Abandoned Lookout

I’ve just upgraded my Artrage program and doodled the above digital oil painting of an abandoned building that looks as though it is about to topple into the turbulent sea.

I have no idea what the building is, nor why it is so close to the water’s edge, although maybe it was used for boats to come and go in calmer times. Perhaps it was an early lighthouse or lifeboat station. Don’t know.

I just swirl the colour around and see where it takes me! I suppose that is another way of saying I go with the flow.

Into the Slipstream

The Slipstream

Stars that aren’t stars
And things that aren’t things
Dreams that aren’t real
And voids closed off for exploration
Abstract anomalies
Absurd realities
Invasive thoughts
And hidden agendas
Buried truths and obvious lies
Misleading facts
And doubts amplified by their own echoes
Slip down the rabbit hole
Ride the streams of consciousness and see where you end up
And possibly answers
Possible answers
Clouded amidst turmoil, swirling, bobbing
Is what you know what you know?

Now back to reality.

May The First Be With You

Looking slightly dishevelled, May’s White Rabbit scribble is here! At least he’s smiling. Well, I think he’s smiling. If he isn’t, we’ll have to carry and share his smile for him!

Happy May!

Source Light

A mass meditation took place across the world today, scheduled for 03:45 in the UK. A couple of the reasons for the meditation were to ask the Universe for help with its healing White Light, and to help to further facilitate the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, using the astrological power generated by the alignment of Jupiter and Pluto.

Me being me, I left it up to chance to see if I was awake at that time, rather than setting my alarm. I usually wake at 03:33, so thought that perhaps that would happen today as well.

At 05:00 I realised that wasn’t the case! So I meditated then anyway, focussing solely on the purification power of the White Light from the Source of the Universe. I obviously wasn’t part of the mass consciousness, but my thinking was that I may be able to ‘top things up’ a little.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a scene similar to what I’ve created for this post. I saw beams of White Light being emitted from the Source, in all directions, being sent throughout the Universe and beyond. Some of those beams of healing light were arriving here on Earth, to be used where needed.

Hopefully by the collective power of thought, things will be about to change for the better. Here’s hoping!

Even small good thoughts will go a long way to clear the darkness and negativity that surrounds us.

Loopy Limerick 1

The dashing young man called Tom (now, please…)
Decided to have some fun
So he strated to type
But things wereren’t quite right
And he wished he hidn’t begon!

I’ve managed to get myself tangled up in all of these loops. I know there’s a way out somewhere. I’ll keep trying…