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Inktober: Graceful / Filthy / Cloud

#Inktober Days 17, 18 and 19.
October 17.

I couldn’t stay in the kitchen any longer. I’m now in some kind of séance room, and someone has just extinguished a candle. Next to the candle is a burner, with the remnants of something sending a lot of dark smoke into the air. The wisps of smoke are intertwining with each other before they join the darkening and growing mass above them. I think this is another room I’d best not stay in for too long…

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Tense Words


A thought springs to mind.

Not very kind.

Adds the thought, all cold and dark

It begins to bark

Says the voice, now strong and loud

Menacing and proud

That thought, it makes sense

Words reflect on all things tense

Not really, but what can I do?

Thoughts that are tangible… solid… true.

Of frustration. Of feelings. Of fear…

Or nightmares that are drawing near

SLEEP WELL? Is that all you can say?

Aaarrgghhh!!! Quickly! Bring on All Hallow’s Day!!!

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Yuck! We’ve found the kitchen and the cause of the horrible smell that has been getting stronger and stronger. Someone has taken all of the lard out of the fridge and left it to melt on the kitchen table. Why would anybody need so much lard? This is a strange place indeed!

#Inktober. Day 16. October 16th.

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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Mobile’.

As Hallowe’en is approaching, and I’m adding my usual run of Hallowe’en themed posts, I had to cheat a little with this week’s theme and adapt my photo somewhat. It’s a collection of old mobile phones I have – I tend to keep everything as they may ‘come in’ one day (well, you never know!) and I wanted to create a mobile phone graveyard. I have to get these ideas out there otherwise they will haunt me forever more!

So, I’ve overlaid a couple of images to my photo, to make them seem somewhat spooky. Spookier. Kooky. The first one is a lighting bolt, and the second is a photo of clouds to provide an incoming mist effect. Although I like the colours with the lightning one, I prefer the clouds one. The original photo is in the header, which is probably all the more frightening in its starkness.

Please visit Debbie’s site (link above) to see more interpretations on this theme.