Over the Hills and Far Away

Far over there, way in the distance, is the Land where Dreams Come True. It’s totally unreachable over the sheer drops, jagged cliffs, frozen lakes and live volcanoes. Absolutely no way through from here. The only way to get there is to dream…  or to start creating that land here.

Everything begins here anyway, so why not? Why try to get to an unreachable place, when that place, or an even better one, can be created here with a little thought, imagination, and work?

Dreams are closer than they seem!


Silently serene with Earthy Scents, falling leaves and wind-hushed rustles.
Birdsong by the babbling brook blends rather than distracts.
Shadows lengthen as the Sun sets.
The forest settles.
Seclusion embraces.
And imagination grows.

Through Every Moment

Through turbulence there’s stillness
Through time there’s reflection
Through distance there’s clarity
Through life there’s creation
Through confusion there’s thought
And through every moment there is a new beginning.

Midday at the Oasis

Shelter from a white hot Sun

Few leaves of green over miles of sand
Blue skies overhead
Bask in the seclusion of the Hidden Place
Feel safe in the cooler shade
Escape from the meanness of the surrounding day

Always find your Oasis

Abstract Anemone

The Abstract Anemone dazzles its prey by a display of light from deep within its well-lit murky lair. It’s more of a fish than an anemone, hence its name, but it has four flippers that instantly change into claws when the need arises. It’s not friendly but has no teeth.

This is where my blank canvas took me today. I splodged. I splattered. I bubbled. I babbled. I created a creature and then wrote about it in fifty words. Creativity doesn’t always need to make sense… sometimes it’s more fun when it doesn’t!

Anything is possible!