Beyond the Sphere


Stepping stones emerge When the time is right Just go with the flow And see what’s in sight

The Colours of Now

Over on World Metamorphosis, Visionkeeper has sent out a request for an artistic creation featuring just four colours (Fluorescent Green, Black Currant, Electric Orange and Moon Glow Yellow) which represent the times we live in; Moon Glow Yellow… Read More


Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘ugly’. A random thing happened the other day. I came across a few old fridge magnets, and just stuck them onto the fridge, quite randomly as you do, to… Read More

With the Hair of a Caveman

For Six Word Saturday! The urge for a haircut has never been as strong!


(Or wolcen) The azure that surrounds us all; the allure of what is beyond above The heavens that fit our planet, as perfect as a glove