Nefertiti’s Table

For today’s painting, I travelled all the way back to 1355BC  and managed to paint this quick watercolour of a mid-afternoon snack before Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (I was in luck as she’d just popped to the shops with her consort Pharaoh Akhenaten) returned to eat it.

It was warm in that Ancient Egyptian Sun, I don’t mind telling you (almost as warm as it has been around here lately!), but things must be done in order to complete all of my paintings, if I can, for #WorldWatercolorMonth. This now makes 15 of 15, so I’m doing well.

I may stay in the 21st Century for my next painting, but I can’t seem to stay still for long!

Happy August!

Happy August!

And that isn’t a sentiment. IT’S A COMMAND!!!

Three white rabbits sat in a row
Looking forward with nowhere to go
The middle one sat up, and declared ‘”I know!
“We’ll do what we do, enjoy it, and go with the flow!”

And the rest became history.

Some commands are worth taking heed of. Onwards! Upwards! Forwards! Forever!

A bit of Monday silliness to sprinkle a little light. Well, it would be, had it been posted on a Monday. (Note for future historians reading this post: August 1st 2017 was a Tuesday. The last time it was a Monday was in 2016, and the next time will be 2022, when it will be/was the only Monday 1st of the whole year!)

The Roman Emperor August I started the Pax Romana era (Roman Peace), which was a time of considerable peace that lasted for around two centuries. Augustus, as he preferred to be referred to, named August (the month) after himself.

‘Onward, upward and forward’ is used in the Bahamas’ national motto (Forward, Upward, Onward Together); the Roman Empire’s motto was ‘Senatus Populusque Romanus’ or ‘The Senate and People of Rome’ (not quite as uplifting I feel)

However, let us now be like those white rabbits… and roam free! Well, it is silly Monday Tuesday. 👅


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday, over on Travel With Intent, this week is ‘Old’.

I instantly thought of my vast old coin collection, which is photographed below:

I do have more coins in my collection, although it isn’t as vast as I made out. These are the oldest coins I have, which, all things considered, aren’t really that old at all. The photo I’m using for this week’s entry is the first one, which I’ve attempted to make look a little older using my Photoshop Elements program. I used the penny featuring King Edward VII, which is in the top left of these two photos of four coins.

It dates from 1903, which is 114 years ago.

I love links to the past, and always wonder the things these coins have come across or witnessed over the years. I think the same with old buildings and trees, and like to imagine them somehow recording events as and when they happen, so that we can un-tap their secrets with some future technology. I’ll be here in another life then, and hopefully will be at the forefront of this cutting edge technological research. I’d like to say we’ll see, but we won’t. We won’t know. Not now, but we may know more about our past lives then. Probably.

It’s funny, time. Isn’t it?

I’m always complaining I don’t have enough of it, objects from the past make me think of the future, as well as events of the past… so thinking about it, I really do have all the time in the world. I just have to think differently about it.

Incidentally, lighthouses seem to be featuring prominently this weekend, I featured one in my painting yesterday, there’s one on the reverse (or tails) side of the 1939 penny (this was actually introduced on the 1937 penny, but has been featured on earlier Queen Victoria pennies as well), and another lighthouse will be featured in the painting I’ll be posting shortly. Obviously, I knew of the two paintings, but not the lighthouse on the coin.

It’s good when things link together.

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From Then to Now

…Or International Man of Mystery Part IV

In a matter of days, actual years have passed
It’s fitting we make the good memories last…

It was events such as the rainbow and the spell that show me that the Universe is there/here to help us by giving us what we want – or think we want. We send out a vibe into the cosmos, and the cosmos gives back to us what we’ve vibed. I’ve noticed it many times over the years.

When I was younger, and heading to the shop with my pocket money to buy the latest to be released comic books, I thought I could have done with a little extra money so I could buy more. Walking down the road, on the pavement in front of me, scattered around was a various array of coins, with nobody around that owned them. I scooped them up and was able to buy all the comic books I wanted.

When I was in hospital having my ear operation, I hated it. On one of the nights, a nurse sat with me and read a story to me until I went to sleep. She had a slight speech impediment, although at the time I didn’t know how to explain this. The nurse didn’t tell me her name, so when I asked about her with the other nurses, I could only describe how she spoke by saying ‘she said de, dis and dat, instead of the, this and that’. None of the nurses knew who I was talking about.

On the day of leaving hospital, this nurse was stood in the doorway as I left. Again nobody seemed to acknowledge she was there. She smiled as I walked by, so I waved and went on my way home.

It’s only recently that I’ve started thinking that what if this nurse was some kind of angel, calming me down as I was so fraught in that hospital. I never saw her with any of the other children, reading to them. I also thought when would a nurse have time to sit and read to a patient, but I suppose that could be possible with a nervous child. The fact that nobody on the hospital ward seemed to know her was a puzzle.

But that was then, and here we are now in the now.

I’m still in the job that was shown to me by the rainbow. I feel I’m not well liked there, but I get on the best I can with the others who work there. I can’t stand meetings, I’m such a waste of space in them it’s untrue. I do try, but I just get spoken over, so now I just go in and sit and wait until its over. I answer questions when asked and that’s it. Any suggestions I make are ignored, and I’ve recently experienced a work colleague starting snapping at me for no reason. I complained about this behaviour and it seems to have stopped. For now.

