Beyond the Sphere

Can Legends Live Forever?

In Warrington, in Cheshire, in England, in the year 1367, there lived a seamstress who would darn and stitch and sew every hour of the day. She would sleep only when she really needed to, and she lived… Read More

On the right path?

You could say that recently I have been receiving signs. I get them every now and then from the Universe. Well, I see them, but not always do I notice them… I recently read a few posts on… Read More

The Lesser Known Green-Toothed Twitcher

It is remarkable how, in this day and age, we (the human inhabitants of this wonderful planet, Earth) are still discovering brand new species all around the globe. From the depths of the oceans to the furthest rainforests,… Read More

Cats like to hear me sing

I like listening to most kinds of music, I really do. I can’t say I know the words to most songs that I listen to, but I tend to get the general idea. I have OKish hearing –… Read More

Even searching for a Dodo leads to 1642

Sometimes, I stumble across information completely at random. I’ll be beavering away, looking for facts about one thing, when, out of the blue, something will catch my attention, and I’ll be off, hurtling down a brand new avenue… Read More