Beyond the Sphere

(Or wolcen)

The azure that surrounds us all; the allure of what is beyond above
The heavens that fit our planet, as perfect as a glove

Stars like jewels fill the skies
Creating shapes in constellations
Like the clouds below them
Creating pareidolia
Or the people below them
Creating dreams
Only slightly more permanent.
Each jewel a stepping stone
Should the first step ever be taken

Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Jewels

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Getting back to Debbie’s One Word Sunday, her theme this week is ‘Empty’.

Usually, my takes on these themes are inspired (some may describe that as ‘rubbish’, however). This week, my take on the theme really is rubbish. Inspired. Err…

Above, the first image is entitled ‘There’s nothing there…

My second image, also above, is entitled ‘There’s nothing in it…

This is the first time I’ve ever taken a photograph of an empty crisp packet. See? As I said… rubbish!

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Somebody visited my blog today and went to my contact form to leave feedback for me.

Apparently, they said, I’ve misspelled ‘isnt’ on my website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility, they said.

I only found their comment in my feedback’s spam section, otherwise I’d have missed this piece of essential advice. As I very often misspell words, sometimes deliberately, I wonder just how long it took them to find ‘isnt’, and what they must’ve thought of some of my other posts… especially the ones featuring the adventures of Gemevere Inxlsis.

My site’s my site; typos, mistakes and all. It’s intended to be fun; a place of incredibility. If you’re looking for credibility, there are many more sites you can go and visit. Life’s far too short to be so serious.

Be an Angel and lighten up!

And blow a raspberry while you’re at it!

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is Creepy.

I’m sharing two photos, the first is a creepy looking weed that a snail appears to be trying to hide behind. I wouldn’t say the snail is creepy, however.  Maybe crawly, but not creepy.

The second is an old house on the hill, which, in the right light, definitely looks creepy.

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