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Wordle: Relish

I screamed with laughter as I allowed the sticky paint
to kiss the canvas in a variety of strokes and ways
A red spill here, lifted and curled around
and flicked and dotted and dashed
Greens and yellows pass each other
Hit each other and spin and spiral this way
And that
An idea planted firmly lifts from the board
like an image from the silver screen
Abstract it may be
but to the beholder a masterpiece seen

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Wordle: On The Road

Listen for the whistle within the muffled wind
Close your eyes and feel the wind’s fierce touch upon your skin
As clay eggs rattle around the dusty yard
Pry into the energies of the magic that’s within
Feel the wind push this way and that
Pit your wits and acknowledge the fact
That Kansas vanished seconds ago
And in its place now is a long windy road