Beyond the Sphere

It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week’s theme is ‘Dream’.

My dreams go from the sublime to the ridiculous. sometimes even in the same dream. A complete mixed bag of elements, which may just be brought together to fill the blank canvas of my mind as I sleep; although it could also be said they may hold the key to what’s in store for the future. If only I can remember them long enough to work out what!

Above are a few photos representing some of my dreams, completely random and mixed up – one of them speaks a lot louder to me than the others. It may just be a favourite of this particular bunch, however, so I’ll not say which one.

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As the pianist played, the rain fell.
As the rain fell, the thunder sang.
As the thunder sang, the lightning danced.
As the lightning danced, the pianist played.

Thunder and music.

Lightning and rain.

Harmonious. Togetherness. Nature and sound.
Dancing. And playing. Music abounds.

In tune.

In rhythm.

Inside and out.

The pianist plays as the rains come down.

Thunder. Now birdsong. Raindrops galore.
Both musician and nature need to give more.

(Words: April 2012. Picture April 2020)

A couple more tops in this post, which is an old photo of two of Giza’s Pyramids in Egypt. The photo must be getting on to the top end of being thirty years old now; I had to say ‘photo’ because, obviously, the Pyramids top that age by a few thousand years, and I wouldn’t want to cause any confusion.

This is another post for Becky’s Square Top challenge. Link in the panel below:

Squares header Logo!

Ground comes alive as suns set
Reminiscent of Phoenix ascending
As skies turn the deepest red
Magenta rises then lava falls
And turbulence fills the rivers
‘Til sunsrise
Then the calmness of the forest returns
Until the next Magenta Cascade

Based on my April 2017 post The Magenta Cascade over on Splodge and Splatter.

An abstract interpretation of Hallowe’en. Armed with a ClipArt bat, and featuring moons, teeth, pumpkins, apples, witches hats, eyes and spiders legs (them’s the red things, by the way!), I splopped this together very quickly to get another post out in Hallowe’en Month.

Well, it has to be done.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind about the spiders legs. They’re now those invisible cobweb strands that you always walk through when there’s a crowd around, and you do that dance to get it off your face. I know you know what I mean…

Hi. It’s Lycralad here, from the Elite Force of Britain. We’re a band of superheroes who joined together many years ago (or so it seems) to do battle with all kinds of unscrupulous individuals. And ourselves at times – but we are mostly like one big happy family. On the whole.

We have a bit of an issue, though, where our innermost secrets seem to be leaked. Of course, some of those secrets have been deliberately leaked by us to help with our ‘top secret’ missions, yet others have caught us by surprise. Luckily, none of our more personal secrets, such as our friends’ and family’s details or our secret identities have been revealed. But that is just another risk we take as superheroes.

What follows here are the minutes to one of our recent meetings, that Supervillains United managed to get hold of. There isn’t much in it, but we do tend to keep most of what is going on between the lines…

In Attendance: The Stealth Gentleman (SG); The Green Gladiator (GG); Bettystretch246 (BS); The Crimson Songbird (CS); Psychic Sue (PS); Cloud (CL); Muriel Magnificent (MM); The Firetop (FT); Invisible Charlie (IC); Lycralad (LY); The Diver (DI); The Puddleton Protector (PP)

Guest Attendees: Angel Change (AC); ParrotGirl (PG); Simba Katiya (SK); Felyne (FE); El Pizzazz (EP); Topaz (TO); Windboy (WB); IceWind (ICw); Hera (HE); Mistress De Leur (MDL); Patricia Power (PPo); Raydarr (RA); Sable Sapphire (SS); Simon Starr (SSt); Sia Klath (SK); Solar (SO);

Not In Attendance: All in attendance

Chair and Minutes: Viridian (VI)

Subject of Discussion: Secret Headquarters

Reason for Meeting: To discuss whether to reveal the location of the Secret Headquarters to the world.

Other Notes: The meeting took place in the kitchen as there were too many people in attendance to fit in the meeting room. Even in the kitchen it was a tight squeeze, so the location of a more suitable meeting room was also put on the agenda.

