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Desperately Seeking Selfie

Long time visitors will be well aware of my absolute inept ability to take a Selfie of myself.

This post highlights some of the latest attempts to do so whilst out in the Grinds one of the days last week. It was a particularly warm afternoon, not that that is an excuse, but the Sun was also extremely bright and I couldn’t see a thing. In fact, it was so bright, the accidental eye Selfie actually has a reflected Selfie of me in it taking the Selfie! Although I have no idea how I managed to zoom in that close to my eye, whilst being unable to see, and take such a clear Selfie.

However, for this time at least, I shall class that as Mission Accomplished!

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Yet Another Green Man

Yes, we’re still at that Comic Book Convention. Yesterday’s idea of painting dots didn’t really come to pass, as I decided to have a go at painting this chap for today’s watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Animals, faces and green men are the most prominent topic now, but dots may start to creep into the mix as we enter the last week of July.

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Penguin Unlikely

Can you believe it’s been two weeks since we were last at that Comic Book Convention? They’re still turning up, those dodgy folk in their even dodgier costumes. I mean, look above. That isn’t the Penguin from the 1960’s Batman TV show. It isn’t him now, and it wouldn’t be him if I had more than the allocated hour to spend on him. In fact, that’s how I’d turn up at a Comic Book Convention if I were dressed as the Penguin. All wrong.

But never mind.

It is at it is. It’s another practice at painting a face, this time one without a mask, although there is still a monocle. Not that a clear glass disc offers much in the form of a face covering.

This is today’s watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Tomorrow I think I’ll paint some dots.