I have a glass paperweight, containing bubbles, and it’s blue
Yet in certain lights other colours come a shining through
But what if said paperweight was no paperweight at all
And it presented images of the future just like a crystal ball?

What do you see? Is the future crisp and clear or fuzzy and blurry?

Blue is a healing colour, and I can clearly see healing coming… all around. How we see the future is half of the battle of actually getting there!

Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

View from the Window: Zephyr’s Dance

I opened the window fully, sat down and looked out. The sky is bright, the day clear. A cool breeze circles, causing branches to sway gently. Zephyr flies in through the branches, breaking down into small swirls of individuality where the branches are touched. Some swirl toward me, through the open window, giggling as they caress my face and gently pull my hair. They bless my skin with the warmth of the Sun mixed with the cool freshness of a January morning. They hiss as they delicately whisper two words into my ear. “Feel Good!” they say, and I do.


Keeping Calm and Carrying On (3)

…There it is again…

The whispering. No, the scuttling.

And the tapping. It’s definitely tapping.

It’s just outside the door. But the door’s open. It can’t be there.

Why doesn’t it just come in?


Stay out.

DO NOT come in.

Good job I’m under this duvet; protector of the things that go bump and other terrors of the night. There is no way I’m getting up to investigate. No way at all. And the storm can rage all it wants to outside as well.

What was that?

A creak. The creak came from the door.

But the door’s open…

Wordle: On The Road

Listen for the whistle within the muffled wind
Close your eyes and feel the wind’s fierce touch upon your skin
As clay eggs rattle around the dusty yard
Pry into the energies of the magic that’s within
Feel the wind push this way and that
Pit your wits and acknowledge the fact
That Kansas vanished seconds ago
And in its place now is a long windy road

Wordle: Apparition


Knocking and bumping in the middle of the night
Blinded by darkness and a bright shining light
Sticky situation – in two minds if it’s real
Knowing and dreaming is just how it feels
Surreal reality drizzled by fear
The echo, the coldness, proves that it’s here
King of the hill laughing within
Milling and shimmering with luminous trim
Light goes on and fear subsides
Though the knowledge is born something else here resides…