I cast around a million stars
And added thousands more
Sent in some dust
And light and dark
And liked the magic that I saw

The Universe is in us all
Growing every day
The darkness makes the Light shine bright
And in the Light let’s play!

(I created a nebula this morning and enjoyed the process so much, I’ll be creating more soon! I quite like creating my own Universe… I can choose what I want in it!)

Now, that’s a funny looking Muse

The daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, Thalia was the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry. She was usually seen with a comic mask, and a trumpet. She also has a link to Ivy.

In an age where masks are everywhere, I decided to focus more on the mask in this digital splodging of colour, and completely obliterated the background. Rather than the painting becoming a comic image, it turned more into a tragedy – even a nightmare! Although it was fun to create. The digital oil paints blend really well, which is lucky for the amount of time I had to paint over things handy when creating an abstract masterpiece.

With the greatest of apologies to Thalia (and I will return to create another masterpiece at a later date – a proper one!) I shall end this post, which is also for Six Word Saturday (this links to Debbie’s site who hosts this challenge), with a really awful joke found on th’internet. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

It’s always the eyes that get you.

The Artist’s Muse

The Muse. One of a group of goddesses linked to the arts. Our museums are named after them because of the history and artefacts contained therein.

One of the muses is Kleio (or Clio). Kleio is the muse for history. For recollection. For memory and looking back if you like.

And Kleio is my muse for today’s post.

First of all, a couple of images of her posing elegantly, looking over a scroll or two:

And then a quick sploshing about of digital oil paints. Yes, I know it’s no oil painting, but it’s the colours that I wanted to use, spread liberally based upon my muse.


I’m not normally very good with faces, so hopefully, when inspiration strikes and another muse comes along, these may help me to improve. Well, one must act upon inspiration!

I wonder who my next muse will be?