

I’ve been feeling a little creative of late, and decided to have another go at painting a portrait. OH NO! I hear you shriek… that’s fine, I shrieked it myself. Instead of wasting using watercolour, I decided to go down the digital route with this one, and wasted a few thousand pixels and several thousand seconds instead. I shall give a few clues, but will … Continue reading Portrait. But of WHO???

Wordle: Wise Man?

Be a sport and answer my question I want three names in quick succession There’s nothing to win, but my head’s in a spin And my instincts have fell foul to the fact That although the tale I know well, these details I truly lack. These magi brought with them gifts many years ago, One ruddy, one gold, and the other yellow, To a baby … Continue reading Wordle: Wise Man?


Disconnected, me? I hardly think so, not I I’m far too selfish I heard an odd comment earlier today. I walked passed a couple who were chatting. I’d never seen them before, she had striking blue hair, which made her stand out, and it was she who was speaking as we passed each other. “… I like sitting at tables with strangers,” I heard her … Continue reading Disconnected