Beyond the Sphere

Look beyond
What lies ahead
Beyond the day to day
Beyond the fears and cold and darkness
Beyond the damp and grey
See the swirls of light and hope
Of magic, awe and greatness
And know each season paves the way
For wherever life may take us

Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt, Winter

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Stars expelled
As arms revolve
Dust gathers
Life evolves
Time unfurls
Realities merge
Creating worlds

Nothing escapes
Not even time
Not even water
Not even wine
Surrounded by darkness
Drawn in with the light:
The sock that went missing
In the washer last night

Just where does the washing machine take those garments it takes a fancy to?

Perhaps it spins the items so fast on the spin cycle that the garment’s molecules vibrate out of our existence, and into the washed out land? The innards of a Black Hole? The dark side of the Moon?

All I know is I’m now down another sock. I’ll need to buy some new pairs at this rate!

Almost impossible to see through the darkness of night
The Star Shadows edge where there’s no defined light
They dissolve the shade so it blends away fine
And mix in starlight so there’s no solid line
For seconds they work, creating nothing to see
Softening night’s darkness
Leaving light free

(Originally posted on 10th September 2018)

Epic Mythology


Haryette remembered long ago
The night that continues to pain her so
Haunted by a lack to act
She wished she could get that one night back

Grantala Village was dark and still
‘Though not silent due to the newborn’s shrill
Cries of hunger, need for sleep
Haryette needed to slumber deep

“Kind lady!” came a voice through her door
She didn’t know it, she was sure
“I will help you to get some rest
And the same with the child, I will do my best”

Unthinking she allowed the stranger in
“My name is Hor, I can stop this din!”
She blinked, no slept, for an hour had gone
And so had the stranger, and so had her son

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