Beyond the Sphere

Reverence Ep.8: Loaded Breakfast Part Two

“There’s nairt as sorborin’ as a clompin’ grairt paw smashin’ through a wall!” Gemevere managed to shout whilst dodging a couple of flying stones. “That’s more than a paw, my cousin!” Hempsty disagreed. “Verily that is a hefty… Read More

Reverence Ep.7: Loaded Breakfast

Æthelstan burped loudly. He’d been seated in the largest throne-like chair Ursulondix could find in the tavern, and at the head of the table. Hempsty had been seated at the opposite end of the table, and Gemevere and… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Just Before A History Making Decision

“Husband, what are you working on at such a late hour?” Ellimayee pointed to the scroll filled with hieroglyphs. “I’m going over the plans for the Great Spheres, my wife.” King Rabletop III explained. “As magnificent and grand… Read More

Reverence Ep.6: Ghost Town

The tree and bush-lined path led onto a large opening, beyond which stood a group of buildings. “Oooh… Skundersthorpe’s lovely!” declared Gemevere as she and Hempsty walked into the Village Square. “Such quairnt buildin’s, a well! Ah’ve alwes… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Miles From Anywhere

“Rimaykullayki!” waved the strangely garbed visitor as he approached King Rabletop III whilst doing his morning exercises. The king stared forward without uttering a word. “Rimaykullayki!” said the stranger again, not sure if Rabletop had heard him the… Read More

Reverence Ep.5: Road Trip

Æthelstan squirmed and fidgeted at his side of the carriage. Hempsty sat open legged in the centre as Katherine squirmed on the floor between them. Gemevere twisted her back on her portion of the seat, cracking a few… Read More

Reverence Ep.4: Kings and Highwaywomen

“STOPPPPP!!!” bellowed a familiar voice from outside the calash. Hempsty pulled on the reins and brought Sentinel to a gentle stop. “I doorn’t believe it!” sighed Gemevere. “‘Er again! Could yer not’ve picked a more busier route ferth’… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago Around Bathtime

Queen Ellimayee waited patiently as her four servants poured warm water into her bath. She then waited a while longer as the four servants left the room, to return a short while later with fresh goat milk to… Read More

A Long Long Time Ago

“My People!” Declared King Rabletop III, as he stood atop the Great Plinth. His wife, Queen Ellimayee stood with the other five people who had gathered around. “Today is a great day in our Kingdom. For today, ahead… Read More

Reverence Ep.3: Eerie Wood

“Woah, Sentinel! Steady down, girl!” It was all Hempsty could do to keep the horse and calash on the gravel path and not veer through the trees at the side. He pulled on the reins, stopping the journey… Read More

Pyramid Tops

A couple more tops in this post, which is an old photo of two of Giza’s Pyramids in Egypt. The photo must be getting on to the top end of being thirty years old now; I had to… Read More

Reverence Ep.2: Highway Robbery

“Cuddn’t ya pick t’other ‘orse, ‘Empsty?” Gemevere squirmed and fidgeted in her seat inside Lord Molecombe’s best carriage, the one he uses on a Sunday. “It’s pullin’ us o’er to th’edge.” “That isn’t the horse, my cousin. The… Read More