The Sands of Time

Watching the ebb and flow
As waves come hither and thither
The mist on the horizon lifts
And breeze gently blows as gulls flock
The only movements in the stillness of the passing day
And the sands of time patiently wait

Scribble: Tree By The Rapids

I’ve managed to get my tablet thingy working again, so have celebrated (and tested!) by creating this quick (just under an hour) scribbling that is meant to represent a cascade of water by an old tree. I created it in greyscale deliberately using a program called Corel Painter Essentials, with its ‘Wet Oily Blender’ function. I basically just scribbled and continued scribbling until I’d done enough. It’s fun where one’s imagination goes!

It ain’t finished, but an hour’s scribbling is long enough for anyone!