Is it April Already?

Oops. I must have overslept.


This is a quick ten minute or so digital oil, watercolour, daffodil and fur combination. No daffodils were crushed nor sleeping bunnies awakened for the creation of this post.

Happy April!

Down by the Edge of The Lake

Sometimes, life is surreal.

Sometimes, you  just have to look on and wonder.

Wonder what?


The Lake at lunchtime.

I have no idea where those mountains have come from…

I must apologise. I blame Brexit.

Frazzled Rabbits!

It should be White Rabbits, what with it being March 1st.

That was MARCH 1ST.

After the HOTTEST February on record. Well, hottest last few days of February, that is. Most odd. The white rabbits are rather hot at the moment.

Luckily, we have Storm Freya coming in over the weekend, so she may bring things back in line.

We may actually get our March Winds in March.

And I may actually get this March 1st post out on March 1st. Will wonders ever cease?


Another Sunrise

The child cuddled the fox until the Sun rose.

The fox’s paw was now healed, after the child had released it from a trap in a nearby field, and bathed it in a magical light, the colour of the Moon, from her own hands.

When the Sun was fully in the sky, the child released the fox, who playfully licked the child’s cheek before bouncing off through the flowers in the clearing.

The fox looked back just in time to see the child rise into the sky, her wings now outstretched.

Archangel Ariel smiled as the fox rejoined her cubs.


The Bag Lady (Cheryl) recently asked me to write something based on the above picture, so this is my response, in a hundred words.