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Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Cheerful’, and I’ve scoured my vast collection of photos to see if I have anything at all cheerful. I have many that cheer me up, hence they are ‘full of cheer’, so I have included a selection of them here. They have been on the blog before, but I do enjoy seeing them.

The first photo I like because it is full of colour. The image has been ‘tweaked’ somewhat, but a burst of colour is always cheerful, I find:

Photo number two is of my old friend Tufty the Duck! He’s deep in thought here, on a bright and cheerful day:

And the third photo is of a nice shaded place on a scorching hot day. As in the previous photo, sunshine always brings in cheer… but on those overly hot days shade helps to keep those cheerful levels up.

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Feel GOOD!TimeWords

Wordle: Still Life

The feeling of fullness from the fabulous feast has finally started to fade
No longer thinner due to binge eating (no sin) that I can’t deny
But my days of being a slick spy’s sidekick evaporated long before
Dreams dissipated
Like watching a sprinkling of snowflakes melt away to water
Forlornly but no more
The final whistle, though, hasn’t blown
There’s still life
There’s still dreams
And there’s still many a feast to be had

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In amidst the madness
Hidden by the chaos
Separate from the order
Beneath the many layers
Through the rambling echoes
Of memory
Or real
Is one particular feeling
That everyone must feel
The rumbling
The churning
The desire
Or the light
The spark for change is there within
And Positivity is in sight