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Almost Hallowe’en

The nights are cold
And longer too
There’s a chill in the air
Or maybe two
When pumpkins glow
And cats eyes shine
Owls hoot
And werewolves whine
Ghosts appear
And witches cackle
And folk are dressed
In all kinds of tackle
The night of All Hallow’s
Calls by again
And then
And then
And then
And then
It has begun
The Night that’s filled
With Gothic fun

So… Hallowe’en comes around once more.

My posts are scheduled for Wednesday this week, all 22 of them (hopefully they will appear in the right order and around the right times – the recent clock change seems to have had a really bizarre effect on those scheduled posts, and re-scheduled them to appear an hour earlier. Time will tell… and if they do go out of sync, I will post the whole story sometime during November. With 22 parts, it is the longest post ever on this blog… and that includes my rambling waffly ones, of which this post is not.

So. A day off for me, and another chance to catch up with the Superheroes from the Elite Force of Britain on the night of Hallowe’en.

Happy Hallowe’en, and I shall see you on the other side. (In November, I hasten to add!)