Wordle: Past Magic

The mists of time swirl and clear And we find ourselves in a long-gone year At a point in time where stories began Origins of legends that have for centuries ran As rain lashes and chilled winds howl Wild animals circle that were born to prowl Kept from the cave by thin rings of fire Their tenacity to wait something to admire Within the safety … Continue reading Wordle: Past Magic

Wordle: Dark Thoughts

Thoughts spiral Peck and chip Nag and itch List and last Settle fast Or linger Throughout life If allowed to run Some are fun But the whole of them? The total sum? Laced with anger Tinged with greed Filled with urges And desperate needs Saints and sinners Sing their prayers Splitting hairs Resting demons Allaying fears That grew From but a single seed Planted carelessly … Continue reading Wordle: Dark Thoughts

The Sparrow Sings

A gentle breeze And rustling Spring leaves Chirps from within As the Sparrow sings Storm clouds gather And raindrops patter And with a flutter of wings The Sparrow still sings Turbulence and angst Rockets and tanks Yet through all the din The Sparrow STILL sings Differences resolved And as peace now echoes Carried upon the wind Is the song the Sparrow sings (Images from Pixabay) Continue reading The Sparrow Sings

Not on the page

  The blank page is inviting. Crisp. Clear. Anticipating writing. Words and sentences, paragraphs and chapters. Mystery twists and happy-ever-afters. Intrigue and plotlines Drama, and sometimes Comedies of errors And other storytellers’ Tricks to keep us hooked Within the pages, within the books… Although the blank page is also revealing No words to relay its meaning Yet with space to fill It shows a mind, … Continue reading Not on the page

Double Wordle: Wings and Claws

My feathered friends and I like to sit and laugh, At the exploits of the clot, Mr Jinx the cat He thinks we don’t see him as he follows us Then decides with a sigh And a tail’s swish enough’s enough He’d chase us around Planet Earth If his while it was mostly worth… And he wasn’t dizzy from spinning As betwixt and beyond we’d … Continue reading Double Wordle: Wings and Claws

It’s a funny old world…

It’s a funny old world, that’s for sure For each opinionated soul there’s a thousand more I believe in my religion, so what you do is wrong I prefer this particular version of that classic song I hate the word hate so don’t use the word hate I hate the fact that the world has become such state My opinion matters, and that is what … Continue reading It’s a funny old world…

Wordle: Not So Sweet Valentine

My Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Sing me a song with such sweet rhythms, And not, Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Your unusual melody cataclysms. Dear Valentine, My Valentine, Face the challenge head on if you will, Oh Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Could you also sing less shrill. My Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Sit upright upon the stool, Because Valentine, Dear Valentine, When you slouch you look a fool. My Valentine, … Continue reading Wordle: Not So Sweet Valentine