Beyond the Sphere

February’s White Rabbit

HAPPY FEBRUARY!!! This white rabbit is tinged in grey as it is sitting under a huge grey cloud (not depicted!). February is the month where the dreadful Valentine’s Day crops up; long-time visitors will remember that I’m not… Read More

Vampyre’s Day–what we know so far

As Vampyre’s Day draws closer, ever closer, reports are emerging of: Love birds fighting; Mail being intercepted by carrier pigeon; Red roses suddenly turning black; My true love sending only one turtle dove on the second; Heart-shaped chocolates… Read More

White Rabbit on a Bed of Lettuce

Don’t let the cute fluffiness fool ya! They do that, these cute creatures of the night. They lull you into a false sense of security so that you have to hold them and cuddle them and smooch with… Read More

Wordle: Not So Sweet Valentine

My Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Sing me a song with such sweet rhythms, And not, Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Your unusual melody cataclysms. Dear Valentine, My Valentine, Face the challenge head on if you will, Oh Valentine, Sweet Valentine, Could… Read More

Valentine Sucks!

Well, Valentine the Vampire does, anyway. Mind you… Trails off with menacing, evil laughter. … and they say romance is dead… !