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Letters To The Universe… The First of December Edition

Dear Time,
Yes, you’ve done it again, haven’t you? It’s now December yet it feels like it should be April or May. And judging by your track record it soon will be ( next April or May, that is!). I mean we have Christmas decorations up. OH MY WORD!!! Christmas decorations up!!! The blog. THE BLOG!!!!!

Dear Blogland,
I’m still caught up within that vortex of time, so have only come up for air to briefly write this post. And to quickly create a star-shaped candle for the Festive Season to go with all of my other candles which are free to use. As you know, I do like to share a little light every now and again, and I don’t see why being spun around in an almighty huge chronal thingamajig should prevent that.

Dear Blogland,
I do apologise, but this thought just sprang to mind.
What goes Ho Ho Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ho Ho Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ho Ho Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo??? Me being festive whilst spinning around in that chronal thingamajig. I did apologise. I did. I DID!

Dear Blogland (Yes, I do appear to be spamming you at the moment!!!),
Do you remember the indescribably cute critter Juke the Cat from last week’s Letters post? Well, things have changed. He’s my brother’s cat, and he took him to the vets for his first round of checks and unbecoming (for something so cute) poking and probing. Said poking and probing revealed that he is actually a she, and she is now called Jude. He or she, she is still so cute it’s untrue, and here’s another photo of her. Just because…

Dear Blackbird,
Thank you for posing for a few photos today whilst you were busy foraging. I remember you from last week, which is why I think you didn’t fly away as you knew I meant you no harm, but I was surprised when you flew quite close to me and looked directly at me. Your friend the robin also approached really close, but I don’t think he was just ready for his close up.
1… The blackbird…

2… The Robin…

Dear Mobile Phone Camera,
How handy you are when opportunities such as the above arise. Yes, sometimes the images may be a little grainy, but at least you are there, ready for me to grab at least a brief snapshot of different worlds interacting. Thank you for that!

Dear White Rabbits,
Happy December!

Dear The Word Tellurian,
Yes, we are all here together! We really should make the most of it.

Dear Letters To The Universe,
As promised, I have managed to get this week’s post out on Friday. Well, on Thursday for Friday, but at least that is slightly better than on Saturday for Friday. Still, better late than never is always good, and being just a tad early in the late stakes surely adds a bonus point or too. (Sorry, did I mention that chronal vortex tingy?)

And Finally, Dear Shivers,
It’s so good to see you again, and your accomplices, Chattering Teeth and Foggy Breath, seem to be making quite a few appearance themselves lately. Still, with the rate at which time is flying, all that shivering, chattering and fogging will soon be things of the past for this year as we hurtle into Spring.

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I wasn’t going to end this week’s post with a photo, as I have included quite a few attachments to the letters above…

… well, then I remembered I had another photo of the Robin in silhouette that I thought I’d share! Next week, Letters To The Universe will be on Friday. Or will it??? Pop by to find out! Mwahahaha! Oh, Happy December!

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Well, Did You Guess…?

I think you did.

I hope you did.

I’d be so pleased if you did.

My latest poortrait was of Dame Edna herself, possums! Reading through your comments, I think you all gathered it was her anyway, but I just had to confirm it!

The photo I used for reference is the one in the middle. The first image is the un-tweaked painting, hardly becoming for a housewife megastar the such of Dame E., so I had to give it a little sparkle…

I shall be painting another poortrait soon… and who knows… it may be watercolour once again… or it may be acrylics on canvas. Canvas! I’m getting bold! Oh me. Oh my…!

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Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme this week is ‘Busy’, and I remember taking a photo from the rooftop of a multi-storey car park, looking down onto a busy town centre street… but I couldn’t find the bloomin’ thing! So, instead, I have opted  to use a busy image instead… busy in detail and busy in thought, especially the work involved in taming the lawn afterwards!

Visit Debbie’s site Travel With Intent for more interpretations of the theme.

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Letters to the Universe… The Edition Filled With Gratitude

Dear Universe,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You listen to our moans, send us distractions when needed, provide us with awesome sights (both on the planet and beyond) and give us the means to a truly wondrous experience whilst we are here, if we wish to use them. I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of this. Thank you (once more for good measure!)

Dear Short-sighted Highway Maintenance Lorry Driver,
I’m grateful for the fact that you didn’t actually drive your lorry right over the top of my car the other morning, but perhaps with it being so dark you probably couldn’t see me clearly in the full beam of your headlights. I’m also grateful that when you decided to overtake me, you didn’t plough your vehicle into any oncoming vehicles. And to think, you’re meant to be looking after our roads. I hope the Universe was watching you carefully… although the Universe always is!

Dear Dream-makers,
Thank you for sending me such a marvellous dream a few nights ago. Casting me as a ghost was a splendid experience, and allowing me to communicate with some of the other ‘stars’ of the dream was an added bonus. I added a little mischief, I hope you don’t mind, to the members of the cast who, for whatever reason, couldn’t believe that I, a ghost, was there at all. Their expressions as I carried the cup and saucer passed them were so comical, I had to keep doing it. Once again thank you… and I’d like there to be a sequel, if you wouldn’t mind!

Dear The Word Gratitude,
Is there ever such a word that has a Feel Good vibe like yours? Showing it, receiving it, experiencing it – all fabulous! I’m bursting with gratitude at the moment, so just have to show it!

Dear New Car,
I am so grateful to have you. I love all of your bits and bobs, but your auto-defrost function is an aspect I got to use a few mornings ago. Sitting there whilst you yourself de-iced all of the windows was an amazing experience. It was also fun to watch from inside the car as the ice faded away outside. Although I have been grateful for all of my previous cars, I had to manually de-ice them, so now being able to sit back and watch is a joy to behold! Thank you!

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Thank you once again for all of your visits and comments. I appreciate each and everyone of them, and each and every one of you. I’m still in that time vortex at present, so I only have windows here and there for blogging, hence I ‘pre-record’ these posts. As I always say, I will get to you. I manage some, and then I’m sucked back into the vortex for further whizzing around. Things will settle soon, I’m sure.

Dear Street-light Fitters,
Thank you for all your hard work in installing the new street lights. Obviously, with Winter now wrapped around us, we need to be able to see in the hours of darkness. I have one question, though, which may seem a little grumpy but really isn’t… what’s wrong with the street lights you installed two years ago? Surely they don’t all need replacing just yet.

Dear Work,
The fire evacuation test last week seemed to go without a hitch, which is always good as we need to feel safe at work. I am grateful for the change of pace in being evacuated in the middle of an extremely intricate job, but next time, could you arrange one when it isn’t teeming down with rain? We had to march over to the far side of the car park and wait for our names to be called. Still, it was a nice break, and I’m grateful for any break within all this busyness!

Dear The Word Bumfuzzle,
I am grateful to have discovered you… such a wonderful word… and as a different way of saying ‘to confuse’ you have it spot on! I’m bumfuzzled daily, yet putting it that way it doesn’t seem half as bad!

And Finally, Dear Watercolour Equipment,
I haven’t forgotten about you, since painting the poppy the other week, it’s just this vortex I’m in doesn’t leave enough time to get things ready to paint. I have the painting software on my computer, which is a good stand in, so I may be using that for the next few weeks until things level off somewhat. I’m grateful for both the physical and digital ways I can create my masterpieces, and hope to be able to create more as time goes by. For now, though, I’m grateful for whatever time I get!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. I thought I’d finish with a quick snapshot of a part of the Universe…

… well, out of all that space (and more) out there, we’ve managed to end up here and experience this little part of it. That in itself is plenty to be grateful for, never mind anything else.