MM spoke in length about the fact that the Secret Headquarters being inside the tallest building in Mid Town Centre makes it stand out anyway. FT commented that many a supervillain have called by and rang the doorbell, so the fact that they know where it is speaks volumes. GG reminded us all that the milk delivery invoices has ‘the superhero HQ’ written on the top when it is pushed through the door.

CL felt that the location should remain secret, as even though almost everybody knew where it was, they had no proof. IC reminded CL (who wasn’t in attendance at the time) that the location was made publicly available when SK’s spacecraft crashed into the top floor last Summer, and all superheroes in attendance went flying out through the fifth floor window to investigate, on the day of the Mid Parade.

PG advised that her (secret identity) hairdresser knew the location of the headquarters, and not only that, had a plan of the building’s layout on the wall of her salon, as a piece of abstract art.

LY said he thought the location was public knowledge all along.

MDL, FE and EP (in attendance due to being zapped to today from one of their battles back in 1924) advised caution against revealing the location, even though many knew where it was.

WB and PPo suggested moving to a new location, a cave, or a satellite headquarters in space.

DI then suggested an underwater HQ would be more secure, although FT advised he can’t swim and doesn’t like water. SK advised that she is barred from outer space, which was why her spacecraft crashed last year. CS said being in a cave was totally unsuitable.

PP suggested moving the location out of Mid entirely, and setting up a new one in Puddleton.

PPo agreed with PP and said she knew of the ideal location there, as her secret identity estate agent had such a place for sale. PS also thought moving to Puddleton would be a good idea, as it was in a more central location.

RA mentioned that Mid should remain home to the headquarters, as people expected the superheroes to be there.

BS thought they should put it to a vote as to whether to remain in Mid or leave to Puddleton. This motion was carried, and the vote scheduled to take place after this meeting.

HE asked if those in attendance as guests should be allowed to vote, and it was agreed that all present that day would be allowed. VI would make up the ballot papers before the vote.

TO requested a photo be taken of the entire group, as this meeting was such a monumental one not likely to be seen again. This motion too was carried, and the photo session was arranged for just after the vote.

SS had to be excused from the meeting to do her hair.

SG suggested converting the gym on the fifth floor to become the new meeting room, as the superheroes spend much of their time there anyway. The old meeting room could then become the gym.

BS then pointed out that the Sixth floor has remained empty since the haunting and maybe that could be used to house the new meeting room. PS advised she would check out the Sixth floor with the Psychic Recorder to see whether any entities remained.

IC thought moving the gym to the current meeting room wouldn’t be such a good idea as it would get too warm. The open air flow on the fifth floor made it ideal to keep the gym where it was.

It was decided to put the room move on hold for now, pending Psychic Sue’s investigations.

SS returned to the meeting in time for the conclusion.

In Conclusion:
So, in conclusion, most in attendance had a say on the discussion, and a chance to vote in the location move after the meeting. The room move was probably best to be put on hold just in case the vote was to move the Secret Headquarters. If the move took place, the meeting room location would be discussed there, and if the move didn’t take place it would be discussed here afterwards.

Meeting Adjourned


Reports are coming through that Tufty has returned to the Lake. Grainy photographs have been received showing both Tufty and Mrs Tufty swimming together on the Lake’s surface. As I’m currently in Cluddunt I haven’t had visual contact with the pair myself, but the photos definitely seem to indicate that Tufty has returned.

More on this Beaking News story when I return to the UK.

Here are the photos I have received:

Above: Tufty and Mrs Tufty

Above: Mrs Tufty and Tufty

Above: Tufty through the branches.

Luckily I have been able to clear away most of the grainy dotty interference from the photos. They clearly show that Tufty is back!

Dear Blogland,
I’m feeling really mischievous, I hope you don’t mind. Part of my mischief began yesterday, in a very quick late night post (here in England) where I planted a little seed. I’m doing it again now…

Planting another earworm, that is! I’ve linked to YouTube above, to one such earworm.
Earworms are awesome, with just that ‘right’ song!
I have no idea how long my Inner Imp will be in residence, but hey… enjoy. And sing along. All day.

