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Wordle: Free Night Flight

Kiss the clouds and fly with me
Merge with my mind – come and see
We’ll relish the light of the silvery Moon
And the sting of the icy raindrops
Shiver and shimmy in the cold night air
Brass monkeys is fine when we’re free up there
Away from crime and grime and time
Strap in hold tight and away we go
We’ll fly so high we’ll find Orion’s Sword
And soar this way and that, chopping and changing
As we feel fit
The flight at night is like a leap of faith
And a free mind is all it takes

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Wordle: Sleep Well, Now

Ignore the bells as they chime so loud
Try to sleep through the thunder sounds
Imagine walking upon a peaceful shore
The lightning – the howls – you must ignore
Mimic peace, let out a sigh
Ignore the heavy blood red sky
Stay calm, relax, breathe in deep
Even as the thick mist creeps
Send a signal to your very soul
That pines for rest through every toll
Be a stack of pebbles through crashing waves
Limber for dancing between the graves


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Spooky Moonrise

As the night cools
And the winds carry messages
From ghouls
Or fools
And echoey footsteps
Approach from behind
Or around
From ghouls
Or fools
The wolves in the distance howl
As do the owls hoot
And the cats mew
With a ghoul
Or fool
Or two
Acting a fool by being a ghoul
Then silence
A snap
Or a scream
A whisper
Or a whistle
A message on the wind
I’m over here…
I’m near…
And echoey footsteps behind
As the wolves in the distance howl
A snap
A cat mews
An owl hoots
Spin again!
And through it all
In silence
A silence
Its silence
The Moon rises
The night gets cooler
Spinning turns to running
And echoey footsteps
Fade into the night