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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Shadow’, and today I am using a few old photos for my interpretation.

Photo number one contains hardly a shadow, but there is a slight one there…

Photo number two features the tiniest hint of shadow, but the butterfly isn’t that much larger itself…

And photo number three most definitely features a shadow… my old friend Shadow the Cat!

And a black cat fits in nicely with my theme of Halloween!

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Cheetah! Cheater!

OK. I’ve digitally enhanced the header image. There, I’ve said it. I had to. The eyes didn’t look right otherwise,and they just needed that little bit of an added zing.

The images below are all untouched, as they are on the watercolour paper. This is my next version of an ATC/ACEA, presented for #WorldWatercolorMonth. A baby cheetah, warily watching the outside world. The Sun is setting on our safari now, it seems, and with only three paintings left to be done in this series of nine, I can only wonder which creature we will stumble upon next.

The above photo keeps us up to date with the paintings so far. And, as you can see, the eyes need a little extra work on the cheetah. I always have trouble with eyes.

This second photo is the one I used for the Featured Image, only I didn’t add the little light reflections in the eyes (or colour pop the image, either – I think I prefer them un-colour-popped)

And this final image shows the actual size of all six safari paintings so far (ee – hehehe! A tired old joke now) beside a pen (aptly, a ‘Zebra’ pen!)

Another post for #WorldWatercolorMonth, find more details by clicking the link below:

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Curious Kitty

Another in my series of versions of ACTs/ACEOs in watercolour from an imaginary jaunt around Safariland. Today, we come across a lion cub.

More rough than ready, and hardly anywhere near as cute as it should be – it needs further work doing to the eyes – this little cub is still curious as to what or who is looking back at it.  It won’t run away, though. It’s too warm to run away. All of the babies we are coming across on this safari are resting. Resting gives us just that extra little bit of time (although still no time to finish the eyes, though. Sigh!)

It’s all practice, though. And fun.

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Double Wordle: Wings and Claws

My feathered friends and I like to sit and laugh,
At the exploits of the clot, Mr Jinx the cat
He thinks we don’t see him as he follows us
Then decides with a sigh
And a tail’s swish enough’s enough
He’d chase us around Planet Earth
If his while it was mostly worth…
And he wasn’t dizzy from spinning
As betwixt and beyond we’d lead him
And shallow pecks we’d give him,
Not deep enough to bleed him
Just enough to fire his ire
And choose to give chase
To save face
But breaking news! It’s all fiction
Mr Jinx is thick-skinned
Like the rest of the yakult-fed feline cult
Them, and their thoughts of chase and play
We make their day.
Well, my feathered friends and I laugh
Until we’re caught
And then we lie still and pray…