The Lake’s New Additions

Three little goslings

Sitting in a row

Get the camera ready

And watch one of them go!

The latest goose family made an appearance today. The mother, or father, one of them, gave me a warning hiss as I approached, but soon settled when I said a friendly hello and sat down near them.

They were there for a good few minutes before they all, simultaneously, and without communication, stood up and waddled into the water.

It was then that I got up and continued with my walk.

This is a test post from the app on my mobilius phoneus, which, if it works, may prove quite useful for some of my live posts. Well, stranger things have happened…

Freestyle Blossom!


The Internet Nobody’s Cosmic Photo Challenge this week is ‘Freestyle’, so I’ve picked a pic from my archives and had a mess about with the photo tweaky things in PaintShop Pro. I’ve included the effects I like most in this post (not that I can remember what any of them are now, there’s so many!) I wonder if you can tell which is the original image? (it’s the last one!) (not that you’d be guessing for long!)

Just me and the robin, sheltering.

Out walking the other day, it started to rain, so I decided to take shelter under the cover of some trees at the side of the Lake. A second or two later, I was joined by this chap or chappess. The photo makes the robin seem further away than in real life. S(he) graciously posed for a couple of photos, after thoughtfully allowing me the time to retrieve my mobile phone! Birds tend to fly away at the slightest movement, but not this one!

The rains cleared, and all of the other birds started chirping again, which was our cue to move on from our shared moment together.

Until next time, that is!

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This week, Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday is Wind.

A few weeks ago, I was around The Lake, when the wind got up and brought in a sudden storm! Luckily, I was under cover as I could sense the changes in the air, and the wind was swirling around me. I looked behind me and saw this, and just had to take a photo.

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