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The Superhero Diaries 5.10: Invisible Help

The story continues…


I’ve got it working.

This is Invisible Charlie from the Elite Force of Britain. I’m recording this on an adapted Dictaphone as I want to record events as they happen. Solar flares have caused major disruption all across the planet, but the main problem is that the powers of superheroes and villains everywhere have gone awry, due to a constant bombardment of psychic bursts from Psychic Sue. I can’t turn invisible, which isn’t too bad all things considered.

I’m currently in a basement room at EFB headquarters, but I’m about to go outside to see if there is anything I can do to try to resolve this issue.

Psychic Sue is also affecting every living thing on the planet, causing them to act completely different, almost zombie-like. Lycralad has also affected matter, so its molecules are constantly altering and this problem is also spreading around the world very quickly. Crimson Songbird is just shrieking constantly, so that is adding to the madness.

Right. Summary over. It’s time to go.

I’m in the stairway going up to the headquarters. The lighting isn’t working, so I can only assume that the power is now off.

OK. I’m at the top. This is it. I hope I can last long enough to try to calm Psychic Sue somehow. She’s in the medical lab in the doctor’s office on the second floor, with the others who are contributing to the problem.

I’ll not lock this door; in case I need to retreat quickly and by some chance I can get back down there.

OK. I’m in the reception corridor, which seems quiet, apart from the constant screeching. And – wait a minute! There’s a shadow outside the front door. And they are knocking. No, tapping something out. That’s SOS! They are calling for help. They mustn’t be affected. Any help will be better than none. I’ll have to risk it.


H-hello. I-invisible Charlie. I’m Adam. A-adam Rawlinson. I think Lycralad is my friend. I don’t know why but whatever’s happening isn’t affecting me. Even my clothes! I had a compulsion to come here. A thought, but a really strong one said ‘EFB Go’.

Hi Adam. Come on in, quickly. We can work out what happened there earlier. I’m just glad I have help from someone! Let me just lock this door – who?! Adam – get behind me – this is the Dropped Apostrophe!

But look at his clothes – he looks unaffected.

You’re right. Apostrophe – you’d better be up to no good, today of all days. I don’t have time for you at the moment.

No. I’m here to help. Look at me. I’m fine. My colleagues are all like cavemen and I’m fine. I got your message. For today at least I’m one of the good guys.

OK then. Come on in. This first room here on the left is the kitchen. If you look through the window, you will see that is just a complete block of ice inside, and trapped within the ice is Viridian and a few others. We need to find some way to melt the ice and free Viridian – he isn’t affected as well, but is using his powers to keep the others alive. He will be the one to settle Psychic Sue, so we need to get him out.

Then I shall do that, Invisible Charlie. As a supervillain, I am aware that I shouldn’t really be inside your headquarters so I’ll stay here and do what I can. We do have a moral code, even as the bad guys. You can trust me.

I have no choice, Apostrophe, but thank you. Do what you can. Adam and I will go upstairs to find if we can do something else to settle Sue.

Adam – come with me.

Are you just going to trust him, just like that?

I – we have no choice. You can see that he is unaffected, and I did ask for their help as well. Right. OK. Upstairs we go. The medical centre is on the second floor.

You have a medical centre?

Oh yes. In this game you need one! One of the receptionists is – ah. Never mind. I nearly gave away a trade secret then and divulged a secret identity.

It’s OK. I can’t be trusted. I know that.

No. It’s not that, Adam. We need to keep our identities secret to protect everyone around us. Even our closest family and friends – or most of them – don’t even know what we do. People like the Dropped Apostrophe and others are always trying to get information such as that, and the less who know the better.

Ah. OK. Invisible Charlie,

Just Charlie will be fine.

Charlie, why aren’t I affected? I can hear that screaming clearly, it seems to be drowning out my thoughts, yet I can still hear them. And my clothes. They should be in shreds. They’re just normal clothes. I don’t get it.