Dear Computer,
Yes, I know that updates are needed. Yes, I’m aware that there are imps and gremlins and hackers and bots and undesirables out there who do nothing apart from pick their trawl the interweb trying to snatch as much personal data as they possibly can. Yes, I know all that. Could I ask that you become a tad more awesome, and just update when I’m not using the computer? This is my connection to the outside world, and it isn’t much fun whilst you are rumbling and pingling away in the corner and I’m looking at nothing move on the monitor. Sometimes, I feel dial-up was quicker due to some of these updates.

Dear The Weather,
How awesome have you been lately? Glorious Sunrises, bright (although chilly – especially by The Lake!) days, and longer lighter evenings! Fabulous! You really are showing me that Spring is almost here!

Dear Words,
I know that palindromes, such as reviver, are words that are spelt the same front to back and back to front, which is quite awesome in itself. Noon is an even better palindrome as it is pronounced the same backwards as well as forwards… and it is also the same upside down! However, I have just discovered that a semordnilap is a word that is spelt in reverse to another, but has a totally different meaning, such as god and dog… although pat and tap could be considered similar. Semordnilap is a semordnilap of palindromes, as they are both the same word reversed but with different meanings. Now, what is the name for a word that is spelt the same forwards and backwards, but pronounced differently in reverse? Noon isn’t a good example here, but I’m sure there must be some… to boot, to boot!

Dear The Word ‘Extramundane’,
To me, you don’t sound like what you actually mean, which is ‘outside or beyond the physical world’. Mind you, I always thought of ‘mundane’ as being boring or dull, but it has another meaning, which is related to the realm in which we mere mortals live in, and not the heavenly or spiritual plains. I think I will add you as a point of reference to my blog, which I feel must be bordering the extramundane. It’s certainly beyond anything normal, that’s for sure!

Dear Earworms,
I just can’t get you out of my head!

Dear Awesome Earworms,
Aw… you are almost anagrams of each other. Just add an extra R at the end of awesome, to make it awesomer, or more awesome, and discreetly morph the other R into the other E (or the other way around) and you are perfect.

Dear, Erm, Earworms,
Mahna mahna! Don’t worry, be happy… the lion sleeps tonight. Who let the dogs out? It wasn’t me. Poker face. Don’t you forget about me. Under pressure. Come on, Eileen… let it go!

Dear Blogland,
What do you mean? It has nothing to do with me. I just type away. And away.

And Finally, Dear Time,
You have ran away from me once again. Could you, just once, run towards me? Or maybe run alongside me? Or, now here’s a biggie, just stop running for a couple of hours a day so we can fit a little more in? Much appreciated.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. As time is fleeting, and I feel as though I’ve walked five hundred miles or more, Gangnam style to Mambo Number Five, no less, I’ve reached the end of yet another Letters To The Universe post. Yes, I know it is now almost midnight here in the UK, but you can blame time for that, not me. And as this is the final countdown to the end, here’s a photo of a friendly looking imp found on Pixabay…

… well, you can’t stay mad for long knowing that something that looked as cute as that made me do it, can you?

It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Square’.

So, I have a square in my first photo:

A duck looking me square in the eyes in my second photo:

And finally, my third photo is a very VERY old one of little old me, not being very square at all:

Just a quick PowerPoint creation inspired by this week’s Super Blue Blood Moon. Other than that I have no clue!

Feel the energy!

Feel Good!

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is Lines.

I’ve gone for a more obscure angle for my interpretation this week, lines of people! Although there are quite a few other lines within these photos, which were taken in Egypt during the 1990s…

Visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations of the theme.


I felt like something bright this evening, so decided to revisit my waterfall, where it is fabulously bright! It appears to be a trifle Summery in this scene, but it is merely a reminder that Spring is on the way! You can’t get anything more bright than that now!

This is how the waterfall looked the last time I visited it: