All Year Horror

Hello my darlings,
How are you?
I have a message; maybe two
Listen carefully to what I say…
When I call and your telephone rings
Let me speak, let me sing,
Hear my voice and then allow me
Access to your own PC
There’s a problem on the line that I must fix,
This is no scam, I have no tricks.
You must provide me with your password and pin
You know, just so that I can get in
To check your accounts are all fine, above board
We don’t want to disconnect your internet, I’m sure.
It’s to check it’s all OK and, oh yes,
I have a parcel for you today
We can deliver it tomorrow if you’re in
Please confirm your address again
Hello? Are you there,
My name is Pam
I know I sound just like a man
But no, its your line you see…
I’m from your phone company, you can trust me

Not all scammers are foul-mouthed and rude individuals, although most are if their call doesn’t go their way. They are nowadays trying other tricks to gain access to homes, computers, money… anything they can get their hands on, really.

Be very careful and alert when answering calls from numbers you don’t know – landline, mobile, out of area, international or withheld. They will try anything. Even under threat of massive fines, they are still at it. If anything sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is – do not be conned. Do not fall victim to this diabolical and evil section of society who will most certainly burn in hell for their actions.


Normal, light-hearted Hallowe’en posts will resume shortly, I just wanted to attempt to bring home a modern day horror story that occurs day in day out all year long. Reminders are always useful, I find.

Beware! Spammers Are On The Loose! .

Kind of obvious, but hey ho!

A warning for Six Word Saturday.

Well, it does fit in… sorta.

This links to my other blog.

And it appears treachery is afoot.

A little added drama for Saturday!!!

I think that’s enough sets of six words for now, so I’ll continue as normal. As normal for me. Whatever that may be…

I’ve received a few new followers on my other blog, Splodge and Splatter, over the past few weeks, and I’m not complaining about that at all. I like followers, and, believe it or not, I do like following as well (when I get the chance to, that is (but that is another story (ongoing, but best kept for another time.)))

I recently posted Meteor Shower and the other day a comment was left in moderation, from one of these new followers, that merely said ‘! .’ I didn’t approve it, for no other reason than the fact that I’m waaaay behind with comments on that blog – think of my badness on this blog and multiply it by ten over there. Yesterday another new follower left the very same message on the same post, but I noticed this second message swiftly vanish from the screen – it had been swept up into spam.

This arose my curiosity, so I looked into the links behind the commenters. They appear to be from WordPress bloggers, both blogs starting in June this year, and both blogging about a mixed bag of topics. I don’t mind mixed topics; some folk blog about what interests them and have a blog specifically for that, and others blog about anything and everything (much like myself), and I don’t mind either. It’s the person behind the blog that interests me (as well as what they write, I hasten to add!) What I noticed about both blogs is that each post of theirs had quite a few links within them.

Links are useful, helpful and can be fun to follow, so I don’t mind them in posts either. I’ve linked to Splodge and Splatter in this post (just sayin’!) which is my arty creative blog, which is building up quite a large portfolio of digital creations (‘though it is meant for any creation, I hasten to add (again!)).

With the two ‘! .’ comments, my spider-sense tingled. With the links in their posts, my spider-sense went off the scale. I may be a little too untrusting here, but I’m not going to be visiting those links. Gut feeling tells me not to. Spider-sense also tells me not to. And if they weren’t enough, the ‘! .’ acts as a warning all by itself.

So there.

This has been a:

Six Word Saturday Blogging Service Announcement.

And a Splodge and Splatter advertisement.

(*Worry not – if you visit, you’ll be welcomed with open arms! (Subject to approval (I really seem to like brackets today (Hehehe!))))


Inperfectly Restles

Fnigers, my Inner Typist, is getting restles.

I can feel it when I’m writing, typing, and now painting. There’s an urge – a surge even – for my fingers to go off and do their own thing. I know that Fingers is trying to take over as I’ll attempt to type the letter ‘L’, for instance, and I’ll hit the ‘K’ or the semi-colon. And that combined with a wireless keyboard that’s losing juice can produce some rather peculiar reslts.

I received an email from Amazon the other day. Very Amazony it was too, looks wise, and at first glance it looked as though the email author had commissioned their Inner Typist to produce the email.

They told me ‘Every six months Amazon makes integrity checks related to his customers accounts, how they use the account and if the account is still used by the customer. If the customer account is not used for a longer period of time (1 month) it will be disabled of by Amazon Team and then removed in the next two months of inactivity.’

