Wordle: Past Magic

The mists of time swirl and clear And we find ourselves in a long-gone year At a point in time where stories began Origins of legends that have for centuries ran As rain lashes and chilled winds howl Wild animals circle that were born to prowl Kept from the cave by thin rings of fire Their tenacity to wait something to admire Within the safety … Continue reading Wordle: Past Magic

Mead and Mortals

Lightning flashed and made her look up. The doors to the inn, a mere second later, swung inwards simultaneously and the room was instantly filled with a strong-odoured wind. “By the gods!” the woman muttered, but stayed where she was, propped. Zeus walked into the inn, followed by his consort Hera. “Wench!” He bellowed, “A tankard of your finest mead!” The woman stayed where she … Continue reading Mead and Mortals

Wordle: Knights and Dragons

  Row after row of hollow armour Split in places and locked behind glass and key in others Knights no longer in court to hear the constant thrum from the fight No longer decked in their finery Lethal battles with dragons long finished Bodies stripped, survivors given a stay of execution at the time If they were lucky But all now ghosts Echoes from time … Continue reading Wordle: Knights and Dragons

The Superhero Diaries 4.1: Withdrawal Times Two

The Elite Force of Britain: a group of superheroes who joined together to solve one town’s problems, and decided to stick together for the greater good. One of the disadvantages of being in a superhero group is that one team member’s arch nemesis becomes everyone else on the team’s arch nemesis also. That is simply a cross to bear, unfortunately. One thing that isn’t as … Continue reading The Superhero Diaries 4.1: Withdrawal Times Two

Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!

Durn dun. Don’t go in the water. Imagine the scene. You’re floating in the Lake, merrily minding your own business. Trying to get a shut eye or possibly two, dozing on a rather cool Winter’s afternoon. Durn dun. See it before you go swimming. You feel a presence approaching. Nonchalantly you pretend to ignore it, not fazed in the slightest… although pretending to snooze, you … Continue reading Cute Critter Friday: Beaks!

The Rainforests of Cheshire

I went exploring earlier today, and at one point I thought I’d strayed into a rainforest somewhere. The mist was settling, and a fine rain had began to fall. It was very fresh, but even with the mist it didn’t feel all that cold. I took a few snaps here and there, as I usually do, on my mobile phone, and then transferred them to … Continue reading The Rainforests of Cheshire

Portrait. But of WHO???

I’ve been feeling a little creative of late, and decided to have another go at painting a portrait. OH NO! I hear you shriek… that’s fine, I shrieked it myself. Instead of wasting using watercolour, I decided to go down the digital route with this one, and wasted a few thousand pixels and several thousand seconds instead. I shall give a few clues, but will … Continue reading Portrait. But of WHO???

Wordle: Neptune’s Fury

Frothy water In the wake of the horse-drawn shell Zigzagging through the vast blue ocean As if trying to stitch the waves together Neptune travels Sense of urgency A shrill wind And an icy chill that begins to singe the extremes Become nothing Neptune holds his trident aloft Peaks pointing towards a turbulent sky And with a swift circle of the staff Lightning streaks forth … Continue reading Wordle: Neptune’s Fury

Santa’s Flight

A few days before Christmas, Father Christmas decided to try out his new one-man flight device, with unfortunate consequences. Fox Wood was his chosen setting, and all of the foxes came out to see what all the kerfuffle was about. They gathered around Santa, as he flicked the switch on his nifty handheld flight-suit remote control to power up the suit. He then clicked the … Continue reading Santa’s Flight

Wordle: Wise Man?

Be a sport and answer my question I want three names in quick succession There’s nothing to win, but my head’s in a spin And my instincts have fell foul to the fact That although the tale I know well, these details I truly lack. These magi brought with them gifts many years ago, One ruddy, one gold, and the other yellow, To a baby … Continue reading Wordle: Wise Man?

Did you spot the Lake Dragon?

Smiling and swimming by the Lady I didn’t. Not until after the post was posted yesterday, that is. I really do not know how I missed it – not taking in the full picture, I suppose: Look; it’s clearly there: There will be more. I’m sure of it! After a short break, I’m having another attempt at a run of Six Word Saturday posts. Click … Continue reading Did you spot the Lake Dragon?

Lakeside Guardians

I’ve been walking around the Lake again today. With all the changes going on Seasonal-wise, I was quite surprised to find myself back on a cool Summer’s Day. I made it my mission to search for the Spirits of the Trees or the Lakeside Guardians, and to photograph them through my trusty mobile phone. I do have a camera, but my mobile is so much … Continue reading Lakeside Guardians