I don’t like confrontation of any kind, and have a slightly higher than normal distrust of other people. I think everyone has an agenda, so instantly my personal barrier goes up. Friends I make tend to drift away eventually, but we all have our lives to lead.

However I see people, it doesn’t mean that I wish them ill. I like to see people succeed, and cheer them on when I can. I love creative, enthusiastic folk who make me Feel Good when they’re Feeling Good. I always try to spread good cheer around, even if suffocating in the toxic smog beneath a dark and foreboding cloud. Hey ho!

And then we have blogging. My escape. My writing whisks me away to magical places, the Mansion, the Lake, the Grinds, or just takes me out of myself. I enjoy the camaraderie I feel with other bloggers whether they comment here on my blog, or I comment on theirs. I do comment. Well, I used to… and I will again!

It’s all about Feeling Good.

We may be going through some rough stuff, but there’s lots of good stuff in the mix as well, and that is the important bit to concentrate on. Focus on the good. Shine the light.

Thank you for reading. My name isn’t Tom Merriman, but it is Tom. The shy, socially awkward international man of mystery due to reaching the four corners of a round world through the medium of blog – maybe a little less mysterious now, maybe a little more so – but I am human, I have feelings, and I REALLY enjoy life, magic, warts and all.

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Please be advised that my now regular Letters to the Universe post will still appear as normal later today.

Magic Surrounds Us!

…Or International Man of Mystery Part III

Not long to go now, before we reach the end,
So please stay with me, my patient friend…

Some time shortly within the New Millennium, or after the year 2000 to make it clear, I started to visit Mind, Body and Spirit exhibitions. I’d have tarot card readings done, my aura photographed and read, ribbon readings, and I was introduced to Cosmic Ordering. And witchcraft. Well, spellcasting, which is a kind of similar thing.

Firstly, I’ll write about the spell. I bought a boxed spell from a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition in Manchester. It was for a new job, as the company I was then working for went through a restructure, and because of my shyness and inept interview skills I was told I couldn’t do the job that I’d done for a number of years. To say I was fed up was an understatement, and I just wanted to try something different. The lady in the spell stall asked if I wanted an interview spell to go with it, even though the new job spell was pretty potent on its own. I said I didn’t, and would just go with the one spell.

When I got home, I left things for a few days, but work was getting worse and worse, so one night, at the end of my tether, I opened the box and read the instructions. They went into detail of how to invoke the Goddess and the God, and open and close the circle, when to anoint and light the candle, and an incantation to read aloud as the candle burned. I did everything as instructed, and then waited in the room with the candle until it had fully burned down. Then, I closed the circle, and went to bed.

For the next couple of days in work nothing changed. It was as bad as it ever was. People were in the wrong positions, and mistakes were being made all over the place. Three days after casting my spell. I was called into a meeting with two other colleagues, and told that as a result of the company losing a multi-million pound contract because of all these changes, they needed a team to monitor what was going on, and offer help and assistance to anyone in the new teams who needed it. We were told to go away and think about it, but I made my decision there and then. This was the new job I had created for me – no interview needed.

After a couple of years of doing this job, another restructure took place and I was made redundant. I didn’t mind as I think it was, at the time, my time to go. And with the redundancy payment, I was able to take a full year out, which I fully enjoyed. At the beginning of this year off, on a celebratory night out, I met and had a good conversation with somebody who I discovered later to be a rather influential businesswoman. She told me not to take the year off, and if I needed a job, her friend owned a recruitment company, and she would be able to set me up with a job. I’d made my mind up regarding the year, but said I would keep this offer in mind. She told me the name of the agency, and her friend, if I needed to contact them.

The friends I’d made over the years gradually drifted away as I was no longer working, but that didn’t seem to bother me. Due to my shyness, I’d always liked my own company anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

Towards the end of my year out, I needed to start looking for work again. On another night out, I started chatting with somebody else who I’d met several years ago one Christmas Eve. Talk turned to work. I told him about my situation, and he told me that he worked for a recruitment agency. I knew instantly, without him telling me, it was the same one I’d been told about earlier. It was a small agency, and one that not many people had heard of. I asked him if it was this particular agency he worked for, and it was. The look on his face when I asked was quite comical; shocked and amazed at the same time… there are a lot of recruitment agencies around. I then asked if the businesswoman’s friend still worked there – and she was this guy’s director.

I made arrangements to call in, and went for a few interviews. Some I needed to lie down in a darkened room after, as I really am inept in interviews and tend to get walked all over. Interviewers are meant to bring out the best and encourage, but all the ones I go to seem to do the opposite. However, just before one interview, I decided to ask the Universe for help. I asked that I get a job, and after the interview I get a sign telling me that I had the job… the sign being a rainbow.

I had the interview. It was very comfortable. I felt relaxed. It was late on a Thursday evening. I left feeling content, walked around the corner of the building and in the sky in front of me was the biggest, brightest rainbow I had ever, and have ever, seen. I knew I had this job. On the Friday, I received the confirmation, and started the following Monday.

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