Beyond the Sphere

Have a GOOD Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day. BAH HUMBUG! However YOU feel about the day… have a GOOD one!

The Newsreader

Currently, the tally for the Love Referendum stands at: Thankfully, it’s the last day of the Referendum today. The scoreboard is now broken, and I’ve channelled that many famous characters from history that I no longer know who… Read More


The tally for the longest referendum in history now stands at: That’s nine votes for love being a good thing, and five votes that disagree. OK, it isn’t the largest referendum, by any means (and it may not… Read More

Mother Hubbard

The Love Referendum is still going strong. The results up to yesterday’s vote appear above. Today, we get a vote from possibly the grumpiest character in existence. I wonder how she will vote? (Actually, to be fair, she… Read More

Rigal Sirius

After my jaunt back to Ancient Rome, I’m now back in the late Seventies again. That’s the 1970s, to avoid any confusion. I’m meeting legendary Glamrock singer Rigal Sirius, of all people. I always wanted to know if… Read More