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Lost Post

Today’s posted post
Is a post at a cost
As today’s intended post
Was a post that I lost
So today’s posted post
Has its wires crossed
As I try to make the most
Of the memory I’d forgot

Today’s posted post
Resembles does it not
A feather-brained host
Who in his journal didn’t jot
The idea for the post
That came all bright and hot
From a dream that he can boast
Although remembers not a lot

The story of the post
The old one that I sought
Now looks like a ghost
And not as clear as I thought
The new post that I host
Is terrible and fraught
With discombobulated prose
And odd length lines that support

So today’s posted post
Is a post but not the post
That should have been the post
For today’s posted post
Most of the post
Isn’t even in this post
As the post that was the post
Is, like the plot, well and truly loast

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Wordle: The Miracle Within

Close your eyes
Ignite the power within
Don’t be surprised
As our journey begins
Breathe in and out slowly
Rest and relax
Commit yourself wholly
As we start making tracks
We walk through a wood
All dense and green
And everything’s good
Even those things unseen
We go into a trance
Right where we stand
We stop and give thanks
As we enter dreamland
Through shadow we float
And whisper we rise
Any thoughts we take note
They could be a guide
‘Though rancid thoughts repel
We don’t need them here
And on them don’t dwell
Just to be clear
Now onward we go, away from the crowds
Through vast open skies
Feel the touch of the clouds
Then down into the depths
Of the water below
Feel every ripple, go with the flow
Refreshing and clean
Coolness sharp as a pin
Invigorated and keen
We’ve invoked the miracle within
The power of the mind
Is there to be used
Use it well, use it wisely
It shouldn’t be abused
We’ve now reached the end
Of our meditation
Open your eyes and stretch
And give your thoughts consideration.

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Come with me,
Link with me,
Connect with me,
Think with me,
As we go way Beyond the Sphere
Forget the pressures
Forget the stresses
Let’s get away from here
We’re as one
As we breathe in and out
We think, we laugh, we talk,
We shout…
We dream.
Our dream has begun.

We’re floating. Flying. Feeling free.
Over rooftops. Over trees.

Through the air the currents carry us, gently at first, and then WE SOAR!



Even higher!

We rest upon a silver cloud, bathed in gorgeous golden sunlight – or silver starlight, if the flight’s at night.

Time matters not, for our time is now. We are here.

We see from a different angle. Hear a different tune.

Feel a different feeling…

We stretch our backs. Open our chests. Unfurl our wings.

We leave the cloud. Gently gliding down until our wings catch us, and then we feel the gentle beating rhythm as our wings carry us.
Up. And down. And up. And down.
And up through the clouds once more.
And once again we soar.
We think.
We laugh.
We talk.
We shout! We cheer! WE ARE HERE!

Weightless in an endless void, with clear minds and clearer sight.
We see for miles, to the horizon and beyond. We see sunrise and sunset at the same time.
We see the rivers start flowing from the tiny stream, and end their journey as they enter the seas.
We see rainbows appear like flowers in bloom, we see all the phases of the Fabulous Moon.
We recognise a scent from a favourite flower, and recognise the extent of Nature’s power.
We glide in circles, fly with speed, soak ourselves through a fresh raincloud, and dry in a gentle breeze.
We rest upon our cloud again.
Fold in our wings and breathe.
In. And out. And in. And out.
And in an instant we are home.
Gently awake.
But invigorated – with no mistake.

Come with me,
Link with me,
Connect with me,
Think with me,
For yes… we are really here!