This week, Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday is Wind.

A few weeks ago, I was around The Lake, when the wind got up and brought in a sudden storm! Luckily, I was under cover as I could sense the changes in the air, and the wind was swirling around me. I looked behind me and saw this, and just had to take a photo.

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Here we are with One Word Sunday once again. Debbie has selected Touch for this week’s theme, and I have gone with this… but can you tell what it is?

I shall not keep you guessing. Oh no, not this week.

It’s a touch of yellow paint on my pallet that I found by chance yesterday.

Obviously, it’s now dry to the touch. As it’s quite a bright yellow, and the middle photo’s square, I’m also linking this post to Becky’s BrightSquares.

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