Distorted Sunset

Although the Sun is hidden
Behind cloud or time of day
Remember the light still shines
In a clear and vivid way
Although the light’s distorted
Know in truth that it’s still there

Keep your light shining always

Up and Down

Magic above
Shadows below
  Light above
   Darkness below
    Up to the light
     Down to the shade
      Uneven steps
       Up and down
        Descend to the depths
         Rise to the heights
          Reach for the stars
           If that feels right
            But step with care
             You don’t want to fall
              Or just fly to the top
               If that’s your goal

Broken Ruins

Broken ruins of times gone by
Still standing but weathered and cracked
Their frames may be crumbling, falling apart
With their histories
And mysteries

The Griffin and the Keythong

Charmed protector of the Heavenly Realm
She is majestic, ancient, strong
Creature both of earth and air
Unlike her opposite, Keythong

The female variant of the breed
Griffin has strong eagle-like wings
An eagle’s head, lion’s body and serpent tail
And a look revered by kings

The Keythong is much the same
Only wingless and quite rare
And when they meet and meet to mate
Together a lifetime they share

The Hole

The hole is a home.
Not the whole hole, but part.
The hole is home to
Well, it’s not a rat
Or a vole
Or a mole
Though it has soul.
Not the rat, vole or mole, but the hole.
The whole hole, not part.
It also has a heart.
The hole (and vole, mole and rat)
The hole that is the home
Part of the whole hole
With soul
The heart is where the home is.
The rat, vole and mole have soul too
And the owl, by the way,
Whose whole home hole with heart and soul it is!

(A darkened room is calling, methinks!)