On the right path?

You could say that recently I have been receiving signs. I get them every now and then from the Universe. Well, I see them, but not always do I notice them… I recently read a few posts on other blogs that stirred a message within me.

Shree Jacob’s post is here, if you’d like to go and have a read of it, this was the third post I read – I liked it. I liked the others as well, actually…

Kate Shrewsday wrote a post on signs and how we sometimes don’t see them – don’t see the wood for the trees as it were.

Ellie at Emerald Pie recently posted a great video about fifty people in Galway, and their regrets.

Three completely different posts that combined together within me, switched on a light, and made me wake up a little. 

I only intended to write a short comment on Shree’s post, as I usually do when commenting, but ended up writing a blog post in itself, so I thought I would do just that, and add an adapted post here as well.

My thoughts on our decisions.

I think that any decision we make at the time isn’t the wrong decision to make, but in making the decision our life ahead will follow a different path, it happens with every decision that we make, so we are constantly changing our own future… all the time…  everything is a natural process.

The time we start to wonder if we made the ‘wrong’ decision is after the event.

We can’t go back and make a different decision, so there’s no point thinking that way (which will bring in regrets and a whole host of other negative thoughts and feelings), but we can make a new decision from that point on to steer us to the future that we think we want. Who knows, the future we find ourselves in might not actually be the one we wanted or intended at that point either, but at least we’ll know that we got there by following the path that we set ourselves, the decisions we made on the way.

We are responsible for where we are in our lives, wherever we are. If we aren’t happy, we can change things or stay the same. We can make things better for us, or make them worse. We can blame others for leading us to that particular point, but they made their choices – and we made our decision to follow them, so if we need to blame someone it should only be ourselves. However, blaming doesn’t help, and we need to make a change ourselves if we want something to be different.

All decisions come from within us (even the ones where we think we are being led by others – we still have the final choice to ‘do it or not’…) which means that our decisions are personal to us and really should have no impact on what others think about us – although others may have their opinions on how we should be, and if we do something differently, they ‘feel’ we have let them down because we don’t fit into the model they have made of us.

Nobody should be let down by the decisions another person makes, even if they ‘know’ that the other person has made the wrong decision… decisions are personal property of the decider, and only they can choose if they want to change their mind on something.

Now. I’ve made millions – possibly trillions – of decisions to get to this point in time. I’ve made a handful (OK hundreds) of wrong decisions along the way. Some of these decisions sent my life off in a different direction for a while, but over time I changed. My way of thinking changed. And I’m now where I am.

I could be happier, and I intend to be.

I could be healthier, and I certainly intend to do that.

But for my future… I don’t know. I don’t know where I’ll be in five years time… I don’t know who I’ll know; where I’ll be; or how I’ll be feeling then (apart from happy and healthy!)

I’ve a lot of decisions to make to get there… and I’m going to make them – each and every one – and never look back feeling regretful ever again. I’m going to make sure that I’m on my path, the right path, and enjoy every single step.

Care to join me? But obviously on your own path, of course!

(This post, including this sentence, is made up of 777 words, which, in itself is another sign.)

11 thoughts on “On the right path?

  1. I just read a quote that said, “Never regret the decisions that you made because at the time they were exactly what you wanted.”
    It is so easy to blame others for our misfortunes. Knowing YOU are the only one ultimately responsible for your choices/decisions is a sign of strength, consciousness and maturity to me.


  2. I guess you are right Tom.

    I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life trying to be somebody that others would deem worthy only to be exploited and ripped off time and again! 😦

    Today I look after myself and I deny those who try to miss-use me like friends who betrayed my trust and now treat me as if my every orifice was solar powered! 😦

    Just because they did something so horrific that it defies belief and I was cleared of all charges doesn’t make it any better to tell me how wonderful I am AFTER destroying my life! 😦

    Having been hurt so badly it is hard to put my faith in anyone any more – thank God for my friends on the internet!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    • Hi Prenin – the others made their choices and have to live with the consequences as do the rest of us. We can only do the best that we can to make sure that we move forward in ways that we like and prefer for ourselves. I understand what you are saying about finding it hard to put faith in others, but it’s the faith we have in ourselves that really matters. We can either let others hold us back or move forward on our own steam.
      And yes, the friends I have found on the internet are helping me along my path as well!
      Hope you are having a good weekend, and are enjoying your new toy! 😉


  3. Hey Tom! Thanks so much for the link back to the blog. I completely agree with you. Whatever that has happened to us and will happen to us makes up our life journey. It may not exactly be the life plan that we started of with, but plans are meant to change. That’s the first thing I learned when I went for this Project Management workshop once. Plans are evolving and dynamic. We are responsible for the decisions that we make and one shouldn’t really life in regret, as you say. Every “mistake” is a lesson and every “success” adds to our joy and in the end we gain wisdom 🙂

    Love the post!


  4. Quantum physics has shown us that in every moment there are infinite possibilities that can occur and that the very act of observation changes the results of an event. Ultimately, we do play a part in our own destiny, for destiny only takes us half way. The rest we have to walk ourselves.


  5. Yes the ‘Signs’ are always there to hit us between the eyes Tom if we care to see them for what they are.. Its good to see them and another to take note and know there meanings..
    I find that we are always guided what ever part of our journey we are upon, and the decisions we make even if we at the time worry about whether they are the right or wrong ones.. We make them for they too are all part of that journey..
    I look back at some of the many Life Lessons I have had to learn and know that at one point I thought them to be a wrong turn in my road.. when in fact the detour only strengtherned my journey..
    my guide once told me this..
    he said we are all of us climbing our tree, all of us wanting to get to the top. Some climb faster than others and get straight to the top.. While others are not so sure footed and take their time, Others chose a branch which gives way and they fall back, while others hang around on a limb not wanting to move any further.. Some do not even attempt to climb at all.. while others cut down the tree and walk away…
    But we each of us are given a branch in which we can hold onto, and its up to each of us how we chose to climb…
    I take hold of all of the Signs given with thanks, as I climb my tree Tom.. Loved this Post.. Sue x


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