The Four Tops

…the rest of the containers are there as well, but it’s only the tops that are of importance at this particular time!

And yes, this is another post for Becky’s Square Top challenge. And, to boot, these tops are kind of square as well – so this square actually goes full circle!

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Into the Folds

Folds of the petals
Reveal an alien land
An array of layers
Dunes of sand
A world beyond
A gateway within
The mouth of a cave
A fish’s fin
A tired eye
An open ear
And a crescent Moon
They’re all in here!

Maybe you can see something else within the petals’ folds…

A Topsy Turvy Tale of Tops and Turves

Pick a straw. Any straw.

OK, that one!

Take a closer look.

It might look better in the light.

Oops. Don’t cut the top off! Try again.

That’s better! Look at it from a slightly different angle.

Now bring in a prop.

Try to take the photo as though it’s a fine portrait.

Or from a jaunty angle.

And then fade away into the ether.

Or by the magic of adding a little more light, if said ether isn’t available!

Obviously, there are more tops than turves in this tale of a single straw wanting to break away from the rest, become a star, and rise to the top.

This is another post for Becky’s Square Top challenge, but this time it is in response to an additional challenge Becky set me to make a single straw become a great square. I don’t know whether I succeeded in that, but I had fun creating the photos for this post.

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