Beyond the Sphere

A Task or Two…

I seem to be getting myself involved in challenges at the moment. First, I took part in Cameron’s Story Circle, and now I have signed myself up for a whopper of a challenge. It was Tilly Bud, The… Read More

The New World

Now, I’m not one to make up imaginary tales about undiscovered places. Not very often, anyway. OK, more often than not, but that isn’t the point of this post! The point is, I thought that all of the… Read More

Of Light Years and Numbers

I have absolutely no idea where this post is going to go. I am writing it as is, off the cuff, so to speak. It is actually a continuation in parts of my post from yesterday, which revealed… Read More

Eleven Eleven

Just after ten minutes past the eleventh hour tomorrow, Friday, it will be 11:11:11 11/11/11. I tripped into a parallel universe earlier and thought that this had only ever happened once before in the history of mankind, in… Read More

One Minute Random Ramble: Seven of Sorts

142857 There’s more to this number than meets the eye.  999999 divided by 7 equals 142857. Other numbers divided by seven have 142857 recurring in their results somewhere., for example 1642 divided by 7 equals 234.57142857142857142857142857142857…. 142857 +… Read More