I don’t get that bit either. I can see how our minds might not be affected, but the clothes? And another thing. The building looks structurally fine as well. There should be some distortions, especially being this close to Lycralad but nothing.

And Lycralad. Is he OK?

I’m sure he’s fine. How do you know him?

I think he’s my b – erm – I think I’ve worked it out. Something he said to me yesterday. Never mind.

Hmmm. OK. Here’s the medical centre. Psychic Sue, Lycralad and Crimson Songbird are all in the medical rooms down that long corridor over there. I think the first thing we need to do is sedate Crimson and stop that constant screaming. And once that’s done, we need to see what we can do to both Sue and Lycra.

Yes. The story continues next week. I can’t believe it…

Apologies for this post appearing so late, and for the rather obvious lack of my presence around the Blogosphere this week. Not that there’s anything really new there, but I’m just sayin’!

The Superhero Diaries 5.9: Radio Silence

Dear Britain, the world, and any future generations,

My name is Charles Seer, but I’m probably better known to you as Invisible Charlie.

I’m writing this to apologise to each and every one of you. I’ve failed dreadfully in the planet’s greatest hour of need. I’m trapped in a lead room below the Elite Force of Britain headquarters in England. I may be the only superhero left on the planet, as everybody else has been overcome by a solar-flare-induced psychic battering from my friend and colleague Psychic Sue.

I’m affected also, as I have lost my power to turn invisible, but that power would be no good in this situation anyway.

I’ve been watching the news channel – its broadcasting events live, but all of the newsreaders and production crews have now been affected by the psychic onslaught. Every now and then a face will appear on screen, almost zombie-like and dressed in rags.

It was comical to start off with, people line-dancing in the street, but then animals joined in. Dogs and cats star jumping. Horses cartwheeling. Surreal events which I will never forget about.

I’ve sent an appeal out to the superhero groups around the world, but I’ve heard nothing back, and because of that, I can only assume that they have succumbed to this terrible event also.

Please let it be known that I have tried my best to get any kind of help, even resorting to asking supervillains, but again, nothing.

I’m writing this, should anyone ever find it, to say I am not giving up. Not in this room. I am going to go out there, and do what I can to try and restore some kind of order myself. I don’t know how long I will manage to even stand up outside of the door, but I have to do something.

If you read this, I can only presume that I have failed, as if I do not fail, I shall return and destroy this letter.

May peace be restored to this wonderful world.

Invisible Charlie.


This story continues next week.

Early Warning Notification

Blogland! I warn thee of possible dire consequences yet to come.

The direst, in fact.

Brace yourselves, for this is one of those moments you will be pleased to have received an Early Warning Notification for.

I kid thee not.

Thine very souls know this to be the truth; so beware you may shudder when you read the following words…

Toward the end of July (July 2018 to be specific!) the Bathroom in the Mansion is to be replaced.

Now, compose yourself. Settle down, and take deep and measured breaths. I will allow you to calm before I continue.


OK, then.

Yes, everything in the Bathroom is being removed and renewed. As many of you know, the Bathroom is home to an Interdimensional Vortex, which is currently hidden behind a curtain. I hope it behaves itself when the workmen arrive, although disturbing any structure which is built where multiple Ley Lines cross is bound to cause some ripples throughout space and time.

I shall be focussing energies away from the Bathroom when the work begins… but you never know.

Especially where my Bathroom is concerned.

I just thought it was only fair to let you know in advance…


Above: The old Bathroom with the Vortex lurking behind the curtain. Apologies for the state of the photo, but cameras don’t work particularly well in the Bathroom… and it’s actually blue.

The Superhero Diaries 5.7: Frozen

Hello. I’m the Crimson Songbird, and I’m a member of the Elite Force of Britain. We all have bad days from time to time, and us superheroes are no different, especially when we have bands of supervillains to deal with. Take this report, for instance, that appeared recently in one of our local newspapers.

