Letters to the Universe… The Earworm Edition!

Dear Temperature, Always nice to feel you rise as Summer approaches, but would you mind rising a little more gradual this year rather than hitting us full pelt one morning and remaining at sweltering for several weeks… I only ask so that we can have time to adjust and enjoy you more! Dear Traffic Lights, Such a pleasure when you change to green as I … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… The Earworm Edition!

Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Dear Lake, Walking around you at lunchtime was as pleasant as it always is. And the addition of those little black chicks I spotted by the water’s edge made the walk all the more special today. Dear Sunshine, Thank you for helping to brighten the walk around the Lake and warming the breeze, which, if I’m honest, did pick up just a tad at times. … Continue reading Letters to the Universe… Fabulous First Edition!

Blog Lovin’! Do you fancy a bit?

My ‘art’ and ‘creativity’ blog – with dramatic licence, of course! And colour. Mostly. The new home to my Superhero Diaries stories / snippets / samples. And the main blog. Almost anything goes. Usually into a black hole never to be seen again, but sent there with one purpose, nay, one intention… to Feel Good. Updated daily. Or thereabouts. This has been a shameless advertisement … Continue reading Blog Lovin’! Do you fancy a bit?

Now then, do I… ah…

Always at the forefrint of cutting edge technology is where you’ll find me, and that is where I am now. At the forefrint. I’m not very technologically minded, mind, so being at the forefront, or being a pioneer, with any kind of new-fangled whatzits doesn’t come without its challenges. Challenges are good though, otherwise they aren’t challenges, and they are just. And so, I am … Continue reading Now then, do I… ah…

The Superhero Diaries 3.6: Soopaburgah!

The Elite Force of Britain. A group of superheroes united in a common cause that unites them. However, at present that unity hangs in the balance as some of the team have been catapulted into a different time zone. And not only that… a greasy spoon burger van has pulled up outside their top secret headquarters and is cashing in on their good name(s). Could … Continue reading The Superhero Diaries 3.6: Soopaburgah!

Here’s one I prepared earlier(ish)

Hello. I may be faster than a speeding bullet when I go shopping. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I’m quick, but not that quick. If I was quick, I’d have had some inspiration for a new post by now. But nothing. Not even a polar bear in sight. Sigh. No mermaids have beckoned with their siren-like song. No ghostly goings on have gone on. Even … Continue reading Here’s one I prepared earlier(ish)

The Results

Recently I posted, as an experiment, a request for readers of my blog to try to categorise eight of my posts. I wanted to gather if by reading one hundred words, the reader could tell if the post was based on a real event, a dream, a revelation or it was complete fiction. Thanks to those who took the time to cast their votes. The … Continue reading The Results

Chamaeleon: A Rogue Planet

You don’t really think of the early Seventeenth Century and connect it to a multi national corporation. Well, I don’t, and I find myself thinking of the early Seventeenth Century quite a lot! However, back in the day, there were one or two multi national corporations in existence. The British had the East India Trading Company, and the Dutch had VOC, Verenigde Oost-indische Compagnie or … Continue reading Chamaeleon: A Rogue Planet

Bah, Humbug! It’s Valentine’s!

“Valentine’s what?” one of my teachers would have said to me centuries ago when I was in school, if I’d have dared write something as I did the header of today’s post. “I’m waiting!” She would have glared over her thick-rimmed glasses, steam bellowing out of her nostrils individually. Bony fingers tapping the wooden desk impatiently as I squirmed before her, desperately trying to think … Continue reading Bah, Humbug! It’s Valentine’s!

Thoughts, by T.L.Merriman

A spark ignites an idea from an image, smell or sound A few words grouped together gets a tale off the ground A tale becomes a paragraph; a chapter; or a book Possibly a trilogy (or more) with any luck. The pen needs inspiration, to enable the tale to grow And the balance of everything needs to be… well… just so But when the idea … Continue reading Thoughts, by T.L.Merriman

News of the muse…

A few weeks ago, I was stuck for something to write. Actually, there’s nothing new there – I’m very often stuck for something to write, but one particular day I wrote about my creative juices not flowing as well as they ‘usually’ do. Nancy, of Spirit Lights The Way, suggested that I use her Writer’s Desk contest as a prompt, which I promptly did. I … Continue reading News of the muse…

The Writer’s Desk

I write At night in dull light And as I kneel I feel Surreal At a desk without a chair With papers, pens and boxes everywhere Typing, tapping, amid the clutter Recording any word I utter Hoping they flow and work well together I hope I cope within the scope Of imaginary faces in distant places And people I know and don’t in equal measure … Continue reading The Writer’s Desk

Unseen By Mirrors by Tinman

Originally posted on Worth Doing Badly:
On Tom (Aquatom1968)‘ s blog there is a button marked “Fancy a Writing Challenge?” He is one of many of you who are attempting to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days, and one of his tasks is: “11. To appear in at least five random short stories on other people’s blogs”. Since very few of us have ever met each other he offers… Continue reading Unseen By Mirrors by Tinman

Links, mentions and other things…

Warning: This post may have exceeded its daily link quota. A quick post, this, with just a few links which may come in handy! Firstly, I’ve noticed that the stats summary page from the dashboard has gone missing. The link isn’t there. I’m not stats-focussed or anything like that, but I do like to compare my stats with this time last year, or the year … Continue reading Links, mentions and other things…

December 21st

December 21st will soon be here Some folk are happy, yet others live in fear Some are preparing for the end of the world Patiently waiting to see just what will unfurl December 21st is when the sun ‘stands still’ The solstice, well one of them, if you will! The day of the year that’s shorter than the rest And the day that a prophecy … Continue reading December 21st