Four BY Four!

Four digital paintings using the same colours that look totally different and look good side by side. The fourth painting entitled Babylonian Bafflement… inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

See? I stuck to my ancient civilisations theme with triangles and swirls. And bells and whistles, although they were painted over.

These have been created in response to a mini challenge between Elaine and myself. I didn’t have a lot of time, but the time I did had I made the most of! I do like these blogging challenges, you know!

Three (of three)

Three of four, really, but I’ve only done three so far and this is the third. If you remember, I’m in the middle of a digital painting challenge with Elaine. We have to create four paintings that work well together, look different, and use the same colours.

So far, I’ve painted Oddly Aztec and Eerily Atlantean. I have an ancient civilisations theme going on.

My third creation is named Almost Egyptian. Why? I hear you ask… well, let me explain. The almost triangles are almost pyramids, and the almost circles are almost suns. And, if you allow your eyes to go out of focus, or let your mind wander whilst glancing over in the direction of this painting, you can almost make out some hieroglyphics!

Well… it’s all about imagination and interpretation anyway. And it’s all fun!

I wonder: where will I go for my final painting? Find out in the next thrilling instalment – coming soon!

An Inspiration for a Four Painting Challenge

I like a good challenge, I do.

So much so, I was inspired by Elaine, over at Rose Elaine’s Art, and her recent series of posts. Now Elaine says she was inspired by Raili, from Soul Gifts, and following her inspiration painted four new digital paintings which were totally different from each other but matched each other perfectly. You’ll have to visit Elaine’s blog for the whole story, and Raili’s for the inspiration (I’ve already included the links!)

Elaine hadn’t painted four paintings together before, and I just happened to mention that I couldn’t wait to see her next four. And this is where the challenge began!

Somehow, I don’t know how, it may have been me, we ended up challenging each other to create four digital paintings each using the same colours and that they looked good side by side.

I’ve created two paintings so far. Randomly abstract from my head, based on ancient civilisations that may or may not have existed. I’ve chosen to use four colours, black, white, yellow and brown (I got that inspiration from a banana!) and then just sploshed the colours around. Well, digitally sploshed. Spread. Smeared. No. None of them sound right. I digitally put the colours together (quickly and freehand – which is plainly obvious but I was only going for the impression of symmetry. Some may say I was going for the impression of art, but art is in the eye of the beholder so they can. Say it. And behold it.) (I waffle) and continued until I stopped (painting – not waffling).

The wall where my paintings would go, should I hang them there, is yellow, so if they don’t match each other, they will certainly match the wall (and hopefully the bunch of bananas that I can place strategically underneath).

The first painting, which isn’t completely finished but I wanted to share, is called Oddly Aztec:

As you can see, it looks symmetrical, but the closer you look the more you notice how  unsymmetrical it is. And roughly freehand. It needs texturising, I feel, which may or may not make it look better. That remains to be seen.

The second painting, which again isn’t completely finished, is still wet. Well, it would be, as it’s called Eerily Atlantean. Based on Atlantis and not the Atlantean Ocean. Either way, there’s a water theme. And I am Piscean, just saying for added value.

Again, it isn’t meant to be symmetrical, which is good because it isn’t. The triangles are included on the fish-inspired shapes (they’re abstract, remember!) and the fact that there are nine of them, fish (-inspired shapes), which is a triangular number. The triangles are also represented by the bold stripes of colour, which in turn are meant to represent the Sun’s beams being dispersed beneath the waves. Being abstract, however, they are open to interpretation.

So, there we have it. Two abstract digital paintings, with two more to go. I wonder which ancient civilisation I will go to next? Find out in Part Two, later in the week!

(Oh and please visit the sites above… you’ll be glad that you did!)

Frazzled Rabbits!

It should be White Rabbits, what with it being March 1st.

That was MARCH 1ST.

After the HOTTEST February on record. Well, hottest last few days of February, that is. Most odd. The white rabbits are rather hot at the moment.

Luckily, we have Storm Freya coming in over the weekend, so she may bring things back in line.

We may actually get our March Winds in March.

And I may actually get this March 1st post out on March 1st. Will wonders ever cease?


Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman

It rains on snowmen too!

For some reason, the thought insisted I create a quick doodle… it took slightly longer than ten minutes, but “Slightly Longer Than Ten Minute Doodle: Rainman” seemed a little long for a title for a quickie.

My mind at times, eh?