Please note that some of the details in the report do not match the artist’s impression that appeared with the report in the newspaper. Speculation has it that the artist may have connections with this new band of supervillains and tried to make matters appear worse than they actually were… and in our own back yard to boot. Strangely, I do remember these events, although I remember them slightly differently to how they were reported. Please, read on…

A new band of merciless supervillains have taken up residence in Mid, the home of the Elite Force of Britain. Their numbers are, at present, unknown, as is the exact location of their secret headquarters, but three of their membership appeared at once in an almighty battle with the Crimson Songbird by the Mid Memorial Tower in the town centre. Luckily, the memorial survived the attack, whereas in other battles between superheroes and supervillains statues and memorials are usually demolished beyond recognition.

The only damage in this onslaught was to Crimson Songbird’s reputation, as each supervillain in turn used their weather-based powers to pass her between them as though they were throwing a beach ball.

Every time Crimson Songbird tried to use her lullaby technique to subdue her opponents, the male member of the trio, who called himself ‘Thunder’ conjured up some deafening thunder claps that simply drowned out the heroine’s dulcet tones.

The blonde ‘Cyclone’ was the one who kept Crimson Songbird airborne and moved her between the three of them, not allowing the Songbird to touch the ground or gain her composure. The final member of this despicable trio called herself ‘Fury’, and she was poking Crimson Songbird with bursts of energy. She called them solar bursts, as she mocked the hapless superhero.

A small crowd had gathered to watch the events, with several of them trying to intervene to help. They were pushed back by Cyclone, but Crimson Songbird was also seen gesturing for them to stand back.

The so-called Weathermen then upped the ante with Cyclone bringing forth rain from thunder clouds created by Thunder. Fury added a few solar bursts that seemed to generate lightning, which, once again, was used against Crimson Songbird.

The Weathermen had miscalculated the effects of their powers, however, and from the rooftop of the Mid Savings Bank a strong and icy wind suddenly appeared. Stronger and stronger it grew; and with its strength the cooler and colder it got. Within a minute the memorial and the surrounding area, together with the three villains and Crimson Songbird were frozen in place by intersecting icicles.

The EFB’s Icewind had saved her colleague and captured the three assailants, whose motive for the attack is currently not clear, although being frozen by a colleague must just add to Crimson Songbird’s embarrassment woes.

At the time of printing, nobody within the EFB were available for comment, although a statement was provided from Crimson Songbird thanking all those who stepped out to help her.

The Superhero Diaries 5.6: In The Stocks

Discovered in an Eleventh Century Manuscript:

Ane incredible ftretching woman, a man with the tighteft of cloths and a man only part vifible to the villagers eyes met us one fine Tuefeday. Ftrangeres to thefe parts with abiliteys far unufual and fuperyer to the common man, thefe folk declared they were not godf but men and women like the reft of us.

Where we took to our horfes to help them heale their friende, a greenfkinned man who was injurede in their myftical veffele, they flew upon the wind. Carried by the tightly garbed one they reached the veffel in far quicker time than the villagers, even the mayors fteed was too flow for themme.

We anointede the greenfkinned traveler with a balm made uppe of fruits fromme the forreft and left him to reft when a ftranger called into the county and beganne to battle with the kinde travelers.

This battling ftranger deemed himfelf to be a dropped apoftrphe, fomething we are totally unaware of, and the kinde travelers told us not to be too concerned and they would hold him in their ftocks.

The ftretching woman ftretched her arms around this apoftrphe fellow as the tightly garbed one used magicks the kind never feen to bind his armf and legf with twine. The partly vifible fellow then made the now bound apoftrphe fall found afleep.

The ftrangers then bid us their fare wells and carried their fleeping attacker back to the veffele.

I can vouch that thefe events are true, as they were witniffed by all of the villagers, who afked that the eventf be recorded in the village bookf.

More entries from the Diaries next week!