Beyond the Sphere

Spiral Beginnings

Stars expelled As arms revolve Dust gathers Life evolves Time unfurls Uncontrolled Realities merge Creating worlds


a kaleidoscope of interconnected realms not all make believe Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Theme, Cosmos. #Image: Colorful Fantasy Art by Stacy at

It Within

Light shone through the cracks as though it were escaping the confines of a wicker box. How the light got inside is a mystery for another day – surely the light should be outside? Perhaps that’s where it… Read More


It’s One Word Sunday tomorrow, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Early’… so I’m getting in early and posting this on a Saturday! (I will link to Debbie’s post sometime during Sunday… but will the link be added… Read More

I’m now getting over a cold.

Short and sweet, but that’s it! Well, it is Six Word Saturday!

The Water Tower

The rickety old water tower leans away from the Moon toward the Wild Rose Gateway, as the river flows ferociously passed. The gathered storm clouds are starting to move away, revealing the eerie brightness of the dark night… Read More

In the Room Again!

Wind howled through the broken window, caused by the branch of the large oak during the great storm. I was surrounded by an eerie darkness; the only light coming into the room was from the candlelight in the… Read More

Another Sunrise on Saturn

Sunrise On Saturn Is a spectacular sight With light fluffy clouds And rainbows so bright The rings that shimmer in colours ne’er before seen Of blues that are red And whites that are green Oceans of gas With… Read More

Inside the Black Hole

Nothing escapes Not even time Not even water Not even wine Surrounded by darkness Drawn in with the light: The sock that went missing In the washer last night Just where does the washing machine take those garments… Read More

Rainbow’s Beginning

A digital oil dabbling of light being emitted from a drop of water. Or something like that. I just like playing with colour!


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Three’… two plus one equals three, which is presented here. I’ve always enjoyed maths! Have a bright Sunday!

So, is the hassle worth it?

The new Block Editor is what I’m referring to. I suppose once you’ve used it a couple of hundred times, it’s OK. But me, who only uses it to add a featured image it can be somewhat of… Read More