I like listening to most kinds of music, I really do.

I can’t say I know the words to most songs that I listen to, but I tend to get the general idea. I have OKish hearing – not the best, one ear is better than the other, but it’s good enough for me – so I can hear the different tones and notes in the music and songs being played. I’m not entirely sure I can get all of the words being sung – in fact I know I can’t – but in cases like this I do the next best thing and make the words up.

I’ve had some corkers for my own lyrics over the years. For example, for months I thought Enya was singing ‘Save the whale’ in Orinoco Flow; and therefore so did I. I wondered why I would receive the odd look as I quietly hummed along my own version when it was on in the background in Directory Enquiries at work. One of my work colleagues at the time didn’t help though, for she thought the words were ‘Sail the waves’, so her hearing was probably as good as mine. We both laughed when we finally found out the true lyrics. We were both convinced we were right.

I’ve never really been musically gifted. Yes, I’ve plucked a few guitar strings, banged on a few tin drums, and I actually composed a ring tone on an old mobile phone from what I heard was the theme tune of a TV show. It sounded nothing like it, but I could pick out the tune. The rhythm was all wrong, the notes were either too short, or too high, or too deep, but I could get the tune from it. I had to change it when I received odd looks from people who heard the ringtone whenever anyone called me. I don’t think artistic licence had been invented back then.

One of my ambitions is to own and play a harp. I have a calling to it. I know that as soon as I get my hands on one, I’ll be playing harmonious music the likes never heard before. I may even write my own song.

I used to be able to write the musical notes on those five line things that music is written on, but I can’t do that now – it has been years since I last composed a piece of music. I’m not in the same league as Ludwig Van Beethoven. Of course I’m not, although we do have remarkably similar hair on occasions… anyway I digress.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with my hearing, but my singing voice is a little off. In my mind, I am singing pitch perfect. And to my hearing, the tones that are leaving my mouth are angelic and perfectly in tune with the music that is being played softly in the background. Well, the music starts softly, but by the end I can’t hear myself think as the volume is so high – I think I’m receiving a signal that my singing isn’t anything special.

I actually know that. I have heard a recording of my singing voice. This is why it is all the more special when I do sing nowadays. My speaking voice isn’t much better, but at least I speak in tune. Well, I think I do.

Years ago, when I first started in the music class at school, I was looking forward to playing the piano. I was asked to sing a verse from one of the hymns, and was promptly told to stop. I was then given two blocks of wood to knock together to keep time. Others could sing or play good musical instruments and I was knocking wood together. You’d think after that, I wouldn’t be interested in music. Which is also kind of true.

My path could have been so different if I’d been allowed to continue to sing that day. Or even if I was asked to play the drums, or the triangle even. But no, I was given the wood, and I have followed the path I was destined to follow.

Slightly musically minded, slightly in a different dimension. But music or no music, looking back it was fun. Thinking back helps me to feel good, as I can laugh at the times I belted out some appalling sounds, in front of an audience. I couldn’t do it now, but I most definitely thought that I could back then!

It’s not what we do that matters, it’s how we do it.

Anyway, I did it my way…

24 thoughts

  1. Cats don’t like to hear me sing, so you’re that much better than I. Back when I had my furry family, if I sang, the cats would gather ’round and stare up at me in concern. If I persisted, they’d push their noses into my face, sniffing and trying to figure why I was apparently in so much pain.

    Sing on, Tom! 🙂


    1. Maybe Diane, they DON’T like to hear me sing, and gather instead to do to me what they do to you – but they couldn’t get in… hmmm…. I may lay off the singing for a short while to re-address the situation…


  2. You’ve heard this before and I bet in a different context but here goes anyway:

    If it feels this good, how can it be bad. If you’re enjoying yourself, hey who is man enough to try to stop you. I rest my case.


  3. Oh Man this is such a hilarious write up 😆
    i remember this one advertisement about some product where the song was about how one can use this product in any fuunction,marriage or other celebrations…now the song was in Hindi and for years i wondered why would some one sing- “Marriage is for dogs”…untill one day i asked my mom and she laughed so bad and then she told me the actual lyrics….
    oh loved this post 🙂
    Must add sing no matter what and do not forget to throw wooden blocks of people and then later put the blame on the teacher who gave you blocks to hold 😉


  4. If you love to sing I think you should keep on doing it under certain conditions:

    1: you reside in a place where you don’t share a paper thin shared wall so you don’t torture your next door neighbor.

    2: you reside in a place with a shared paper thin wall and you refrain from accessing your inner Ethel Merman in the middle of the night.

    I reside in that place and I’m the suffering neighbor. Otherwise, I think everyone should feel free to burst into song.


    1. I agree with both of your conditions, LA, and I don’t think anyone would mind at all if I started to sing… apart from my Inner Ethel Merman and Inner Zombie, who seem to be making their own kind of music to try to put me off…


    1. 😯 I mime when I’m in church, Prenin. I’m frightened that my voice will be far louder than everyone else and just can’t sing. And I don’t know the words, which doesn’t help…


  5. Always do it your way Tom… and not wishing to sound off my own trumpet! but I was in the choir at school.. and still turn out not a bad tune… I play my Drum…. and used to have a Guitar, many moons, but havent played in Many more moons lol.. I tend to howl my head off with the Native American Indians in their Chants these days… I guess Id better stop.. As I told Deb recently today on her Rain picture… I was listening to the Rain Dance on CD when I clicked onto her rain picture.. May be Im the one to blame for making it Rain!!! 😉 ~Sue


    1. I think when I was singing the hymn it was for the boy’s choir tryouts. Don’t remember the song, but remember the awful feeling when I was told to stop singing. I love the rain, Sue, so don’t stop on my account! 😀 And, I’m impressed with your musical talents!


      1. Tom dont be… My Dad bought me a Guitar when I was 12… I learnt to play by ear.. and could strum a cord or three.. and self taught via book.. not very good, I dabbles too on the piano self taught.. The only instrument I mastered was a recorder at school.. And Now my Native~Drum… Pictures which Im sure you will have seen in my Art section… I painted it myself.. Been playing drumming music all day on CD.. While playing catch up.. and yes Rain is much needed and it is still raining hard.. Have a good evening ~Sue


        1. Being self taught is all the more impressive, Sue…. you’ll be better than me! (But when I get my harp… ;))
          I’ll have to come and have another look at your artwork. I had a quick browse of your site when I first started visiting you, but have always intended to have another look! Thanks for the reminder… I’ll be along soon! 🙂


            1. I think I may have seen your paintings before, Sue, but they are brilliant! I understand what you mean by saying the drumming intensifies intent of thought… and I have the Cherokee Morning Song now playing in the background! Thanks for the link! 😀


  6. I just wail away these days as loud as I can. Used to drive the kiddywinkles insane. When i was still at school I performed in The Mikado as Yum Yum, which meant a fair bit of singing for the likes of me…when they compared me to Barbra Streisand they didn’t actually mean voice wise but I figured that I could take it anyway I wanted.


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