Beyond the Sphere

All Year Horror

Hello my darlings, How are you? I have a message; maybe two Listen carefully to what I say… When I call and your telephone rings Let me speak, let me sing, Hear my voice and then allow me… Read More

Beware! Spammers Are On The Loose! .

Kind of obvious, but hey ho! A warning for Six Word Saturday. Well, it does fit in… sorta. This links to my other blog. And it appears treachery is afoot. A little added drama for Saturday!!! I think… Read More

Inperfectly Restles

Fnigers, my Inner Typist, is getting restles. I can feel it when I’m writing, typing, and now painting. There’s an urge – a surge even – for my fingers to go off and do their own thing. I… Read More

Echoes of the Lake

Bare-branched trees scatter sparkles of brilliant sunlight throughout the eerie mist that covers the Lake in the evening. Faces appear, mouthing silent words. Stay away? Go away? Come and play? Not at all clear. The gentle ripples as… Read More

It’s that time again!

I’ve just been reminded / refreshed / introduced to something that is as old as time itself. Jo Bryant, Blogstress at Chronicles of Illusions has told me today, in a comment on a recent post about me remembering… Read More