A Very Quick Dance for Saturday

The rhythm took me one way
My legs went the other
The swirling lights were startling
Making it seem tougher
I arched my back in elegance
Through strains of music loud
And I don’t think anyone noticed
When I tumbled to the ground

Told you: a very quick dance for Saturday.

Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Dance.

The picture is not mine. Eugenia selected the image Dance of Life that ‘Skywalker678’ uploaded to Lovethispic.com.

Posted also for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

And also for Frank’s post, Dance.


I cast around a million stars
And added thousands more
Sent in some dust
And light and dark
And liked the magic that I saw

The Universe is in us all
Growing every day
The darkness makes the Light shine bright
And in the Light let’s play!

(I created a nebula this morning and enjoyed the process so much, I’ll be creating more soon! I quite like creating my own Universe… I can choose what I want in it!)


The Spirits in the Sky danced with glee
Their minds and souls truly free
The blue beyond there for their reaching
For they already had what they were seeking

There are several spirits gleefully dancing in this photo. Can you make any of them out? The translucent dragon is very clear!

You may call me a mooncalf (foolish person) for seeing Spirits, but you will be mazed (bewildered) yourself when you look and see them all appear one after the other!