Beyond the Sphere

Six Words on the Ageing Process

A variation of Six Word Saturday None of us are getting younger. Apart from those of us who’re exempt… obviously naming no names here (ahem). I thought I’d list six words. Six signs of the ageing process. 1…. Read More

One’s Ache

If one’s ache was one ache, one’s ache would be fine, But one’s ache is lots of aches, here and there, at the same time. Another ache aches when another ache aches Making one ache in anticipation of… Read More


All this talk of hippies and the Sixties has set me back. Where too, exactly, I know not… but let’s see if we can unfathom something, shall we? Or should that be fathom? Anyhoo, moving on… I feel… Read More

Three Days Later

Or two days, depending on how you look at it. I’m still having problems getting on to WordPress, but apart from mentioning the fact that there’s a sticky on the Support Forum I’m not going there. Things will… Read More

It’s that time again!

I’ve just been reminded / refreshed / introduced to something that is as old as time itself. Jo Bryant, Blogstress at Chronicles of Illusions has told me today, in a comment on a recent post about me remembering… Read More