Beyond the Sphere

Inside the Black Hole

Nothing escapes Not even time Not even water Not even wine Surrounded by darkness Drawn in with the light: The sock that went missing In the washer last night Just where does the washing machine take those garments… Read More

Revisiting the Island of Dreams

The Land of Nod beckoned. Stars shone brightly in an almost clear and endless sky, each one representing someone’s dream; someone’s hope. The island sparkled in the starlight, frozen on the horizon, frozen in time. The Land of… Read More

Rubber Ducky

This is not a rubber ducky. It is meant to be a gull, floating merrily on a body of water, minding its own business. It’s another quick watercolour scribble that I had fun creating… it was only afterwards… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Just Before A History Making Decision

“Husband, what are you working on at such a late hour?” Ellimayee pointed to the scroll filled with hieroglyphs. “I’m going over the plans for the Great Spheres, my wife.” King Rabletop III explained. “As magnificent and grand… Read More

A Duck Escape

Very pleased to meet you, I’m sure ‘Though I’m not all that high off the floor I like land, air and wet But better than that I like nibbles and bread and much more! Got any? I need… Read More

Twists Within the Ups and Downs

They say the first step is all it takes to launch the future of your dreams. They also say that first step is the hardest. It isn’t only steps into the future that prove difficult. Trying to get… Read More

Abandoned Lookout

I’ve just upgraded my Artrage program and doodled the above digital oil painting of an abandoned building that looks as though it is about to topple into the turbulent sea. I have no idea what the building is,… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Miles From Anywhere

“Rimaykullayki!” waved the strangely garbed visitor as he approached King Rabletop III whilst doing his morning exercises. The king stared forward without uttering a word. “Rimaykullayki!” said the stranger again, not sure if Rabletop had heard him the… Read More

The Winged Horse From The Clouds

The thunder sounded like galloping hooves Then through the clouds it appeared In a blaze of rainbow glory A sight certain to be revered Posted for Six Word Saturday.

Mystical Moonhaven

Moonlight and starlight In many different colours Shine upon the Haven. A magical glow In a mystical realm Provide warmth and comfort At the edge of dreams.

Sentinel Rising

Silently rises Sentinel Gateway to the stars An uninhabited planet Visible from afar Watcher of the Moonsfolk Ruler of the realm Silently rises Sentinel So as not to overwhelm

May The First Be With You

Looking slightly dishevelled, May’s White Rabbit scribble is here! At least he’s smiling. Well, I think he’s smiling. If he isn’t, we’ll have to carry and share his smile for him! Happy May!