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ATC: Hippocentaur

Not one of my better ones, this, but my usual excuse of not enough time comes into play again here. That said, it is still a creation, and I made a promise to post them warts and all, so that I must do. Although this dud is certainly no masterpiece it still illustrates my next ATC in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series, now totalling six. Before colouring with pastels (as with the others in this series) the face looked chiselled and devilishly handsome, but the pastels smudged the black gel ink, distorting the face somewhat. The body is also longer and fatter somewhat than intended, especially at the tail end, and the legs were rather stumpy compared to how they should be, but I think I’ve managed to hide that by the text for the creature’s name. When I have time, I shall either return to this or create another one, spending a little more time rather than just racing to get it done.

So. The hippocentaur. Centaur to you and me, but I have chosen to use its full name here. The centaur is a mythological creature with the lower body of a horse and upper body of a human. They are usually only seen in male form, but centauresses do exist as well. My centaur has long golden hair, and golden stripes similar to those on a zebra, and is seen in its animal form. If they go for their human nature, they tend to wear cloaks, hoods, gloves and carry bows or spears. In their animal nature they shed all things human and run around naturally as horses would.

To me, they are friendly beings, but they are troubled by the split they have between their animal and human sides. They can’t be accepted by either, so live an isolated existence, but help out human and animalkind when they deem it necessary, but then return to their woodland habitat rarely being seen.

This is my legend of them, by the way, not the true legend which stems from both Greek and Roman mythologies, and other mythologies around the world. One more, I feel, just adds to their magic.

So. Here’s the hippocentaur, taken with and without a flash, although I’m not sure which is the better option…

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ATC: Kelpie

We’re back with a not very nice creature for this, my fifth ATC in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series.

This time we’re looking at the legend of the kelpie, a malevolent shape-shifting water spirit from Scottish folklore. They spend a lot of their time in or by rivers and streams, and usually take the shape of a tame horse or foal or pony. They do this to make themselves attractive to children, to encourage them to ride them – but this is where they turn sinister. Their coats are sticky, and whoever rides the kelpie cannot dismount. The kelpie then plunges beneath the surface of the water, and carries away its captive to be eaten at its leisure.

Like I said not very nice.

They also take the form of a human, sitting by the waters edge, or resting on a bridge, pretending to need some kind of assistance. Once again it is merely a ploy to grab itself a passing snack!

The kelpies can be captured though, simply by putting one of them into a bridle, and the one who does this then has control over not one, but all of the kelpies. Although they would need to be extra careful not to become stuck fast to the spirit first!

Created once again using pastels, gel pens and metallic markers, this was a rather quick ATC to create. My intention was to make the mane blend into the waves so the ‘horse’ became one with the water, but it would have become too dark, and the creature is already dark enough, I feel. Some of the gel pens have glitter in them, which really stands out on the kelpie’s eye, and I like how the face seems to have a wet look to it. Purely coincidental.


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ATC: Wyvern

So. I had planned on posting a new ATC each week for my new Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series. And here I am posting another ATC, a day after the first one.

Why? Well, thank you for asking. I so enjoyed creating yesterday’s Phoenix, I decided that I couldn’t wait until next week to do another, so went right ahead and created one right here right now. Well, earlier, as you’ll be reading this after the event.

Today’s Mythical Being is the Wyvern. Often mistaken for a dragon, wyverns have two legs whereas dragons have four. It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t go calling a wyvern a dragon. They’re quite touchy.

Once again pastels, gold and silver markers and gel pens were used for this mini creation (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches is the ATC size).

If you think I’m a dragon
More fool you
Dragons have four legs
I have two
I have long strong wings
And a sharp barbed tail
Try to find me
You will surely fail
But pay attention
Look up and down
You may see my images
All around town
If it’s a dragon
That you think you see…
Remember the Wyvern
Remember me


I’ve reposted this little rhyme I’ve written about the Wyvern quite a few times, so I think it’s due for another outing.

Tomorrow, I shall try for a written post. But me and plans, y’know…