Ooh. I thought.

They went on ‘To validate that still use this Amazon account please click the generated link as follows:.

Sign in to Amazon account (This was a link taht wanted me to go to aimazon3.upfstamzonle dot blah blah blah)

The procedures to disable and then delete the account acording to the term of use specified in the Terms and Conditions will take place after the link expire.
The verification procedure requires a very short time from the customer.
The generated link above is only active for 24 hours.
If during this period the customer does not make verification account will be disabled until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience that this may create.
Amazon Customers Service Team.’

Fnigers, my Inner Typist, was on the ball. Without my even thinking about it, I’d grabbed the email and flung it unceremoniously into my Junk folder. I then had to retrieve it again just to make sure it was junk, and then unceremoniously once again flung it back into Junk. If Fingers hadn’t had been on the ball, though, the further I read through the text the more un-Amazony it became, and the link was the final straw. I never click links in emails now anyway, but always hover over the link to check the address.

My grammer isn’t purrfect, and neither is my tpying (expecially when Fnigers is on the seen) but sometimes that inperfection, as in this email’s case, can sniff out spam like a tin of spam that’s been off and pungent for years.

As Fingers says ‘Awlays be on the lookout for phishing and spam emails. Sometimes, they do look proffessional’.

There. That should keep Fingers happy for a while now.

Echoes of the Lake

Bare-branched trees scatter sparkles of brilliant sunlight throughout the eerie mist that covers the Lake in the evening. Faces appear, mouthing silent words. Stay away? Go away? Come and play? Not at all clear. The gentle ripples as tiny waves lap against the shore create a rhythmic, hypnotic beat that coincides with the setting of the sun. This melodic calling and the transparent faces drawing me ever closer to the water’s edge. The mist turns red. Red for danger. A soft breeze chills the already chilled air. A branch taps my shoulder simultaneously with a whispered ‘Go’! So I run.

It’s that time again!

I’ve just been reminded / refreshed / introduced to something that is as old as time itself. Jo Bryant, Blogstress at Chronicles of Illusions has told me today, in a comment on a recent post about me remembering a Viking celebration, that this coming weekend marks a significant milestone in the history of the world.

The end of it.

Or, to give it its proper name, Ragnarök.

I’ve mentioned Ragnarök before, in 2011 in fact, in a post linked to my 1642 quest, where I discovered that it’s name is linked to a word that means Twilight. Twilight, as in my hair gel range or the vampire series of movies. Spooky.

I first heard of Ragnarök when I read about the Poetic Edda, which was rediscovered itself in Iceland in 1642. Iceland – a country where I have a strange urge to go and visit one day. The Poetic Edda features the tale of Norse Mythology, by the way.

Coincidentally, and I don’t mean to spread panic around the world when I write this, Ragnarök also describes natural disasters. In fact, I’ll post the paragraph I wrote in that post way back when:

‘Ragnarök’ also describes natural disasters, and the world being submerged in water (although the world emerges anew afterwards, and greatly fertile) and water has been featuring heavily in my posts of late. Plus I have recently been introduced to the energy that provides the life of waves, although I have been mentioning this universal energy on and off since my blog began. And, my 1642 quest began with a dream of a ship.

OK, maybe the full paragraph wasn’t needed, but you catch my drift. A little water humour there…

Today, in the Bristol Channel, in England, there was an Earthquake. Measuring 4.1 magnitude, at lunchtime, it caused a few buildings to wobble in the south west of the country, and the county of Somerset. Somerset, which is currently having an issue with major flooding. Somerset, which cropped up in my 2012 multi-part tale, ‘The Road to Meringue’, which is still available to be read in my Storylines section. 2012, where another End of the World prophecy was forecast for 21st December. We celebrated that day here.

And now, here I am remembering Viking celebrations.

All coincidence… all good! Right place, right time and all that!

So, February 22nd 2014 is the day to get our glad rags on and dance and party like it’s 1999. Or do it 2014 style anyway! No fear, just fun and enjoyment… and let’s welcome in the world anew that day. Another new beginning. We can’t seem to have enough of them, can we?


Just in case any help is needed, I’ll be scouring history over the next few hours to find a suitable hero to help us, should we find ourselves in a time of need. Who I find will be revealed in my post tomorrow.

Remember, things are always changing, so what was written at the beginning of time may not be exactly what is happening now! A pity those internet lie detectors aren’t in use yet, and you’ll see!

Remember… tomorrow… heroes.