Beyond the Sphere

Nothing escapes
Not even time
Not even water
Not even wine
Surrounded by darkness
Drawn in with the light:
The sock that went missing
In the washer last night

Just where does the washing machine take those garments it takes a fancy to?

Perhaps it spins the items so fast on the spin cycle that the garment’s molecules vibrate out of our existence, and into the washed out land? The innards of a Black Hole? The dark side of the Moon?

All I know is I’m now down another sock. I’ll need to buy some new pairs at this rate!

Almost impossible to see through the darkness of night
The Star Shadows edge where there’s no defined light
They dissolve the shade so it blends away fine
And mix in starlight so there’s no solid line
For seconds they work, creating nothing to see
Softening night’s darkness
Leaving light free

(Originally posted on 10th September 2018)

Epic Mythology


Haryette remembered long ago
The night that continues to pain her so
Haunted by a lack to act
She wished she could get that one night back

Grantala Village was dark and still
‘Though not silent due to the newborn’s shrill
Cries of hunger, need for sleep
Haryette needed to slumber deep

“Kind lady!” came a voice through her door
She didn’t know it, she was sure
“I will help you to get some rest
And the same with the child, I will do my best”

Unthinking she allowed the stranger in
“My name is Hor, I can stop this din!”
She blinked, no slept, for an hour had gone
And so had the stranger, and so had her son

And remember, all previous parts are now included in my Storylines Menu, if you’d like to read the epic so far!

Ralto’s Descent

K’Sandra rested by the hearth
Watching the clouds through the window part
And fold and roll and burst with light
No need to foretell the storm tonight

She sipped the liquid from her favourite cup
A bolt of light made her sit up
A heavy knock rapped upon her door
As thunder clapped and shook the floor

Through dusty glass she could see outside
Was a man who once served by her side
Without a thought she let him in
Her welcome smothered by thunder’s din

Silhouetted by lightning’s glare
Features hidden except golden hair
Lord Ralto stood expressionless
“The Mount needs you” he simply stressed

Epic Mythology? I hear you ask. Yes! I reply. Epic Mythology. An epic tale, in rhyme, with multiple parts, characters, places, set in an unknown mythological realm where there are no rules and anything can happen. It comes… it goes… it’s back!

And it’s now included in my Storylines Menu, so all of the parts are together and building up as one!

Toward Everplain

Sunlight scatters a sepia hue
Across a secret garden
Serenity surrounds me and you
Though if temptation we pardon

Perfect blue (almost!)

The tide still flows
The time still passes
The seagulls soar
As the wave crashes
The water’s blue
The air is clean
Although the wave
Is tinged by green

And still it is bliss!

Very pleased to meet you, I’m sure
‘Though I’m not all that high off the floor
I like land, air and wet
But better than that
I like nibbles and bread and much more!

Got any?

I need a surreal escape today, and this little chap has provided just that, with the inspiration for a Silly Limerick! And if you look closely, you will see that the duck is actually smiling (more so in his eyes)!

Only with eyes open
Can the truth be seen
When seeing isn’t believing
The truth is in between

Through the dispersed whispers carried on many winds, are the victorious cries of queens and kings, the weathered echoes of epic battles and gentle sagas filled with tittle tattle.  The mountains groan through loneliness, ‘though surrounded by scenes harmonious through plants and streams and nature galore. The sun-flaked walls are all that stand upon this once and lively piece of land, the tower almost as old as time itself, its secrets buried for those who delve. But to be found foot must be stepped upon the ground, reached only by the waves that gently lap the island’s shore.

They say it is both a healer and great teacher
But it’s also a mysterious and devilish little creature
It tends to drift as it eagerly waits
For early arrivals or those coming late
When in short supply it speeds
Regardless of any desperate need
But it plays games
Fanning its flames
It chimes:

Deliberately left unfinished!

Day by day the Sun rises
The hours pass
The winds blow
The rains fall
People come and people go
Life goes on much the same
Not much happens
Hardly any change
Then we reach the crossroads
Or the waters become choppy
Or the air becomes turbulent
The journey ahead looks different
We choose a path
And go
Forwards ever forwards
Through storms
Through snow
Onwards ever onwards

Though through starlight
Silence is heard
The sound of the stars
Carry through the birds
When daylight breaks
And the chorus sings
Listen to the birdsong
And feel the magic it brings