…ah… now where was I?

Ah yes. Sorry about that little interlude!

I’d just got back into the Catacombs from Egypt – now there’s something I never thought I’d say – and I started to make my way back to the doorway to the Mansion when I noticed the area within the cave was lit up once again.

There was no indication as to where the light was coming from, yet only this part of the cave was illuminated fully… the rest of the cave was in very subdued light.

I thought that maybe there were a few fireflies knocking about. I don’t know if we even have fireflies in the UK, but now I wasn’t exactly sure where I was. Especially after coming across that new door.

This week, I’ve discovered an old wooden sign, three old postcards and a quick way into Egypt. Not bad going for a quick jaunt in the odd realm below the Mansion.

I walked back into one of the bigger caverns, away from the light, when I heard a noise behind me from the area where I’d just been.

Not a noise… a cough. And then a snigger.

I quickly turned around, with the sudden feeling that I hadn’t shut the door by the Sphinx properly, and someone had followed me into the Catacombs.

“You’ve closed it securely.” Said a voice.

Not aloud… in my head. Or so it seemed. How can you tell if a voice is in your head or not when you hear it surrounded by darkness? OK, there was a patch of light nearby which took the edge off the darkness somewhat… but the loud voice must have been in my head as there was nobody around.

And then, there was.

From the shadows, she emerged. It appeared she was creating the shadows as the light was emanating from her, but that is somewhat improbable. Not impossible, however, we are in the Catacombs, don’t forget. The Catacombs below the Mansion.

She spoke again. This time properly, not within my head.

“I’m Amazonia.” She introduced herself with a friendly smile. She must have been six foot tall if she was an inch, with broad, muscular shoulders. She was wearing a white loose-fitting frock, and a white band around her left arm.

Her piercing blue eyes shone brightly out of the shadow over her face that was caused by her red hair and the light she was apparently emitting.

“I’m” being polite, I went to introduce myself and she rather rudely lifted her left hand to stop me speaking.

“Hush” she said. “I know.” She smiled briefly, before continuing. “I’m here to let you know that I’m here. There are many of us. We’re all here. You’ll get to meet us and know us as time goes on. For now, all you need to know is we’re here. Take a photo of me with your mobile phone for proof.”

I did (posted above!) and in the instant it took me to take the photo she – and her light – had vanished.

The Catacombs were back to as they were originally. Dark and creepy.

I could hear the Lava River below. I decided to head back to the Mansion.

I did say that things around here are odd, didn’t I?

Can I now say that they seem to be a little odder? Or is that just me?

12 thoughts on “Amazonia

  1. Man oh man…One door opens another, opens another, and then world after world appears as well. How much further can it all go? A cellar/catacomb can only hold so much, or can it? I get the strange feeling your discoveries have only just begun TL…Glad you snapped the pic. A small shred of reality to calm the nerves. Please just be careful if you venture back any time soon..Why not take a short rest over the weekend? Have a good one 🙂 VK


  2. Catacombs do hold endless possibilities you know! This was certainly an unusual occurrance…did the photo come out I wonder? The mystery deepens! Things are definitely getting odder around your Mansion Tom! Definitely! Very safe to say that if nothing else!!


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