Whil ethec atsa way…


Tom’s still slepeing off his earyl nihgt, soi t’s up to me, Fnigers (To’ms InnerT ypist), to wrtie toady’s post.

It’s scuh and honoru to be albe to do tihs at scuh shrot notice, but when nedes must nedes hs=ave to.

I’d like to wrtie about grapsing the moment. Jsut going for ir.  There’s nop oint humming and ahhing when an opoprutinty s=crops up. Opprotunitei such as these are lkie dooors to a magic knigdom opening. Once an opprotuntiy is grapsed, the Universe flods istelf around, more droos seem to open and even more fabluous opportnuities asire. Its’ like rolilng moos gathering no stones as you fnid yourslef in fnatastic situation after fnatastic situation.

You mya be plannnig to write a boko for exmaple. Then gof or it! Theres’ not ime like the pserent.

I awlays try to covney that to Tom, but he deosn’t seem to lsiten… orca tch myd rift, four some raeson.

Ah well. I’ll keep on keeing on. We’l lget there. Oned ay.

In the meantiem, it’s a cas e og when the catsa way.

It stlil Feels Good, thouhg, so it’s allgood in the long ru n.

(Image from Pixabay)

EDIT: Apologies. Normal blogging services will resume once again from tomorrow. For today, ot today, oops – or toady, as Fingers describes it, I’ll leave you with this post, representing thoughts from Inner Writers everywhere. Sometimes you just have to let them out, warts and all. For warts, however, read typos. Have a good weekend!

18 thoughts on “Whil ethec atsa way…

  1. Hi!!!! And this reminded me of that reading test in the internet…about being able to read words with just the first and last letter correctly placed with typos in between! I LOVED the message though…because it spoke to me and my current situation!

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  2. That typing looks like mine most days. I’d like to blame drink … sadly everyone knows it’s just busy fingers blended with brain *art.

    … a stray thought … . . . You could write a [before 9pm] 50 Shades of Jane and John for aludts, with that method. 😉
    lol. ~ Cobs. x

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